7 Creative Gifts To Give A Music Lover

7 Creative Gifts To Give A Music Lover

Written by Jaron Lewis

Giving gifts to people can be an incredibly stressful task. If you need to find gifts for music industry workers in your life, you want to make sure that you get the perfect gifts. You need to put in a lot of thought for your music lovers, meaning that you cannot just buy them any CD and have them be happy. Luckily, we have some of the best ideas that you can use to buy the perfect gifts.

1. Music Lovers Quotes

Every music lover has a favorite song that inspires them or just makes them have such an extreme reaction to. If you know what song or songs this could be for your loved one, make a stenciled canvas wall hanging that features the lyrics on it.

You can also use quotes from their favorite musicians. This can easily be one of the best gifts that you can give a music lover. If you are not crafty yourself, you can find unique handmade gifts on sites like Etsy to see if they have something similar.

Image Via The Daily Quotes

2. Major Scale Wine Glasses

What if you could buy glasses that let you know what note is able to be played based on how much wine (or water) is in the glass? This is a unique gift for music theory lovers that may actually delight your loved on. This is a neat way for them to pass the time at an otherwise boring dinner party or just entertain themselves when they want a drink.

3. DIY Synthesizer

Can you imagine a gift that is cooler than making your own synthesizer? You can actually purchase these kits, which vary in prices, for the music lover on your shopping list.

4. Personalized Guitar Pick

This is an especially great idea for the guitar player in your life. You can have the guitar pick etched with whatever you want, as long as it can fit on the pick. Maybe this could be some words of encouragement or a quote from their favorite musician.

5. Art Prints

Music lovers have their inspirations that make them want to be a better musician or they have music that they just love to listen to. You can purchase art prints from their favorite musician and then frame it so that they can hang it up in their home.

6. Guitar Pick Punch

The internet is absolutely vital, but there are other ways to communicate. Check out what promotional items you can get your band or artist logo on, and how you can ensure it gets in the right hands.

7. Books

Musicians really want to know that they are listening to all of the best music that is available. They want to experience everything. For these music lovers, maybe you should consider getting a book they will love.

Maybe this could be a memoir or biography about their favorite musician/band or maybe a book about the top albums that they need to listen to before they die. Also, the artist help book ‘Make Them Beg To Buy Your Music’ is an excellent gift for someone trying to make it in this industry.  



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