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Best 5 Audiomack Music Promotion Services Online: Unbiased Review

*This article may contain links to affiliate products & services. We have reviewed these services to try and ensure the highest quality recommendations*

Written by Ramsey Brown.

Getting recognized and famed for your incredible music can be pretty hard when you're uploading on a streaming platform as competitive as Audiomack. If you're having difficulty getting a sustainable audience for your music on Audiomack, there's a way of getting real streams, plays, followers, and likes through promotion services.

With so many fraudulent promotion companies out there, artists should be cautious before giving money to a company who claims to get your profile more traffic. So you don’t end up with bots or fake plays, it’s important to do your research ahead of time and vet these services out. 

Luckily, we at Omari MC have already done this work for you. The last thing any artist wants is to waste their money on a fake promo company with false promises and fraud plays. Even worse, suspicious bot activity will put your account at risk of being completely deleted by Audiomack.

If you are wondering how these Audiomack promotion services work and which ones are legit, then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve done the research and have found the 5 best Audiomack services online today that artists can 100% trust. We’re going to discuss how these services work, how much they cost, and what you can expect to get from them.

How do Audiomack promotions work?

Audiomack is one of the best music streaming platforms in the modern digital streaming industry. Their incredible features, tools, customizability options, and control are great for both listeners and artists.

Another epic reason for uploading your music to Audiomack is because it is completely free. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms, Audiomack doesn't require you to pay for a special creator profile. Artists can access all the functions of their account from the start without worrying about hidden costs or fees.

The way that Audiomack promotions work is by getting music labels and marketing companies to pull strings within their network of contacts. Since Audiomack has developed relationships with these entities, they are able to reach out to a large number of music enthusiasts, websites, blogs, fan clubs, and other music related platforms to plug your music into. 

These affiliates and partnerships get direct and real traffic sent to your account and help you get honest streams, likes, follows, and subscribers. When done legitimately, promotion services are extremely useful for up and coming artists who are looking to increase their fan engagement.

Best 5 Audiomack Music Promotion Packages

There are a ton of Audiomack promotions out there, but finding the legit ones who will actually bring real organic traffic to your page is difficult. That's why we’ve listed some of the best and most legit promotion packages you can find on the internet for Audiomack Music Promotion. Let's take a look at what they have to offer along with the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to music promotion, Artist Sounds are one of the best marketers out there. From SoundCloud to Spotify, YouTube, and especially Audiomack, they offer a ton of legit promotional services for musicians.

Their Audiomack Promotion comes with three packages. The first one is the Basic Feature that costs $30. This package includes playlist pitching, minor email blasting, social media sharing, and blogging about your music which all result in bringing real plays, comments, likes, and exposure to your page.

The second package is the Premium Feature costing $50. It includes all there is in the Basic Feature but with more premium services. Your music gets featured in their blog, thousands of email blasts, playlist pitching, and social media sharing, which all provides you with more streams and followers as long as your content is high-quality.

The third promotion package is the 30-day Promotion Package and cost $150. This is their most effective and complete option, including playlist pitching, weekly email blasts to thousands of people, social media highlights, newsworthy write-ups, features on their blog, and promotion campaign for 30 whole days which is sure to bring you numerous new followers, likes, and streams.

The fourth package option is the Viral Promotion which costs $249.99. This is a hefty price compared to the other options, but it’s designed to do exactly what the name insists, make your song go viral. This package includes every feature included in the other options, but the main difference is that they will promote your track until it reaches a guaranteed amount of plays. Artists choose a goal number of plays they want to receive from 10k, 25k, 50k, or 100k, and Audiomack will promote your song until the selected goal is reached.  


  • Affordable packages.

  • Legitimate services.

  • Easy to use.

  • Guaranteed results


  • Short time limit to request a refund.

  • One purchase allows only one song to be promoted.

  • Songs must be less than 5 minutes long.

Groove Entertainments covers a broad range of marketing tools and promotional packages that are incredibly popular, including Audiomack Music Promotion services.

They have two Audiomack promotional offers, buying Streams/Plays or buying Followers. If you are looking to get more plays on your music on the streaming platform, Groove Ent. offers packages that range from $10 for 2k plays, $20 for 5k plays, $30 for 10k plays, and $120 for 50k plays. Depending on different demands of the artists, you can choose one of these extremely affordable options and get results within 24 hours of purchase. Groove Entertainments provides artists with 100% real and organic listeners, from all over the world. 

If you are a struggling artist who can’t seem to get the audience you are hoping for, Groove Entertainment has you covered with their different Audiomack follower packages. Starting at just $5, you can increase your engagement by 100 new followers. For $10 you can get 500 followers, $18 gets you 1000 followers, and $55 will get you 5000 followers. 

A great thing about the Groove Entertainment Audiomack promotions is that they guarantee to expand your music to the world, and if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, they will give you your money back. Using mailing lists, music related groups, social media, and other promotional avenues all across the web, they are able to reach a large network of music lovers who are sure to listen, like, follow, and share your music. The company has existed for a long time and has helped over 1000 artists reach top charts with their unbelievably priced services. 


  • Traffic is 100% real and organic

  • Extremely quick results within 24 hours

  • Money back guarantee

  • Cheap price options

  • 24/7 Support


  • Followers and listeners are worldwide, which could be an issue for artists wanting traffic just from a particular region.

  • Can’t guarantee a specific number of likes or re-ups. 

Dope Music Promotions are known for their amazing promotional packages and great services. Their and Audiomack packages are among their most famous and well-reputed ones.

They have three . The first one is known as the Bronze Pack which costs $10. It provides your music with around 2000+ organic plays and the delivery starts within 12 hours from purchase. The number of likes and comments is variable but the value for the price is unbeatable. 

The second more famous offer is the Silver Pack that costs around $20. This is a great upgrade from the Bronze Pack and will get you around 5000+ plays. You will start seeing results within 12 hours but again, the likes and re-ups will vary.

The Gold Pack is the most popular among Audiomack artists, costing $30 and providing you with over 10000+ original and authentic plays. The number of likes and re-ups will depend on the quality of your content but you are definitely going to see results shortly after 12 hours from your purchase.


  • The prices are super cheap and incredibly suitable for new artists.

  • Very high-quality traffic and original plays.

  • Known for their music promotion services.


  • The audience is USA-based so that could be a problem for some international artists.

  • They don't have an Audiomack follower service (but it is coming soon)

  • No guaranteed number of likes or re-ups.

When it comes to high-quality and organic music traffic, there are not many marketers as good as ProDeal Music Promotions. Their Audiomack Promo Services are incredibly effective and a great value for the results you get. ProDeal has multiple package options to choose from so they are able to cater to the needs of most any artist and budget.

If you are looking to increase your number of streams, you’ll want to look into their Audiomack Plays packages. On their website you will find these different options: 2k plays/$10, 5k plays/$20, 10k plays/$30, 25k plays/$60, 50k plays/$100, or 100k plays for $180.

No matter which amount of plays you decide to go with, all packages include the number of streams chosen, all from real, mixed accounts that are organic and authentic. You can rest assured that your plays will be high quality and premium.

If you are someone who's more so interested in gaining followers rather than a set number of plays, then the Audiomack Followers packages will be more geared towards you. 

The first one offers 500 followers at a $10 price that is 100% real and mixed accounts, all organic and authentic. The delivery of this promotion starts within 12 hours of purchase and submission of the song you're promoting. The next promotion option provides 1000 followers for $18 and the results will be seen within 12 hours of purchase as well. The quality of the users who will be interacting with your account is remarkable, each one being unique, organic, and completely real people.

The best Audiomack Followers promotion ProDeal has in terms of scale is the $60 package which gains you 5000 original and organic followers, all from real accounts who pose a great chance of continued interaction in the future. As you can see, the value when it comes to ProDeal Audiomack promotions is really unmatchable.


  • The prices are incredible and affordable.

  • Multiple package options to choose from.

  • Guaranteed number of plays or followers depending on the package selected.

  • The delivery is quick and results come fast. 


  • They don't cite the sources of traffic which may seem shady to new customers even though they provide great quality traffic.

Fresh Music Marketing is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and most importantly Audiomack marketing and promotion agencies found online. There’s no way you can list the best social media promotion companies and not include Fresh Music Marketing. 

Their Audiomack promotion package arsenal comes with four distinct offers you can choose from. The first is called the Bronze Package offered at $49. This campaign delivers around 3k-4k streams which provide organic and variable interaction in terms of likes and comments. The traffic driven to your page will be from target listeners who are more likely to enjoy your music sound and style. You can also expect to see results within 2-3 days.

The Silver Package by Fresh Music Marketing comes in at $99 and can attract around 7k-10k listeners to your page. These listeners will also come from your target demographic and provide engagement depending upon the quality of music.

Next is the Gold Package that costs $199. You may think this sounds like a lot of money, but in exchange for 25k-35k new listeners, this price is pretty justifiable. In 2-3 days you’ll see your account interaction grow significantly, all from legit people who have potential to become your newest fans.  

Lastly you have the Audiomack Platinum Package, delivering a massive 50k to 100k listeners with organic views, likes, and comments, for the price of $499. If you’re a struggling musician, this option is probably out of your league. However, if you are a more established artist with a considerable marketing budget and need to gain a significant amount of followers fast, the Platinum Package will definitely help get you there. 


  • Traffic quality is incredible and targeted to your sound.

  • The campaigns are legit and bring a niche audience to your page.

  • Fast and responsive service.


  • The prices are high compared to other Audiomack promo services, which may not be doable for newer artists.

Wrapping Up

With streaming services being so prominent in today's music industry, it’s necessary for artists to have an impressionable account. Unfortunately there is no denying that artists get graded by the public based on the number of followers and plays they have on their profile, no matter how good or bad their music is.

Promoting yourself on Audiomack is one of the easiest and best ways to gain a real audience of music fans who actually enjoy your sound and are more likely to engage with you in the future. 

That's why seeking the help of these incredible music promo companies can prove to be extremely beneficial to your future and music career. Even for smaller artists on a tight budget, you can easily and effortlessly boost your following, likes, and streams on your music organically. Investing in a great promotion service can often be the push artists need to really get their music career off of the ground. 

When your song is ready to go, it's time to start promoting it to potential fans! Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. With packages for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves! Click below for more information.  


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