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11 Best Recording Studios In Austin 2023: Complete Review

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Austin, Texas is said to be the live music capital of the U.S. and is undoubtedly famed for its vast and vibrant music scene. Austin and it’s populace are infused with the love of music—you can’t step foot into the city without being immersed in the musical action that takes place all around. The saying is true, “everything's bigger in Texas” and when it comes to music in Austin, this saying definitely upholds to be true.

Although Austin is celebrated for its ties to country music, producing country icons like Willie Nelson, Gary Clark Jr. and Asleep at the Wheel—the city’s taste and style spans far beyond one specific genre. From the gritty blues, underground basement EDM, coffeehouse indie, reggae rap, and everything else in between, you can find it all in Austin. 

Beyond the large variety of genres Austin has, it is also home to some of the biggest-named national music festivals and has over 250+ venues to experience live music. In addition, Austin has some of the world’s best award winning recording studios for artists of all types to go and make musical magic at. 

Everyone knows that Austin is one of the best places to experience live music, but it is also one of the greatest places to create music too. After researching, comparing, and contrasting the numerous different recording studios in the city, we’ve come up with a list of the 11 best recording studios found in Austin as of 2022.

We formed this list based on the studio’s reviews, pricing, equipment, history, and overall quality of the recording experience they offer. Whether you are a seasoned producer or an emerging singer, you are sure to find the perfect Austin recording studio out of this list.

This studio showcases some of the best professionals in the music production industry. It doesn't matter what you need to get done creatively, the staff at 512 will go above and beyond to help you crack it and find your best footing. The studio has produced and worked with artists from different genres for over 100 years and the experience, professionalism, and hospitality they offer is exactly what has kept them in Austin for this long. 

The studio has been named a winner by the Austin Chronicle Awards as the ‘Best Austin Studio’ in 2018 and 2019, as well as their producer, Omar Vallejo being awarded as the ‘Best Producer’ in 2019. From recording singles, full albums, live sessions, major projects, or providing services from mixing and mastering, social media management, video editing, and more, 512 can provide you with almost anything to achieve your music needs.

The team of expertise in this studio is unmatched and will leave you feeling confident about the music you created there. The friendly producers and team of engineers understand that every project is different, so price negotiation is definitely on the table when it comes to their booking rates. If you are in Austin and have the opportunity to record at 512, it’s almost guaranteed that you will not be disappointed with your experience. 

Assembly Line Studios is a gorgeous recording facility located in the Hill Country of Austin, Texas. The studio is owned and operated by Kevin “131” Gutierrez, who is a Multi-Platinum awarded engineer and producer. Running strong since 1992, Assembly line has recorded artists from the likes of Paul McCartney, Shinedown, Armin Van Buuren, and many more. 

With a spacious control room, tracking rooms, and a vocal room, they can record anything from full size bands, solo artists, TV and movie soundtracks, to other creative projects. They also have a loft living area for clients coming to record for an extended stay. The decor and vibe is extremely modern and will light your creative fire. 

With their high-tech equipment, cool and modern lighting and decor, seasoned staff, and all other accommodations, one would think that the pricing to book would be through the roof at ASL. However, this is not true. This is not a money-grab studio and they are willing to work with clients on deals and packages. If you are interested in working at one of Austin’s top best studios, you can contact Assembly Line for more information on prices and booking. 

Spitshine Studios is said to be Austin’s #1 studio for recording pop, rap, R&B and alternative music. The staff of engineers at Spitshine is top-notch and has worked with many A-list artists such as Adele, The Weeknd, John Legend, and more. 

The studio provides excellent recording, mixing and mastering services and also has two locations in both North Austin and South Austin. The decor and interior finishing design will allow you to shoot your production or perform your photography right there. Plus having the best world-class equipment at your disposal along with the help of multi-talented engineers, nothing will stop you from creating your next best hit here. 

If you need affordability, this place offers some of the most competitive offers and affordable production rates you will find in the city. As far as the best recording studios in Austin goes, this studio definitely takes the attention of many.

EAR Studio is an analog and digital recording facility located on East 11th street about a mile from downtown Austin, Texas. The studio area features a large cutting room with an 18 ft cathedral ceiling and a roomy isolation booth. Hovering above, the spacious and naturally lit control room lends a bird’s eye view to the happenings below.

Here you will find an SSL 6040 E/G+ console along with a wide variety of different recorders, monitors, microphones, preamps, instruments, software and more. They specialize in rock music but are not limited to just that genre. The list of clients at EAR is lengthy and full of artists from all different genres, places, and sizes.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable about music production and willing to go the extra mile to ensure your records sound top of the line when you leave EAR Studio. Whether you are looking to record a full album or have a single song mixed, check out this fabulous recording spot in Austin for all your production needs.

Stinson Recording Studios was founded in 1993 and ever since has had the goal in mind to consistently create the best music productions and the best recording experiences in the region. Located in the West Hills of Austin, the studio is surrounded by breathtaking views at the City Park facility. 

Stinson offers recording services along with live recording, editing, professional mixing, radio ready mastering, music video production, plus more. Perhaps the most notable thing to mention about Stinson Studios and owner John Stinson is the Recording Conservatory they developed with the objective to mold young creatives into professional, working engineers and producers of the future.

 As far as rates go, they are willing to work with anyone's budget. If you are looking to inquire about booking a session, they ask that you contact them to discuss the scope of the project to negotiate the rate and time-frame that best fits your project. Stinson offers hourly, daily, or per song rates.

Evil Snail is a state of the art recording studio and high end music rehearsal room located in the beautiful countryside near South Austin, Texas. Artists can come here to let their creative juices flow and draw inspiration from the vibe of the beautiful nature surrounding the facility. 

Owned by brothers Kfir and Rom Gov who are both very experienced and knowledgeable about all things music and production. The Gov brothers are said to have wonderful personalities and make the Evil Snail experience unlike any other. They are friendly and accommodating yet strive to push their clients to their very best creative potential. 

Evil Snail Studios is a perfect spot allowing artists to escape, enjoy some privacy and focus on developing and perfecting their craft. They also offer mastering services as well as a full band rehearsal facility. Their pricing and recording rates are up for bargaining and some of the most affordable prices you will find on this list of studios. If you are in need of a great recording experience in Austin, go give Evil Snail and the Gov brothers a visit.

Congress House Studio offers state of the art recording services, a team who accommodates all their customers in a warm, accommodating nature, and an ambiance that will leave you relaxed and at ease to perform at your best. Operating for over 30 years, they have made their stamp on the city of Austin as one of the top recording facilities in the city.

Services offered also include recording of multi-tracks, audio mastering and audio mixing. The engineers work tirelessly to ensure that your final copy comes out flawless. You will receive the best hardware and software equipment meeting the current modern standards, which is why they have such an extensive clientele list. 

Studio owner and founder Mark Hallman is a mixing and mastering legend and works one on one with musicians and producers to make sure they have the best recording experience possible. If you get inspired to create a record in Austin, you should highly consider dropping by Congress House to produce your next hit. 

Brain Machine Studios has been serving Austin’s musicians since 2001 and has welcomed and produced artists and bands of all genres ranging from rock, punk, blues, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, and more. The staff is known to go above and beyond for their clients and offers a comfortable recording space with a comfortable control room with an amazing 70 channel Euphonix S5 mixing console with tons of outboard and VST effects and instruments.

Voted "Best Recording Studio in Austin" by the readers of the Austin Chronicle in 2007, The Brain Machine is always striving to help create the best sounding music in Austin, TX. If you are looking for a professional and highly-equipped studio in Austin, you will be very pleased with your experience here.

Built inside of an old church located near downtown Austin, 12th Street Sound is a high-end recording studio that features a spacious live room, multiple isolation booths, and a control room that is comfortable and acoustically pristine. 

The church’s new interior was designed by internationally-known studio architect Wes Lachot and is beautifully decorated to ensure a calm and creative atmosphere. Beyond the decor, the equipment and gear at the studio is truly next level. They have a 64-input SSL 9000J, which is the only SSL 9000 in central Texas.

If you decide to record at 12th Street, the staff along with the equipment and overall vibe will allow you to truly reach your creative potential. Artists, bands, producers, songwriters, and engineers from all over visit this studio to make musical masterpieces, and you can too!

If you are looking for a recording studio that gives you an at-home feeling and comfortable environment, Arlyn studios may be the right choice for you. Owned and operated by husband and wife Freddy and Lisa Fletcher, the vibe at Arlyn is said to feel like a home away from home but with the professional guidance and equipment that you need to make the best record possible. 

This world-class recording facility has produced some of the best hits from artists such as Andre 3000, Neil Young, Merle Haggard, and many more. They have two engineers on staff, Boo MacLeod and Steve Chadie who work tirelessly to provide their clients with the best possible engineer assistance imaginable. 

Aside from offering an immersive recording environment, Arlyn Studios has a large layout with lounge areas and event rooms that makes a perfect event space. This studio is a top choice by multiple high profile clients looking to record their music in Austin or host an unforgettable party.

Orb Recording Studios is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best overall recording studios in Austin today. With a combination of top-notch gear, comfortable work and lounge areas, a relaxing setting, and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists of any level, this place exceeds expectations when it comes to high quality recording experiences. 

The 5,600 square foot facility houses 3 different spacious studio rooms, all equipped with high-end gear and equipment and built to meet state of the art acoustic standards. If you name any big time artist, chances are they’ve recorded at the famous Orb studios in Austin. Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, and so many more have created some of our most favorite hits today at this studio. 

Between the relaxing setting, top-notch equipment and gear, the comfortable vibe, and highly trained and knowledgeable staff, you are sure to find your creative flow at Orb Recording Studios and will likely choose to call it your recording home anytime you visit Austin, Texas.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, for you to record a hit, you need as much help from professionals as possible. These studios have musicians, engineers and managers who are enthusiastic about making you prosper and bring more fame into their studios. I assure you of success if you record with any of the above reputable studios.

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    • Michael

      This list is cool, how can we update this and get some newer studios on this list?
      Check out Blak Marigold Pro

    • Joseph

      Inquiring on how you came about your list? Montop Studios has great quality sound and knowledgeable engineers. They have been very kind, professional and informative when it comes to music and their services. Also, I’ve seen several mainstream artist go through Montop Studios, just would like to know more information.

      Thank you.

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