7 Different Microphone Types And Their Uses

7 Different Microphone Types And Their Uses

Written by Jaron Lewis

There are quite a few different microphone types on the market. This means that you need to know the best types of microphones for singing. That is why you should be doing your research to find the best options for capturing the best vocals.

To help you with this research, this will show you the 7 different types of microphones and what they are good for. Also if you are looking for specific microphones, checkout our list of the best condensor, and dynamic microphones for under $500

1.  Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones are the common microphone that you may be used to seeing. They are very simply designed without a lot of moving parts to them. They are considered to be the work-horses of microphones because they are durable and they do not need an external power source like other options.

You will commonly see these during live performances. Also, if you are looking to get more live gigs, check out our 5 hacks to get booked for live shows

2. Condenser Microphones

The condenser refers to the capacitor that converts the acoustic energy into the electric energy. That being said, this type of microphone does need an outside source of energy. Because of this, they are quite sensitive to certain nuances and are best used for recording purposes.

3. Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics

Large versions of the condenser microphones are going to be more sensitive than the other types, which means that there are going to be less self-noised produced by them. These are generally the mic that are is suggested option for recording voices, though they are also good for acoustic guitars, pianos, and any other reason why you would need that extra sensitivity while recording.

4. Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics

This option may not be as sensitive as its larger version but you will find that it reacts faster to any changes in the sound that may happen. If you are playing an acoustic guitar, this is going to be the option that you are better off with as it can pick up the details in your play style better than other mics.

5. Ribbon Microphones

A lot of people like ribbon microphones as they feel as though these microphones have a more natural sound to them. This microphone can pick up the sounds that go around the entire microphone. They are most commonly used to record voices though they can also be used for guitar amps, an upright bass, or horns.

6. Cardioid Microphones

These microphones are the most sensitive when used directly in front of the person who is using it. The sound sensitivity is less on the sides. They are ideal for use when you are doing a live performance.

7. Crystal Microphones

This is an interesting microphone technology that uses a crystal to create soundwaves. These will be most commonly used for recording acoustic guitars as they specialize in enhancing the sounds from acoustic instruments. Crystal microphones will be found saddle-mounted to the instrument, collecting sound from the strings.

Each of these microphones have their own purposes, which is what you should consider when you are choosing which microphones best meet your needs. So whether you are doing live shows, recording instruments, or recording just vocals, each require its own mic.



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