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30 Day Singer Unbiased Review 2023: Does It Really Work?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

It’s time to debunk the myth that the ability to sing is solely a natural born talent. It's true there are certain genetics that determine a person's vocal capabilities, which could serve as a slight advantage.

 However, singing well is really about the control of your vocals, breathing coordination, proper posture, and understanding mouth movements. These things come in due time and any great singer will tell you that they developed their talent through lessons, practice, practice, and more practice.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a singer but thought you didn’t have the innate gift to do so, don’t give up on your hopes just yet. Anyone with any level of skill and learning capabilities can become a great singer with the correct tools. There are many online lessons you can take to improve your vocal capacity, one that even boldly claims to make you an amazing singer in just 30 days. 

Hence the name 30 Day Singer, this platform offers online lessons and coaching that is guaranteed to teach users how to unlock their powerful and beautiful singing voice. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, we decided to find out for ourselves and our readers as well. 

We’ve put 30 Day Singer up to the test to find out if it’s worth the hype or just another overrated platform. If you have ever wanted to become a singer, or have looked into online singing lessons, then look no further. 

In this review, we’re going to discuss the legitimacy of 30 Day Singer and how well it works, along with its features, pricing, pros and cons, and everything in between. If you’re trying to decide whether or not purchase a subscription with 30 Day Singer, consider this review to help with your decision.

What is a 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer is an online singing course that caters to people with all singing skill levels, and its name doesn't fall short of it's promise. The purpose of this singing course is to take you from a singing enthusiast with beginner-level skills and hone your skills by teaching you singing techniques so you can become much better.

The people at 30 Day Singer are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and helpful. According to the CEO of 30 Day Singer, the thought that you need to be born a natural singer or have a God-gifted understanding of vocals is simply not true.

With the help of 30 Day Singer, you can learn to become an incredible high-quality singer through their courses, professional lectures,  and videos, all of which are quite easy to follow.

How Does It Work?

Once you get the 30 Day Singer subscription, the first thing you're going to be asked is the level you want to be trained at. There are different options you can select from depending on if you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, or if you just want to learn basic singing tips, tricks and techniques.

After you select any one of these, you're going to be asked to choose your instructor to whom you feel you'll be able to best adapt. If you're done with that, you'll be given access to their videos and lectures, all of which are all well-structured, easy to follow, incredibly educational, and helpful for improving singing.

There is a lot to gain from 30 Day Singer, no matter what level of skill you have or don’t have. Once you've completed the beginner level, you can move to the advanced level, and there is an ever-growing playlist that keeps adding high-quality informational video lectures on their website. 

The instructors are well educated and highly experienced, You can find many talented singing professionals on the platform who come from talent hubs such as Juilliard, The Voice, and many others. These trainers are among the best of the best in the industry, so you will definitely be in good hands.

Features of 30 Day Singer

If you're going to buy a subscription for 30 Day Singer, you're going to want to know everything it has to offer and if it will actually benefit you in the long run. We’ve listed some of the most exciting features that you’ll receive with 30 Day Singer:

14-day Free Trial

If you're not already sold on becoming a good singer in as little as 30 days, worry not. You can get a 14-day free trial at 30 Day Singer and if you're satisfied with the improvement in your vocal understanding, you can continue your subscription and learn much more of what they have to offer. 

Beginner to Advanced Level Singing Lessons

One of the best things about this online singing course is that it has something for everyone. If you have no knowledge of singing and you want to become better at it, you can choose the beginner course. If you already know how to sing but are looking to improve your skill, you can choose the advanced singing course. 

Even if you want to learn tips and tricks about singing, vocal breath exercises, warm-up exercises, tone-knowledge, vibrato, belting, music genre understanding, and just about anything else that is singing related, 30 Day Singer offers all of this in their subscription.

30 Day Singing Evolution

The guarantee they offer of becoming a great singer in just 30 days is a very big statement that not many online singing courses are able to make and back up. According to the tons of students and subscribers from around the world who have personally seen changes and improvement in their vocal range and singing ability, 30 Day Singer actually holds up to this promise. 

With their amazing video lectures and courses, you are guaranteed to turn your singing ability around in a mere 30 days by using the platform.

Money-Back Guarantee

Another incredible feature of 30 Day Singer is the money-back guarantee that they offer. If you do not see an improvement in your singing within 30 days, you can simply ask for a refund and get your money back hassle-free. 

This speaks volumes about the confidence the app has in its ability to help you become a better singer. This is also great for users because there is literally no risk when purchasing the subscription. If you feel as if you didn’t benefit from the lessons, or that the product wasn’t worth the money, simply email the company and they will refund you with no questions asked.

30 Day Singer Online Forum

It's possible that you might have some questions and queries regarding singing techniques and exercises in the courses. 30 Day Singer understands your reasoning and that's where the 30 Day Singer Online Forum comes into help.

They've created an online community for subscribers where you can ask questions, talk to each other, get advice from professional instructors and even hear about other users' experiences and stories from using the platform.

One-on-One Professional Instructor Session

All you'd need to know about becoming a good singer is available in the 30 Day Singer courses. However, if you're facing any sort of difficulty with learning, there's another great feature you can access to help guide you through the process.

With the help of the one-on-one professional instructor sessions, you can contact the trained professionals at 30 Day Singer and get tips, feedback, and progress reports in order to better assist you in your singing journey.

30 Day Singer Cost

Now that you know what 30 Day Singer has to offer in terms of features, you are probably wanting to know how much it cost. Well, in comparison to other popular singing lesson courses online, 30 Day Singer comes at a pretty great deal.

After the 14-day free trial, you can choose to purchase a monthly subscription to 30 Day Singer for $29.95. This includes everything from lessons, to forums, to tips and tricks, video lectures, and much more. You can also get a huge discount if you go for an annual membership.

For the one-on-one training sessions, these are going to be exclusively costing. For a 30-minute session, you're going to have to pay $45 and for a 60-minute session you'll pay $85. It’s also possible that you might not even need to get a one-on-one session, but even if you do, they're much cheaper than other live singing lesson sessions available on the market today.

30 Day Singer Pros and Cons

There's a lot you can learn and gain from 30 Day Singer. If you're really interested in getting a subscription and becoming a better vocalist, you should consider the pros and cons first.


  • It's for everyone - No matter where you're from and how skilled you might be in singing good and confidently, 30 Day Singer has the ability to help you learn a lot very quickly.

  • Choose your own instructor - You can choose your own instructor according to your liking and understanding and you can create your own path to singing better.

  • Live session - If you face any problem or have any concerns, you can directly book a live session with a professional instructor that will help you deal with your singing issues and learn better with the help of the course.

  • Quick results - As it's name suggest, you can quickly become a better or great singer in just 30 days or less. If you stay committed to using the platform, you can get results in just one month.


  • Cost of Individual Session - The individual live sessions aren't included in the monthly subscription and although the monthly subscription is cheap, the individual sessions cost a lot in my opinion.

  • Cancelling the Subscription - If you cancel your subscription at any point in time, you're going to lose access to all the content that you've seen or you found helpful in your journey.

Wrapping Up

30 Day Singer is a great online singing course option that you can use to learn singing professionally in a short amount of time. You can learn a lot in terms of singing, vocals, exercises, techniques, elements of singing, and much more with the help of this online music course 

After our review of 30 Day Singer, we definitely feel that it is worth the money for the subscription. All you need to do is dedicate 10-20 minutes a day to the lessons and you’re guaranteed to improve your singing capabilities in under a month. With such amazing features at such an affordable price, there is really nothing to lose when subscribing to 30 Day Singer. 

We hope that this review was helpful in your decision on whether or not to purchase this online singing lesson platform. If you do decide to subscribe, we feel certain that it will be a great investment in your future and singing career.

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