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7 Ways To Double Your Music Fans In 30 Days

Double Your SoundCloud Plays

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Written by Omari

It's what every musician desires, the true fan.

A true fan is one that will stick by an artist through thick and thin. They'll buy your albums, support your mixtape, and be the first to actually click on your links to hear your new single.

Problem is, there's a bajillion people out there trying to shove their music down everyone's throat (or at least it seems that way).

With the rise in technology, it's easy for just about anyone to hold claim to the title of 'music artist' nowadays.

So how do you get the attention of the highly coveted true fan?


That question is the single driving force behind my business.


Because I understand that's the question on the front of everyone's mind who's reading this. It sounds so simple too, yet nearly every artist doesn't fully comprehend this question.

One thing you have to realize is not very many people care about your music when you're trying to get things going. In order to get listeners in the door, you have to know what they care about before you even ask them to listen.


How do you actually get people to have a genuine concern for your music? It has to be an enjoyable experience for them first and foremost.

I can't believe I still have to write this, but I review a ton of music, and I'll still hear some songs that aren't engineered properly.

If you don't respect your work enough to get it sounding professional, what makes you think the average listener is going to magically care about the music?

When you put your best foot forward, fans will naturally share your music and tweet about it or share it on Facebook.


Think outside the box for a second.

What would make you click on a link if someone sent it to you on Twitter?

Would YOU click on a link where someone says, "Leave a comment on my new song. Like, share, and retweet." NO

Because it has nothing to do with you. Start understanding the number one thing people are interested in is mostly themselves.

That's all I'll say on that, but that sentence above is a pretty big hint without me spelling it out


I feature music on the blog home page and also in the sidebar (or below the article if you're on a mobile device).

Submissions are accepted across all genres for songs and instrumentals. No one... And I do mean NO ONE has a good excuse for not submitting their music. It takes 30 seconds and artists are always trying to send their links everywhere anyway.

Help yourself and submit your music at this link:


Here's a hint. If you're not pulling in $1,000/month from things related to your music, it would serve you well to grab all the marketing advice you can get.

Forget about doubling your fan base. If you know how to market you have a career all by yourself.

I've heard one too many artists say they'd rather try and figure out everything on their own. I don't know if it's a thing where people (mostly men) are being hard headed, or if people haven't come to the conclusion that there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Listen, there are proven marketing methods, then there's trying to tell people on social media about your music all day.

I was guilty on this one too before, and I honestly think it's something where people are hesitant to take marketing advice because of pride. The thing with this approach is it's going to take you far far more time to figure out something someone else has already figured out.

Is it going to cost you sometimes? Yea, but honestly, who cares?

Seriously, I don't think musicians appreciate the importance of knowing how to truly market their music to make a full-time income. Once you know that you've LITERALLY cracked the code that everyone else is scratching and clawing to get.


When someone is having success, and they're willing to share their path to how they got there, LISTEN WITH BOTH EARS PERKED UP.

It's so simple, yet brushed over by artists all the time. I probably read a new book every week or two from people with successful businesses if they're telling me the path to how they got there.

You can grab some marketing books yourself here:

Will I always take the same path? No. But I know I'll learn some new things along the way that will benefit me.


If you want to start making a career out of your music, GO LEARN HOW TO MARKET!

I've personally put together some marketing resources for artists that will teach you how to market your music to start seeing an actual income from it.

You can get the info here:

Or you can not, but realize that there's no longer an excuse for you. I know I can't reach everyone in the world, but you're one of the lucky people who gets to read this.

You can choose the path you want for your music career. Remain stagnant, or grow. The choice is yours.

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