Best Laptops for Music Producing & Recording: 5 Reviews You Need to See

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Written by Tyree Smith

A musician is very dependent on the equipment that they use. To do this, you will want to have the best laptop for music production in 2019. Is a MacBook right for you? Or should you go with another option? What’s the best budget laptop for music production? Are you trying to find the best laptop for music production under $500? This is the guide that you need to read to find which laptop is the best investment in your music career.


MacBooks are the popular choice for multimedia and music production. It is widely considered to be the best laptop for music production, though some people would prefer Windows based options over the Mac operating system. These are slim and sleek laptops that you can easily transport as you need to. They are also very powerful laptops that are fast and very easy to use. A major downside is that the MacBooks are very expensive laptops. It is an industry standard that professionals tend to prefer.

Alienware is a brand that is synonymous with gaming, but the reasons that this laptop works for gaming is what also makes it a great choice for music production and recording. This is a Windows computer that is powerful and works fast. The powerful RAM allows for you to keep up with the massive resource demand that recording and production software. This can be on the more expensive side, but the prices vary depending on the build. Since you can customize your laptop, you can pick and choose what options you get.

The Razer Blade Stealth is another laptop that is known for being a gaming laptop, but it can also be an excellent recording and production laptop. It has a touchscreen display that can make it easy to use. Since it’s made for gaming, the Razer Blade Stealth was built for a solid performance. It has a sleek look to it and it is a very portable laptop due to its size.

The HP Envy comes in both basic models and more advanced models, which means that you can get a quality laptop for recording and production for a price that works for your budget. It has an incredible battery life, which can last between 10 hours and 14 hours depending on the model that you choose. The Envy can be a popular choice for producers who don’t want a MacBook because it’s a powerful computer in a small, budget-friendly package.

Dell XPS is a durable laptop that offers solid performance for users. There are options for you to customize the laptop to get one that works for your budget. You can even get an older model for a cheaper price that will still perform well for you. It has a stunning design, but even on the cheaper end these laptops can still be expensive. This will be an excellent choice for music production, but it is recommended that you spend a little more for the extra RAM to prevent bottlenecks.


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