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43 Best Music Booking Agents In 2023 (Updated)

Best music booking agents

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Written by Omari

Many people believe that having both talent and quality music will guarantee them success, but what they don't realize is that a good music booking company is also essential. While there are undoubtedly many to choose from, success is more likely if you pick one well-suited to your preferred genre and writing style. Let's look at the top music booking agents.  

William Morris Endeavor

Although the agency represents more than just musicians, including comedians, athletes, and so on, it does boast a substantial list of musical artists like Adele, Pharrell Williams, and Alicia Keys.

Creative Artists Agency

CAA is still widely recognized as the go-to agency for full-service artist representation, including tour management, sales, studio time, and more.

United Talent Agency

Furthermore, UTA handles recording contracts, tours, and concert bookings for artists of all genres.

International Creative Management

To put it mildly, ICM is one of the essential music booking agencies in the world today. The breadth and depth of their coverage are impressive.

CK Talent Management

CK Talent Management is a fantastic music booking company for rising artists who continually set new benchmarks in their administration, booking, achievements, and promotions.

Brilliant Corners Artist Management

The services provided by Brilliant Corners Artist Management are of the highest quality.

Paradigm Talent Agency

The company is involved in many different areas of popular culture, including television, movies, music, books, advertisements, and more.

A3 Artists Agency

A3 is not a one-trick pony, but they offer management services and marketing to a wide variety of artists, even though music is just one of the many things they dabble in.

Cinematic Music Group

If you're looking for a record label that has experience working with hip-hop artists, CMG is a great choice to consider.

Agency for the Performing Arts

The company handles all aspects of promoting and advancing the artist's career, including booking and promotion.

Artist Management Group

For contemporary musicians, the company provides management, publication, composing, and booking services.

MGMT Artists

Artist management, sales, promotional material, booking, commercial production, etc., are all part of MGMT's offerings.

Maverick Management

It's safe to say that Maverick's prominence as a top music booking agent won't change anytime soon. Incorporating so many different types of music and artists ensures that the label will be a smashing success.

The Feldman Agency

TFA provides a full range of services, including representation, booking, event planning, live performances, and corporate advisory.

Modest! Management

Providing cutting-edge services in artist administration, booking, social networking marketing, streaming, and similar areas, Modest has rapidly risen to the top.

C3 Presents

Not confining themselves to just one genre, C3 has tremendous musical ambassadors from the worlds of electronic, indie, and hip-hop, among others.

Tap Music

Tap Music is among the best management companies because it represents a high caliber of artists across many musical styles and does not restrict its clients to any particular approach.

One Family's

One House is a corporation that provides services like business funding, artist booking, artist promotion, and entrepreneur support. The company dabbles in many fields, including the arts, media, and commerce.

Kobalt Music Group

One of the most prominent names in the music management industry, this firm is based in the United States. Kobalt's success as a label and marketer is guaranteed to keep rising.

Maine Road Management

The idea that one man had has grown into something much more substantial. Maine Road Management still has some of the best clients in the business.

Red Light Management

Red Light offers business, touring, booking, licensing, and similar services. An incredible management powerhouse.

M.A.A.D. Management

The agency does more than represent rap and hip-hop artists; it also assists unsigned producers in making a buck off the sale of their instrumentals and participates in the distribution of recorded music.

CSP Music Group

CSP Music Group is much more than a music booking company; it offers a comprehensive range of services to solo artists, bands, and record labels, including studio time, songwriting assistance, production assistance, branding assistance, and artist development.

Bulletproof Artist Management

The company is rapidly expanding, and its strengths as an artist's trusted partner are in merchandising and booking.

5B Artists + Media

5B's impressive roster of artists and groups attests to the company's prowess in touring and management. Metalheads will be pleased to know that this is a viable option.

Revolutions Artist Management

They help Australian performers like bands, musicians, and DJs get booked and promoted.

Brick Wall Management

After more than two decades in the business, Brick Wall Management is still going strong and providing a haven for both new and established musicians.

American Artists Entertainment

When it comes to managing a music career, AAE has you covered with e-commerce and booking services, among other things.

Crush Management

Crush welcomes all types of musicians, regardless of genre or style, and offers top-tier services like promotion, sales, booking, touring, and more.

Big Hassle Management

Big Hassle is an industry powerhouse and a launching pad for the careers of many famous people, both established and promising newcomers.

Big Noise

Big Noise Music Group is a multi-faceted music enterprise representing artists while serving as a record label, music publishing company, and recording facility. The breadth of this firm's offerings demonstrates its adaptability.

Bedlam Music Management

Bedlam is a full-service agency for developing musicians and performers. There isn't a better agency out there for booking concerts.

Q Prime Management

The entire gamut of management responsibilities—from booking and touring to marketing and commerce to financing—are taken care of by them.

Foundations Music

The company has made it its mission to aid creatives, and in this regard, they have succeeded admirably. Helping them find their way around the music business with ease.

Cast Management

Despite the small number of employees, the company has persisted for so long because its representatives have high representative values.

Full Stop Management

Among the many services, Full Stop offers are booking, touring, funding, marketing, and similar activities.

Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer is a music booking agency with an eye on the future. It's a one-stop shop for the artists, as the company handles everything from promotion to production to booking to branding to touring.

Arrow Music Agency

When it comes to managing artists, Arrow Music Agency can do it all. Arrow Music Agency's management services cover many areas, such as marketing, promotion, licensing, and branding.

Vector Management

To help artists develop their careers, Vector Management provides a haven for them. Besides its headquarters in Nashville, the company also maintains offices in New York and California's largest city, Los Angeles.

Milk & Honey

The genres of classics, rock, hip-hop, Italian, and many others are all represented in their music library. Booking, marketing, and management services are provided for artists such as Ed Sheeran, Khalid, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and more.

Advanced Alternative Media (AAM)

Despite its current size and scope, Advanced Alternative Media has big plans to grow and offer more services to its clients.

Thirty Tigers

They are open to artists of all backgrounds and musical preferences. The popularity of the Thirty Tigers has increased dramatically over the years.

YMU Group

Booking, marketing, live shows, and studio sessions are just some of how YMU Group assists artists in need of management services.


To make a living as a musician, you must sign up with a music booking company. They can aid in advertising, scheduling, touring, and selling. To succeed in the music industry, you need to find a label that appreciates your talents and values your vision. Do your homework before committing to any one company, as there are plenty of options available.

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    • Mike Hubler

      Dear Sir/Madam

      We are looking for booking assistance. The band is The Shmones. Looking to play in the Southeast region.

      Can we please discuss next steps.

      Thank you for your help.

    • Juanfry Gonzalez

      Im from Cuba i Wonder if there is a U S booking company that would be interested to bring to US the project Sonora de Matanzas the oldest son rumba & guaracha music ensamble in the Island thanks

    • Bob

      Wizard of Our Management..
      Artist Carlin Taylor Southern Soul

    • Bob

      Here is his original music an vibeo
      Wizard of Our Management

    • Bob

      M.Matthews.. Wizard Of Our Management
      I really have one of the next big Southern Soul artists that’s going to be at the top of Southern Soul game soon trying to get him booked for opening acts he gives a epic performance guaranteed not to let you down

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Do you work with rap artists?

    • Emanuel Brooks

      Please email me your contact information! [email protected]

    • Dennis William

      I need three acts that can tour western 🇨🇦 in 2023
      Jazz/ Blues

      Have one of your reps CALL me here
      CST 1 to 10 pm only


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