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The 17 Best Sites To Find Professional MIDI Files & High Quality Backing Tracks

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Finding the perfect professional MIDI files and backing tracks online for your music can be extremely hard as a musician. There are dozens of MIDI file databases and websites to choose from but picking the high-quality decent ones from the sub-par music websites is a difficult ordeal.

The challenge is to locate the best MIDI files you need for your project so there is no compromise on quality. To achieve this, you need to search in many different databases and then choose the files that best suit your needs. 

You might be wondering, which websites are the best for MIDI files and backing tracks? No need to worry because that's precisely what we're here to tell you.

At Omari Music Promotion, we're going to talk about how professional MIDI files can help your practice and music production. We will provide you a list of the top 17 websites for finding the best MIDI files and backing tracks for your music. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

How Do Professional MIDI Files and Backing Tracks Help Your Production?

Not all MIDI files are the best in terms of playability and quality. Making sure that you choose the highest-quality MIDI files is very important. These files and backing tracks of new songs, custom beats, and pieces of various instruments help you in many music-related activities.

You can use MIDI files to practice along with. If you're producing music, you can use high-quality backing tracks in your music if you're not proficient with an instrument. There's also the option of converting MIDI information into musical notes and print them for your production ease and whatnot. So, there's a lot you can do if you have high-quality professional MIDI files and backing tracks.

Top 17 Sites for Professional MIDI Files and High-Quality Backing Tracks

To make things easy for you, so you don't have to scour the internet to find the best MIDI backing tracks, I've collected all the incredible MIDI websites and put them in a single list so you can choose without a problem. Let's take a look at these sites and what they have to offer. 

Do you dream of taking your chord progressions, melodies and drum grooves to the next level? Unison's spectacular MIDI packs can help! With over 75 world-renowned templates available, they've already assisted more than 220,000 producers in perfecting their tracks. Unlock the potential of your music today!

Song Galaxy is a multi-functional MIDI website that provides amazingly high-quality MIDI files and superb software tools, multi-tracks, re-arranger files, and a lot of other options as well.

It is a professional backing track website that makes sure the customers get what they pay for. The website is stylish, has a lot to offer, but the files are paid, and if you want premium formats, you're going to have to pay extra.


  • Professional interface and incredible options.

  • Software tools as well as premium customized keyboard formats.


  • The MIDI backing tracks are paid.

Known as one of the biggest databases of high-quality MIDI packs, FreeMIDI is a completely free website where you can easily find all kinds of music genre backing tracks.

The files are placed elegantly in different sections depending upon the albums, singers, and genre. If you get the membership, you'll get added benefits that even include requesting MIDI files yourself.


  • It is completely free of cost.

  • One of the biggest databases of high-quality MIDI backing tracks.

  • Neat design and listing.


  • Advertisement clutter is a problem.

Cybermidi is one of the oldest, most popular MIDI file databases that you'll find in this list. It has got an array of incredible MIDI music files from many genres and many artists.

The files are paid, though, so you're going to have to choose the perfect MIDI file for your usage. The overall design is quite outdated, but the features, along with the MIDI controller and sheet.


  • Amazing MIDI file variety and quality.

  • Membership allows you to download unlimited MIDI files.


  • Old design and features.

  • The backing tracks are paid.

A more recent, attractive-looking high-quality MIDI file database is Musescore. Over hundreds of thousands of music, piano sheets, and backing tracks of all genres are available on this website.

There's a free version where you can sign up and access many free MIDI files, but the paid version isn't costly either and gives you complete downloading access over all the MIDI files in the website's list.


  • Decently priced membership.

  • Heaps of high-quality Piano MIDI files.


  • Custom MIDI requests aren't available.

With a playful and video game-forward vibe, BitMIDI is primarily a video game music MIDI file database with a sparse line-up of song files from famous bands and singers.

The overall usability is decent. However, the listings aren't by category. You're going to have to search if you're looking for a specific MIDI backing track, which is all high-quality and free to download.


  • Free MIDI files.

  • Cool and hip website interface.


  • Not a lot of album and artist song files.

  • Searching algorithms can be better.

Mutopia is another recently launched great website for piano MIDI files of different genres, including pop, jazz, romantic, and many more. The songs are completely free to download. The downloading process is quite easy, and the file quality is very high too.


  • Great quality Piano MIDI files.

  • Free to download backing tracks.


  • Website is cluttered with content.

One of the most high-end websites in terms of usability and detail is The website offers some of the best MIDI files and backing tracks in the market.

Not only backing tracks but also a detailed MIDI sequence editor that you can use to rearrange, change instruments, add your music, and overall completely produce the music of your choice.


  • Fully-functional MIDI sequence editor.

  • An amazing number of MIDI files to download from.


  • Expensive to download a file and even more expensive to edit it completely.

ThePandaTooth is one of the best MIDI databases of the last couple of years. With MIDI track options ranging from video games to movie songs and even popular artist music files, ThePandaTooth has everything you'll feed. One of the best features of this website is that it is super-easy to use, and a great add-on is that all the MIDI files are free.


  • The range of the MIDI files is great.

  • MIDI files and professional backing tracks are free.


  • No editing options are available on site.

If you're thinking about downloading amazingly professional MIDI tracks without the hassle of even signing up for free, then NonStop2k is the website you're looking for.

Over thousands of high-quality MIDI files and tracks to choose from, NonStop2k is a great option if you're producing music and you need a quick and easy piano sheet file.


  • A lot of piano sheets and MIDI files are available.

  • Free songs without sign up.


  • The interface isn't as easy to use as others.

Hit Trax is arguably the best MIDI file and backing track website you'll find in the digital market. It has an extensive amount of MIDI files and a professional studio that allows creators to edit the MIDI sequences according to their liking.

The fee is one-time, and you have complete control over the music afterward. The quality is fairly high, and the arrangement of the tracks is amazing.


  • Editing and customization options.

  • A lot of amazing MIDI file options.

  • Great interface and high-quality tools.


  • Paid MIDI files.

  • Website lacks a few newer features.

12. Flat

A website that looks and feels as good as Musescore but offers free downloads is Flat. It is a great website with professional high-quality MIDI files and songs that can be downloaded in MIDI format according to your liking.

A problem, however, is that some of the songs are not meant for piano sheet format downloads, which could be a bummer. But overall, most of the songs can be easily converted to MIDI and used for your music production.


  • Great web design and interface.

  • Plethora of pop, rock, jazz, EDM, blues, and other genre songs.

  • Free download availability.


  • Some songs cannot be downloaded in piano MIDI format.

Aptly named, Sheethost is an incredible piano sheet and MIDI file database that has been recently created, and it seems to work amazingly well. The interface and the usability, features, and overall backing track downloadability of the website are amazing. All you need to do is sign up before you download free MIDI files of various genre songs.


  • Free to download MIDI files.

  • A huge variety of genres to choose from.


  • Fairly new, so older songs are sparse.

14. 8Notes

8Notes is another great option if you don't like any other websites for your MIDI file downloads. With over thousands of professional high-quality Piano MIDI files and backing tracks in pop, wedding, rock, jazz, blues, and other genres, music production and instrument playing just got way easier.


  • The MIDI downloads are mostly free.

  • The interface of the website is great.

  • Royalty-free song files are also available.


  • Some piano sheets are paid.

This is a popular choice for MIDI file downloads. It is definitely not a scam but a legit site and has received several positive reviews. It is among the top 10 websites to find free and high-quality MIDI files.


  • The website has a user-friendly interface.

  • More than 25k MIDI files are available.

  • All songs are organized neatly. 


  • Didn't find any.

Graham Downey has set this one and is a complete resource for finding metal MIDI files. You will find many famous heavy metal artists on this site and even locate rare MIDI files not available anywhere else.


  • The website offers 80's glam metal.

  • Totally free of cost.


  •  Might be difficult to locate MIDI files for genres other than heavy metal.

If you are looking for an easy-to-navigate website for finding your favorite tracks, look no further. Beat Labs is an academy offering in-person and online music courses. Their resource page is home to thousands of MIDI downloads and an easy interface to locate them.


  • Can be used to find free MIDI files for commercial use.

  • Offers many genres, including hip hop, electronic, and rock n roll.

  • Provides easy viewing.


  • Didn't find any.


All these sites are known as the best on the internet for offering paid and free movies, singles, video games, and royalty-free song music MIDI files. So, we assure you, if you choose to download your high-quality piano MIDI files and backing tracks from these sites, you're going to have the best music production experience.

Depending on the type and genre of MIDI files you are looking for, you can choose any one of these sites and start downloading. Most of them are quite easy to use and come with great and additional features to help you complete your project without any difficulty.

Download high-quality MIDI files from these websites, make incredible music and contact us at Omari Music Promotion for all your Spotify, Facebook, and other social media promotions and you'll receive the best, most organic reach. We hope you'll be incredibly successful as talented musicians.

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    • Stefan Carey

      Hittrax address might be wrong, all I see is baseball information?

      Great information by the way, thank you so much.

      Stefan, Australia

    • Philippe Le Bel

      Richard Starkeey said “… There are 3 or 4 companies that produced professional sounding tracks”

      I look for professional midifiles and it’s difficults to find.

    • Richard Starkeey

      Whoever wrote and sponsored this article knows nothing about the quality of midi tracks. There are 3 or 4 companies that produced professional sounding tracks over a 30 year period. The producers of these tracks were, at least at one time, professional performing musicians who knew the intricacies of making a track sound musical and NOT mechanical. These tracks, in the right hands (ie, someone who understood midi and could tweak them to various degrees) could literally fool the audience into believing they were listening to a live band. Most of the midi track companies described above produce “cheesy” sounding tracks, probably from a bedroom studio of a music hobbyist, who never performed a live gig during their entire lifetime!!!

    • Billy

      A good portion of these don’t even have MIDI files, just sheet music. A few have neither; the last one in fact was just an online course.

    • Doyle Lail

      Check out this drawn cool video about a cowboy with the spaghetti western feeling. It sounds better with headphones! Share if you like!

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      Check out this cool music video about a space cowboy with the spaghetti western feeling. Sounds best with headphones! Share if you like!

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