7 Creative Ways To Shoot A Music Video By Yourself

7 Creative Ways To Shoot A Music Video By Yourself

Written by Jaron Lewis

For most bands trying to grow their following, a music video is a great way to promote their music. However, the first problem most people run into is how to shoot your own music video. It something that doesn’t seem that complicated until you’re already knee deep in bad raw footage. So here are some tips to save some time and money in the process.

Stop And Think About What You Are Doing

Stop. How do you make a music video at home? Well the first thing is to decide what you want that video to be about. So get cranking on that storyboard with your band and some friends. Maybe try to find one object that stays the same throughout the video to join different clips together.

Recruit Friends

Get friends to help the band out. It would be hard to film and play and make a successful tapes all at the same time. Ease this burden by recruiting some friends to help out along the way. If they’re cool, you can probably just pay them in a six-pack and pizza.

Shoot In One Location For Best Results

Stick to one location because it will ease the time, labor, and budget for the video. Instead of transporting gear everywhere, just stay in one place. It will make it easier and more efficient than anything else. If this sounds too lame for your style, grab snippets(like cars driving down a road) to add to the video as a transition or interlude clip.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

To save from wasting everyone’s time money and energy, be sure to prepare and have a plan before you shoot. This way the best results can be achieved. The worst thing would be to show up, set up, and not get any productive or useful filming in. So just be sure to prepare, prepare, and prepare. Oh, and just for good measures, make sure you prepare.

Know How To Work The Camera

If you are the one wielding the camera, know how to work the thing. Wasting time scrolling through menus or just not knowing the capabilities of the camera only hinders the final music video. Even if your band has the best music video plan in the world, not being able to film it will put you back to square one.

Work The Microphone

Trying to film in public or away from the microphone will only drown out your music. Be sure to either wear mics or be in a place where external noise doesn’t diminish your sound. A good place for some peace and quiet to film would be a garage or a basement.

Find A Film Student

If you’re lucky, you know a guy who knows how to make a professional music video.  More reasonably, you are looking for someone to make a music video with your phone. A good compromise between the two is a college film student. They have all the equipment to produce and edit and are cheap too.



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