Best Keyword Tags For Promoting Hip Hop Beats On YouTube: Full List

Best Keyword Tags For Promoting Hip Hop Beats On YouTube: Full List

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you are going to attract people to your YouTube page, you need to know what the best YouTube tags for hip hop are. Without the right tags, you will not be as successful in promoting your hip hop or rap beats on YouTube.

There are so many rap tags for YouTube that you can use, so you need to know which ones are the best options for you and the listeners that you are trying to attract to your page. This is a full list of the best YouTube tags for music video beats to help you make the most of keywords.

A good list of keywords doesn't do you any good if all you're doing is plugging and chugging them away into YouTube.

You need the full scope on how to sell your beats from top to bottom.

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The Awesome Keyword Explorer on TubeBuddy

So I can give you a list of all the keyword tags I use, but that's not going to cover everything you need. And if it did, this page would annoyingly long.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube's website. After installing TubeBuddy, simply go to and you'll see their features right inside their site designated by the TubeBuddy logo.

I've been using TubeBuddy for a couple years and it definitely helps me come up with a bunch of keywords I wouldn't have thought of!


Keyword List (Use TuBeBuddy For More Customized Keywords)

hip hop beats, instrumental, hip hop, beats, lofi hip hop, instrumental hiphop, instrumental hip hop, trap instrumental, rap beats, old school, lo-fi hip hop, study beats, underground, chillhop, jazzy hip hop, rap beats for sale, buy rap beats, beats with hooks, trap beats, buy rap beat, buy rap beats online, rap beats with hooks for sale, young thug type beats, dark trap instrumental, rap beat with hook, rap beat with hook 2018, club rap beat with hook

drake type beat,future type beat,future type beat 2018,future type beat free,drake type beat,type beat,free type beat,drake,drake instrumental,drake type beat 2018,free drake type beat,drake type beats,drake type beat free,drake type beat no tags,rap instrumental,drake type instrumental,type beat 2018,future type beat perfect,drake type beats memories,drake type beats 2018 free,drake type beat 2018 r&b,free type beat 2018

kanye west type beat, kanye west, instrumental, free kanye west type beat, type beat, kanye west instrumental, free type beat, kanye west type beat 2018, kanye west type beat trap, kanye west new, kanye west type instrumental, kanye west type beat 2017, kanye west type beat free, kanye west type beats, kanye west free instrumental, kanye west free type beat, free kanye west 2018

j cole type beat, j.cole type beat, j cole instrumental, j cole beat, kendrick lamar type beat, free j cole type beat, j cole type beat 2018, j cole beats, yondo type beat, jcole type beat, j cole type beats, type beats, j. cole type beat, isaiah rashad type beat, freestyle type beat, j cole accent beats

How To Use The Keywords

These are a lot of the most common keyword tags for promoting hip hop beats. Your keywords should be relevant to your page, otherwise they will not be effective because you won’t attract the audience that you are looking for.

You could also consider paying for advertisements if this is something that you can afford, using the same keywords to get the most views possible for your site. YouTube is more likely to recognize you if you have a lot of views.

To get these views, you will need to get the right keywords otherwise no one will discover you. The more views you have, the higher you will appear on the YouTube searches.

Using keywords is just as important as the type of keywords that you use. Keywords should be tagged not just in your video but also should be found in the title, meta description, and the video description.

They should seem natural when you place them in the title or meta description, as this is viewed more favorably. Think about who you are trying to attract to your videos and think about why they want to use your beats. The answer to these questions will be crucial in deciding which combination of keywords that you are going to use on your YouTube videos.

In Conclusion

Understanding which tags to use for your YouTube is just as important as keywords are to a website’s SEO. It is crucial to see which ones are going to best help you achieve your goals of getting attention to your YouTube page.

You may need to try a few out different options to see which ones help you to get the best results. There are different combinations that you will need to work through before you can find the one that works the best for you. You should also be careful to not overstuff your video with too many keywords as this can actually hurt you rather than help you.




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