Best Pop, Dance, & EDM Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Best Pop, Dance, & EDM Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

Written by Cameron Mayo

Buying beats is a great way to make your music sounds professional. There are tons of producers who sell their beats online and provide good service. Whether it’s pop beats for sale exclusive rights or acoustic beats for sale, you can find almost anything you need. To help narrow down what the internet has to offer, here is but a short list of some of the best producers to help with your next track.

Omari has been making beats for over a decade. He has a huge variety of sounds and big library of available tracks. He is versatile producer and has beats for any lyrics. From upbeat chart-toppers to lo-fi jams, Omari can do it all. On top of that, buying a beat from Omari gets you free promotion on his SoundCloud channel with more than 40k followers. Check out the track below for an example of his top-notch EDM.

20 Dollar Beats is a group of producers that build all their beats from the ground up. With a huge library of sounds and years of producing experience, they make beats for all genres. Notably, they offer a good discount for bulk orders and proclaim to have great customer loyalty. If you’re itching for a quality EDM trap to sing or rap to, be sure to check these guys out.

This team of producers, songwriters, and audio engineers have made beats for some big names in the industry, like Logic and Ty Dolla $ign. They also have done some corporate work with Sirius XM BPM and Paramount Pictures. So, they have a lot of high-caliber experience and a big variety to choose from. Take a listen to their EDM and pop beats. You’ll find sounds that are on trend with the current flavor of pop but unique enough that it will be perfect for your song.

Best Pop, Dance, & EDM Beats For Sale: Top 5 Producers To Buy From

DJ Shawt models his beats after the biggest names in pop and EDM today. Having been producing for 10 years, he boasts over 10 million plays of his music. Although he sells rap beats as well, Shawt’s speciality is pop and EDM, so be sure to scroll through those tracks. And check back often because he is always updating his library of available beats.

Lil Medic has been making, selling, and licensing heast for over 7 year. With a large catalogue covering genres like hip-hop, R&B, Trap, Club, Electronic, and Pop, they have service countless artists. Many of their beats have been featured on TV and radio in countries all across the globe. Their experience could be a great addition to your next track. Take a listen to the some of their beats for your next EDM track.

Good luck with your music! Once you have all the pieces put together and have a finished song, Be sure to check out Omari MC’s promotion packages. The world wants to hear your music and Omari MC promotion is the best way to make that happen.




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