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7 Extremely Creative Music Video Ideas for Low Budgets In 2022

7 Extremely Creative Music Videos Ideas for Low Budgets

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Written by Omari

Music videos are a great way of marketing a song. They also help an audience connect better with the music. A common misconception is that music videos are expensive to produce. Below, I have outlined seven tips for low budget music video production.


One of the most iconic videos in recent years was OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”, which featured nothing more than a few treadmills and some choreography. It worked because of its simplicity and its sense of fun. This is a perfect example of transforming ordinary items into something joyfully creative.

It is also a great example of how to shoot a music video at home. They hung a drop cloth behind their "set" to make it feel a bit more produced. With a backdrop like that, you can turn any space into a decent video recording studio.

Another great tip is using just one camera. They mount their camera on a tripod and it films from one angle the whole time. This makes editing, set up, and staging a breeze!


Bands are often look their best when they play live. To get some great footage for your music video, record yourself performing on stage, ideally at a live event. If you are not playing any live shows during the production of your music video, you can easily stage one. Get some friends to come be an audience. With some simple lighting effects, you could make it look like you are playing at Coachella.

It takes a bit more effort to create a video like this. You might consider a moving camera, rather than one on a tripod, to get shots from the audience and from the stage. The goal here is to immerse the viewer in the live show experience. Done correctly, a video like this can take someone watching on their couch to standing in the audience, making them feel like they attended the concert.

If you can't hire a cameraman, you could simply set up a few tripods and ask a friend to hit record. With some editing, your video will still turn out great!


Because there are so many music videos out there, try to make yours unique. Try finding an uncommon place where you could record the band playing. The Piano Guys, for their cover of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” brought their instruments to the top of mountain!

Where would be another crazy place to set up and play some music?

Comment with your idea at the bottom of the article!


If you have a large group of willing friends, you might be able to do some fun things with extras. For example, Dolly Parton created a great video for her song “Together You and I" using extras. Another great example of this is Alan Jackson’s “Good Time” music video.


If your band travels a lot, you could easily make a great video using travel footage. When travelling through interesting backgrounds such as forests, mountains, deserts, or foreign cities, turn on the camera. This will take a fair amount of editing to create a narrative that follows your song, but the result could be quite incredible.

Travel footage is also a great background for a lyric video.


There are a lot of free animation programs available online. Though it may take a long time, you can create a great animated music video for little to no cost. With an animated video you are limited only by your imagination and what you can create. For example, Of Monsters and Men have used animation to great effect in their videos.

Another cool animation option is making a visualizer for your songs. There are several ways to do this and can be as unique as you can imagine.

For low budgets, you can also visit many different video creators on sites like Fiverr. Check out some top options with the button below.


One of the best ways to make your music video stand out is by telling an interesting story. A brilliant example of this is Michael Jackson’s music video “Thriller”. It starts with a quick spoken scene that introduces a narrative that continues through the whole song.

With a good story, people will be hooked and want to stay around until the end of the music video to see how it ends.

As you workshop ideas for your music video, watch music videos. Find things that inspire you and use them as a foundation for your video.


These are some great ideas to produce an excellent music video on a low budget. Many artists have created compelling music videos, and with these tips, you can too!

Remember to comment below with your idea of where a crazy place to film a music would be!

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    • LUKE

      im looking arround a the place i live called south africa and i found some nice places to shoot a music video also just starting a band so i need to get that done first

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      Well this was nice I guess I got an idea from tell a story I have an idea but is spooky girl

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