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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Take Your Music Career Seriously

5 Reasons Why People Don't Take Your Music Career Seriously

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Written by Omari

For some musicians, this might be the wake up call they've needed all along. Others may be in denial after reading, but nevertheless this needs to be reviewed.

There are key reasons why no matter how much you "just know" how much this whole music thing is going to work out for you one day, people aren't going to give your music the slightest acknowledgement.

The sooner you realize them, the better. If not, it's more time off your hands. 

1. You Spend More Time On Instagram Than Reading Books

There's a reason why your SoundCloud may still only have 500 followers after you being on there for a year. It's because you're not focused and you haven't taken any time to implement any strategies from people who are doing better than you in music right now.

Notice how I said BOOKS and not just BLOG ARTICLES. Articles are nice to read, but there is always (and I repeat, always) more valuable information when you pay for it.

I know some artists just can't get over that hump of paying for books or courses to help with their marketing, but those same people are usually stuck in an endless rut trying to make more money with their music.

In fact. Here's a list of things 'aspiring' artists generally spend more money on than they do their music career:

1. Overpriced sneakers/clothes

2. Alcohol

3. Weed

4. Paying for the bar/club

5. Video games

6. That thing on Amazon you just 'had to have'

My point. If you find it's easier for you to spend $20 at the bar or T.G.I.Friday's than it is for music promotion or a good marketing book... Re-evaluate your goals.

2. You're Quick On Excuses & Slow On Actions

A music career is no different than a small business. Any failure to treat it as such will leave you begging outside some record label door asking someone else, "Do you give me permission to start my career yet?"

No investment=No career

A musician can start their career when they please. Having professional music is the cornerstone of the whole shebang, but once you've got that down, the only thing standing in your way is you.

Not some deal with blah-blah record label.

Put simply, if you wanted to learn more about advanced music marketing techniques, you would. People make time for what they want to make time for.

3. You Still Think It's 2007

And if you're old enough, you've probably been trying to make it in music since that year.

Marketing back then isn't the same as now though. Heck, marketing in 2013 isn't the same as now. There is constant change and adaptation you need to go through.

Sadly, a better marketer is going to out perform a better musician if that musician doesn't want to change his marketing techniques. 

To be quite honest, if you're not making at least $500/month from your music business, you need to start learning better marketing (and you needed to do it yesterday).

4. Whenever Your Opportunities Do Come, You Talk Yourself Out Of Them

I was this way for years.

I tried to convince myself "my time was coming". As if it were going to fall from the sky and one day big Mister Music Label was going to discover me and I was going to take the first plane to destination music career.

I would say things like, "This time next year, I know it's going to happen."

There's nothing wrong with having hope. In fact, hope is necessary.

But I could have been writing this article a year ago if I would've just started sooner! Hindsight is always 20/20 though.

Seriously, there's not a day that goes by now that I don't do something music related. Whether it's making a beat, investing money in advertising, or writing blog articles, SOMETHING gets done everyday.

5. You've Convinced Yourself Your Desire For Music Is Greater Than It Really Is

Here's comes the reality check. If you still find yourself making excuses on why you can't get more people to listen, or how you just need someone to give you a chance...

Chances are, you aren't giving yourself one. If you don't invest in your career, don't expect others to do it for you.

It shouldn't be common for an "artist" to spend $150 on shoes and $0 on promotion.

It shouldn't be common for an "artist" to spend $30 at the bar and $0 on marketing books or courses.

You can turn it around whenever you decide to. If that's today for you, click one of the buttons below.

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