3 Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Singing Lessons

3 Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Interested in Singing Lessons

Written by Angela Raffaello at https://improvesingingonline.com/

It is really important to start teaching your kids how to sing from an early age because it helps them develop their ears, vocals and cognitive skills.  

However, at any age, it can be a challenge help them them stay focused. With all our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, below are a few tips to keep you children engaged in music!


It is crucial you establish a nurturing and fun environment for the kids to enjoy their lessons.

Whether they’re taking online lessons or going to classes in person, we have to make sure they enjoy the setting and are comfortable in it.

Just like an adult, kids tend to enjoy the social settings and friendly competition with others. You can use this to encourage their practicing and to keep them engaged in their lessons.

If they have a best friend or even a rival in class, that can urge them to attend to class, practice more in between sessions, and keep up the routine. A healthy dose of camaraderie and competition is a great motivator.

Even if you have to set up and run your own “class” with 3-6 friends, a little bit of social accountability goes a long way.


Lot of times it’s the adult who gets burned out due to no improvement or lack of interest from their kids. This negative energy drips down to the kids and classes turn sour.

To avoid this, setup weekly goals that are simple yet attainable. Like training only for 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Add a musical instrument into the practice just keep the sessions refreshing and fun.

After each successful class you can reward them with tokens or coupons that they can redeem for other non-singing activities.


This is one of the most crucial steps in long term improvement. Other things come up and we completely forget about long term goals and results. Next thing you know all that momentum that was built up is lost.

To avoid that, document the progress by making videos or taking notes. If you find it helpful and if they are okay with it, share their progress with family and friends. Again, social accountability can be great encouragement.

Nothing motivates the kids and the parents more than an audience pointing out huge improvement or accomplished milestones.

Getting feedback from your loved ones and friends prepares the young minds for bigger stages and higher expectations.


Make a family trip out to live concerts and plays. This not only can pique their musical interest and be a fun filled, music focused time with the family.


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