An Honest Review: Playlist Push Vs Soundplate Vs Crosshair Music Vs Playlist Pump

An Honest Review: Playlist Push Vs Soundplate Vs Crosshair Music Vs Playlist Pump

Written by Cameron Mayo

As an independent musician, you understand the importance of getting your music on Spotify playlists. There companies that promise to help get your music noticed on Spotify, but you want to make sure to choose the best company for you and your music. This is a close look at some of the most effective music promotion companies that you can work with to get your music the attention you want.

Omari MC is among the top-ranked music promotion companies on Google. Offering organic promotion, your music will reach hundreds of thousands of active Spotify listeners through our premium promotion campaigns. With a huge network of curators, we can handle any genre of music and customize each campaign to your track so that the right audience hears your music. We never use bots or play farms to falsely increase your play count.

Omari is committed to offering the best promotion service possible at affordable rates, and will only share your tracks to real people to listen, save, and follow your music. You can schedule a call today to discuss your needs as the artist. Omari provides custom solutions to your promotion concerns and will work with you every step of the way.

Additionally, we include a free ebook to help you develop your brand and keep progressing your career after our promotion is done.

We also offer promotion services on SoundCloud and YouTube.


Playlist Push offers opportunities for both curators and artists. This company gets music on playlists by working with curators looking for new music. All you need to do is send them your music in an MP3 file (or a Spotify link if you have it) and a bit of information about yourself. It's an application process, so there is a chance your track will not be approved. That's two layers of subjectivity your music will have to get through. One with from Playlist Push and the second from the playlist curators. 

At first, this website struggled with not having a variety of curators and without much influence, but it has since grown. A mark against Playlist Push is that they don't have a published pricing chart and the conditions seem fluid. The cost changes based on audience size and genre. More popular genres are more competitive and will cost you more money with Playlist Push.

The whole Also, they do not provide a phone number, just an email address. 

Soundplate offers a pretty neat service. You can freely submit your music to hundred of playlists or post a playlist you curate yourself. Their library of playlist is vast and touches most genres. You get to go through, preview playlists, and choose where to send your tracks. This means that SoundPlate isn’t so much responsible for approving your track, it’s the playlist owner/curator that makes the call. So, getting accepted isn’t a guarantee for musicians, but if you have a quality song that you are confident in, this could be a perfect opportunity for you. Because these playlists are so selective, they have a loyal fan base which is exactly what you want when submitting to curators.

The submission process take several steps, through multiple windows, and is generally kind of clunky. If you've got the time, I'd give a couple playlists a shot, but there are no guarantees of getting placed. 

Soundplate acts more as a marketplace rather than an a promotion company. They provide opportunities, but don't offer consultation or guidance for your music or growth.

Is another good option for Spotify playlist promotion. They have a network of over 500 playlists reaching over 14 million listeners. Their customized approach is how your music gets to listeners that have the highest potential of following you. They are committed to independent artists and encouraging your growth in the industry.

However, they do no publish a pricing guide. To get a quote you must contact them to discuss the promotion options. They also do not provide any previous clients or promotion campaigns they have run. 

Crosshair is another company that works with both curators and musicians. You pitch your song once to this company and they get your music out to many curators all at once. If curators accept your song, you can message with them to discuss blogs/social media shares or just to thank them. They will also provide feedback on your song so that you know how you can improve and become even more successful. Again, there is no guarantee that a curator will pick up your track but they do cast a broad net so the chances are good. They also do not offer a budget options with their lowest packages costing $250. 


These are all sites that work with independent artists to help them get noticed on Spotify. Spotify is crucial for musicians to developing a fanbase. You will have to pay for these services, so make sure to set aside some money for promotion.



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  1. Playlist Pump is a straight up scam. Paid them $600 to pitch for 2 weeks and as soon as they got payment I never heard back from them. Super frustrating since I only gave them a chance based on this article.

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