7 Golden Singing & Vocal Techniques: Sing Better In One Week

7 Golden Singing & Vocal Techniques: Sing Better In One Week

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’re a beginning singer and want to improve your voice quickly, there are some skills you can learn that will help.  We’ll cover some of those basic singing techniques, techniques for breathing and singing, and techniques for high notes.  By following these seven steps, you can work towards that “golden” vocal quality and improve your singing in very little time.

#1: Warm Up

You should spend around 15 minutes warming your voice up before practicing singing, every single time.  Warming up before singing will improve your overall tone.  Not only should you do traditional warm up exercises, try practicing scales staccato.  

This is of the best techniques for high notes.  It will help improve your singing by expanding your range, eventually making it easier hold higher notes longer.  Tongue trills will also help improve your tone when warming up.

#2: Practice Projecting

You don’t need to yell, but you should practice singing to the back row.  This is one of the best singing techniques for beginners.  Put energy into your voice, and don’t sing like you talk.

There’s a big difference between your singing voice and speaking voice, and you’d be amazed at how much a little projection can improve the quality of your singing.

#3: Practice Proper Posture

When singing, your head should be up, shoulders back, and standing upright.  If you’re not in the proper posture, you won’t be able to properly draw breath, and your singing will suffer.  

Remember if you’re going for a low note, don’t lower your head.  This will impede proper air flow and affect your voice.  Also, if you’re trying to hit a high note, try bending at the waist to eliminate strain.

#4: Practice Proper Breathing

Your breath should come from your diaphragm when singing.  Try breathing only with your belly; don’t expand your chest when inhaling.  Practice filling your stomach like a balloon quickly, and releasing the air slowly while making different sounds.  This will help teach you breath control.

#5: Find Your Own Style

Find a style of music that suits your voice.  If you’re not sure, try a variety of genres until you find one you’re happy with.  And don’t try to imitate someone else’s singing style.  The true beauty of your singing will only shine through when you are true to yourself.

#6: Relax

Anxiety is restrictive for the body and cause breathing problems, so relax and enjoy yourself when singing.  If you have stage fright, start with something easy, like recording your singing, going to karaoke, or practicing in front of friends to build up your tolerance.

#7: Rest

It’s essential that you treat your voice well if you want to improve your singing.  Like any other muscle, your vocal cords can get fatigued, so it’s important to take regular breaks from singing.  Use honey during these times to soothe your throat and help improve your tone.

 Also, remember not to push yourself too hard.  Don’t go too far outside your range, or risk injury to your vocal cords.



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