7 Best (Legitimate) Independent Spotify Playlist Curators (& How To Contact Them)

7 Best (Legitimate) Independent Spotify Playlist Curators (& How To Contact Them)

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’re bump up your number of music plays on Spotify, there are a few things which you might want to consider doing, and the top one of those is probably contacting a playlist curator. A curator is a person whose job is to take care of something, and sometimes to make decisions about what should be selected for their collection. Independent Spotify playlist curators build up playlists of similar music so that users can find and listen to songs which they will enjoy, so getting your music included in these lists is a major step forwards.

Unlike the bigger curators, the independent ones are easier to contact and get responses from. Many of the best Spotify curators include their website and social media details in the description on their playlists; they want to hear new music, after all, so this is often the best way to get into contact with them, although some have specific submission requests, which will you need to adhere to in order to get your music heard.


Top 7

1) Omari MC Spotify Playlist Promotion: this small team of curators have a broad range of genres included in their playlists, so they may be a good place to start whatever category your music falls into. You can submit to them via a form on their website.

2) DaimoonMedia also has a solid reach in Spotify playlists. The bigger the campaign, the more Spotify and it’s algorithm will generate additional streams through Discover Weekly & Release Radar!

3) Jason Ash is perhaps one of the biggest independents, and is interested in a huge range of genres and types of music. Being one of the steady independent curators, he will generally only allow submissions through his link listed here.

4) Kip Promotions are another fast-growing independent curator who accept music submissions via Fiverr and are looking to expand their following and their playlists. They do a good job at manually added your song into each playlist properly. No bots or funny business.

5) Michael Stover is a hard working independent curator. He takes the time to submit your music to the right blogs and is for the customer. 

6) Like Soundplate, Tune are interested in electronic genres, but also accept indie, alternative, and experimental music, so a real range of options. They can receive submissions via their email, [email protected], and also have a collaborative playlist on Spotify which artists can add to.

7) Cloudkid have an enormous Youtube presence, as well as their influence on Spotify. Another leaning towards electronic dance music, they also accept submissions via Submit Hub, and have a very strong following on Spotify.


Getting your music onto a Spotify playlist curators list could be huge, as many have hundreds of thousands of followers, who will be eagerly awaiting playlist updates and will hear your song as soon as it gets listed. It’s well-worth the time investment of sending in submissions; you never know what might be the catalyst on the way to fame!



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