7 Top Indie Music Blogs (That Also Want Submissions)

7 Top Indie Music Blogs (That Also Want Submissions)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Getting your music out to the public as a new artist can be hard but once you get noticed your career can take off like wild fire! One way to get noticed is to get your music onto the top indie music blogs that are looking for new indie music for 2017. (We are getting to the end of 2016 after all.) So, how do you find indie Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Pop, and EDM music blogs that are actively seeking submissions?

This is a blog that is always accepting submissions from artists across all genres. Feel free to submit here and possibly be a featured artist on an ever growing site.


Read their requirements before submitting music because they are pretty choosy about how to submit music, what type of music they accept, and when you can submit music to them.

They accept the following types of music:

  •        Rock
  •        Funk
  •        Pop
  •        Punk
  •        Alternative electronic
  •        Experimental
  •        Disco
  •        Folk
  •        R&B

Essentially, they state on their website that they are looking for music that is “substance, creative, and melody-focused.”

These aren’t accepted:

  •        Top 40
  •        Arena-pop and rock
  •        Screamo music
  •        Metal
  •        Music with heavy swearing

What we find weird about Indie Underground is that you can only submit music during one of two hour long increments each week. You can submit Sunday from 9-10 pm Eastern Standard Time or Wednesdays from 4-5pm. Apparently if you don’t submit during this time they will not listen to your submission.

image via twitter.com

They focus on hip hop and electronic sounding music genres. The most popular songs are actually remixes or covers by established artists so DJs should submit their tracks here to get the most exposure.

But, the founder is very open to independent music and is looking to get more added to their website to liven up what they are offering to their listeners. You can submit your music by submitting to the contact email at thissongissick.com.

image via thissongissick.com

Jazz and hip hop independent music can be submitted here for consideration. The awesome part of them is they have a weekly Top Five Submissions Roundup that showcases the best submissions for that week.

These guys are dedicated to showcasing new talent, but they do get a huge number of submissions every week. Once you have gotten recognized once on their site though your chances of getting seen again is high.

#5: Eargasm

All independent music may be featured here. This is mostly a YouTube channel where music video submissions are put up with some trending hash tags to get exposure. Great opportunity to use a popular YouTube channel to get featured.

Tunes We're Diggin is a combination of a couple blogs from Omari MC. It's a clean music blog, so keep that in mind when submitting.

It also ranks highly in Google for terms like 'submit your music' and 'music submissions'. The blog was started in 2015 and the channels have grown quickly since.


Admittedly, I love the name of this one. This audio blog has tons of features like: mp3s, reviews, and interviews with artists. They will post up music from all genres if it has a good vibe to it.

Have you successfully submitted music to a top indie music blog before? What tips worked for you? We would love to hear about your experience!



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