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Bandzoogle Vs. Squarespace Vs. Wix: An Honest Review For Artists

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Written by Ramsey Brown. 

One question that we are frequently asked is, what is the best website builder for musicians? Artists are typically misled by their initial assumptions or information they get from their peers or online. Just because something gets branded as a music website builder, doesn't mean it's the best option out there for you. When making a website, you should put just as much thought and care into it as you would when you are making a song. 

Three of the most popular website building platforms on the market today are Bandzoogle, Squarespace, and Wix. Each of these sites are great for different reasons, but which one is going to be the best fit for you? We lay out the details and features that you can expect from all of these different applications, so you can make the best decision when creating your own music website. 

Artist websites are necessary when your career reaches a certain level and your music earns a certain amount of notoriety. When done properly and professionally, your site will be a huge benefit to you and your brand. If you are looking into creating your own website, then you are already a step ahead of your competitors without one! Let’s discuss the details of the following website building platforms, so you can decide which works best for you and your brand.

If you need a site that will help you successfully reach and gain new fans, Bandzoogle just might be the service for you. The need for a website comes when your music career has started to take off and you need a platform to drop new music, sell your services or products, and to overall keep your fans updated on the latest happenings regarding your music

We have gone through every Bandzoogle review over the years, and here are some of the top features that other artists have praised that you may find helpful for you as well:

Social Media Integration - Bandzoogle connects with social media platforms and streaming services you already use to make building and managing your website easier. You will find this feature very effective when you are looking to share information about your tours, new music, and any other content that you are trying to promote to your mass audience. 

This tool means you can pull all your social media followers into your website when you post or share anything on another platform. Also, you will earn even more through web views and sell more products and services with the help of this simple tool. This tool will give you the control you need as a musician and an artist.

Free Domain Name - in the modern world, you need a domain for people to view you as a serious musician or artist. When you need to close on those important collaborations and contracts, a domain becomes a must-have. With Bandzoogle, you will get a .com custom domain free of charge that will be unique to you only. Many other website builders will charge you for a domain or make you go through a third-party to retrieve one. 

Music SEO Tool - SEO, or search engine optimization will provide you with keywords and include them in your website so it is easier to find on search engines. With a music SEO feature, your current fans are able to find you easier and it helps bring potential fans to your page when they search for similar content to your own.  

Built-in Calendar - no more creating a Facebook event page and sending out thousands of invites every time you have a gig. Bandzoogle’s built-in calendar feature allows you to include all of your events on your website with just a few clicks, helping your fans stay informed and involved in your music. 

Fan Mailings - to grow your website, you will need email blasts to send your fans. This feature helps you schedule, design, produce and send your fans newsletters to keep them in the loop of what’s going on. This can be a powerful marketing tool and yet another great way to stay involved with your followers.

Reporting Tools - this interactive feature helps bring your fan data to the surface, showing you who visits your website, what they bought or did on your website, and who your top fans are. Furthermore, it will show you music data beyond the number of plays. You’ll be able to see a full breakdown of which tracks get played, which get skipped, and which were downloaded. All of this information is important to better understand your target audience, which will ultimately lead to more sales. 

Beyond everything mentioned, the design and interface of Bandzoogle is easy-to-use and allows your creativity to flourish when you are building your website's display and template. All of these features above make this platform the ultimate builder for your music website needs. Many musicians have said it is the easiest website management system to use, and prefer it over Squarespace and Wix.

However, everyone has their own personal preferences, and Wix and Squarespace are also great options as well. If you prefer something with even more creative freedom and customization tools, Squarespace is definitely a notable choice. 

he Squarespace website builder will offer you award-winning, world-class designs that can turn almost any idea into a reality on your page. Additional to having a beautiful design and interface, these following features will help you create a stunning and effective website as well:

Flexible Portfolios - this feature will allow you to present your work and projects in portfolios on your website, either to share with the world or only to certain clients through a password protected link. This is a convenient way to send, save, and organize projects without having to use another app or website aside from your own.

Premium-Looking Features - with Squarespace, you won't struggle to create a premium look. You will find all the photos, decorations, texts, templates, plus more all right there on the website. Whether you are looking for a clean and straightforward design, or something more unique, creative, and trendy, Squarespace offers you to customize your website to fit any specific want or need. 

Easy to Use Blogging Tools - unlike Bandzoogle, you can take advantage of Squarespace to create a blog where you can share your events, stories, pictures, articles, music, and more. This tool takes your website beyond the average format and turns it into a collective space for all of your content needs.

SEO Tools - just like in Bandzoogle, this website builder comes with built-in SEO tools. This helps you maximize your prominence among customer searches, allowing you to reach fans easily and allowing new fans to find you as well. 

Mobile Editing Friendly - another great feature of Squarespace is it’s mobile app where you can edit and update your website or blog on the go. Musicians are often on the road hitting shows and tours, so this tool makes it very convenient to manage your website all from your mobile phone. 

If you need a website that allows you to do more than just music, Squarespace website builder is a great option since most of its tools and features are more in touch with general website needs. Bandzoogle’s features have more emphasis on musicians while Squarespace offers many similar features beneficial to artists, plus diverse business related tools. 

Or if you are still looking into other website building options, we can’t leave out the leading platform in website creation  Wix. 

Wix allows you to create the website you want with over five hundred templates and multiple other professional features to help you optimize your business, music, and brand. This website builder uses a drag and drop technique which helps you achieve the perfect website much easier and without worrying about learning difficult coding. With Wix, you can create your website just the way you want it so it represents your music and brand in a way that's just as unique as your music itself. 

The following features make Wix stand out among its competitors like Squarespace and Bandzoogle, to make it the number one preferred website building tool on the market:

Excellent Templates - With over 500 design-made templates, you can customize your music website in just about any way you can think possible. If you are aiming for more of a blog look, or maybe a business related page, or just a clean and simple place for fans to find your music, you can do it all with Wix.  

Design Freedom - when you choose Wix for your music website, you will enjoy the drag and drop option, which gives you complete and exclusive control over your content. You can design everything from the scroll effects to the animation, starting from complete scratch or picking from one of their hundreds of predesigned templates. 

SEO Tools - Wix gives you the organic tools to drive your searches while offering custom Meta tags with unique SEO-based tools. You can drive your searches and see how your site is performing and engaging with users. They are integrated with Google so you can track your site's performance conveniently on your Wix dashboard. 

Mobile Optimization - as you know, most of your fans will view your website through their mobile phones. In this regard, Wix makes your website appear flawlessly on mobile phones as well as computers. Your Wix website automatically comes with a mobile-optimized version, so you’ll never have to worry about editing pixels or images on your own. 

Market Oriented Apps - if you build your website with Wix, you will get the chance to grow markets and drive sales and viewers, all through their built-in professional business suite feature. It includes Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages and customer management tools so you can promote and advertise your music all in one place.

Built-In Professional Tools - aside from building your actual website through Wix, you can also use them to create your music logo, build and manage an online store, and schedule and book gigs through their online scheduling software. You can get paid through the website hassle free, without having to go through a third party payment app. 

Excellent Media Galleries - this website builder gives you access to exclusive media galleries for your images, videos, and texts. Not only do you get a place to store your items, but you also get unique layout designs to present them to your fans. 

Wix Music - with the customizable music player option, Wix provides you with the perfect place to showcase your tracks, albums, or EP’s. This lets fans listen, share, and buy your music directly from your site and best of all — it’s commission free. They will also provide you with advanced stats and data so you can see which songs are getting played, shared, purchased and downloaded the most.

Bandzoogle, Squarespace, & Wix Comparison

After considering all three website builders different features and tools, we came up with the following observations and comparisons:

  • Wix will offer you a more functional website due to their app market as compared to Squarespace.

  • Wix offers a free user usage plan that may last long and thus be effective to start-up artists and musicians compared to Squarespace. With Squarespace, you will have a 14-day trial phase, after which your access to your website gets denied.

  • Bandzoogle and Wix take the lead in providing excellent user features and tools to maximize the benefits of a website than Squarespace.

  • The music features have more emphasis in Bandzoogle website builder than in both Squarespace and in Wix.

  • Bandzoogle focuses more on building websites entirely for musicians, while Squarespace and Wix concentrate on creating websites for businesses, Musicians, landing pages, promos, and blogs.

  • You will find that the artists and musicians have a better consideration in Bandzoogle than in the other two website builders.

  • Wix has SEO advanced settings, putting it at the forefront of convenience for fans to find you in their searches compared to Bandzoogle and Squarespace.

  • Wix will be easily accessed with free use until you decide to launch your site and pay $49 monthly. For Bandzoogle, you will need to part with $8.29 to $16.63 monthly. Squarespace has a free 14-day trial followed by a premium upgrade after 14 days.

Wrapping Up

As a musician and artist, you will need to choose a website builder that meets your own specific and personal needs. Don’t just go with random features to fill space on your website, but install features with your career goals in mind. All three of the website builders mentioned above have something unique to offer to their users. 

We hope that this review helps you with your decision on which website building platform to go with. Either of the three options are ideal for musicians and artists looking to advance their professionalism and career. What may work best for one artist may not necessarily work as well for you. What’s most important is that you actually have a website, so congrats on taking the first steps to making one!

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