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10 Best Recording Studios In Detroit 2023: Unbiased Review

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Detroit has long been a hub for music and culture, influencing generations of creativity and performance through the city’s vast diversity. With large representation of genres such as Jazz, Blues, Techno, R&B, Hard Rock, and more, Detroit is arguably one of the biggest musical epicenters of the entire country. 

There’s no denying that Detroit has given us some of the biggest music legends we listen to and love today. Well known for the development of the great , plus artists like  Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Marvin Gaye, Madonna, and so many more. 

These icons owe a lot of their success to the city’s deep musical roots and cultural influence. If you are a musician who lives in the Detroit area, you’re already at an advantage by being surrounded by so much rich musical history. When it comes to an artist looking to hone in on his or her creativity, a great place to start is in a recording studio. 

Detroit is home to multiple state of the art studios where musicians can go to channel the energy of the legends who have recorded there before them. The first step of becoming a popular musician and making strides in the music industry is to create a style of music that people will love to listen to and come back to.

Luckily if you’re in Detroit, you’ve got multiple studio opportunities around you already. The problem many artists have is just finding the best ones out of the bunch. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Recording Studios in Detroit as of 2022. 

How to Find the Best Recording Studios in Detroit?

The Motown is filled with incredible recording studios and creative spaces all around. Many talented musicians have come out of Detroit and made a name for themselves in the music industry. Some of which may influence your own personal style of music today. 

Finding the best recording studio can be a pain no matter where in the world you might be. Making sure you get matched up with artists and producers that understand your style and music is extremely important. With so many different studio options in Detroit, we’ve done the research to narrow down which ones are really the top-notch spots. This way you can spend time actually recording music instead of researching or hunting down places to go and make music. 

Let’s take a look at some major factors to consider when looking for a studio that is perfectly suited for you. Every artist is different and has various recording and production needs, that is why it's important to examine these qualities before committing to a recording space: 

  • Genre - Depending upon whether you're a rapper, hip-hop artist, pop star, R&B singer, or some other genre specialist, try finding recording studios that specialize in your particular genre so they can help you find your style and make incredible music. 

  • Recording Space - Smaller recording spaces aren't great for musicians. Make sure there are multiple recording rooms, isolation booths, rehearsal rooms, and a great music atmosphere that boosts the creativity of the musician.

  • Price - Recording studios and producers usually charge by the hour. If you're just starting off, it is important that you find a recording studio that offers great services but at the same time doesn't overcharge for the recording sessions. Higher quality studios will obviously be higher in price, but there are also many great studios options you can find at affordable prices.

  • Instruments and Equipment - The most important factor that decides whether you should go to the recording studio or not is the equipment. A multitude of high-end consoles, microphones, software tools, along with high quality musical instruments for the creation of epic music are the signs of a great studio.

10 Best Recording Studios in Detroit 2022

If you're looking to find the perfect recording studio in Detroit where you can go to boost your creativity and make hits, then here's a list of the best 10 best recording spots Detroit has to offer in 2022 based on price, production, atmosphere, creativity, equipment, and the works:

Tempermill Recording Studios came into existence in the 1980’s and has ever since made a lasting impact on the music scene of not only Detroit, but the entire country. The spacious 3000 square foot facility is equipped with fantastic acoustics, highly trained engineers and staff, multiple isolation booths, extra large control rooms, plus a wide variety of top-class equipment from rare vintage analog gear to modern consoles and monitors. 

There's no question as to why Tempermill has won multiple different music awards and has a clientele of industry giants like WarnerBros and Atlantic. From Kid Rock to Loretta Lynn, this Detroit studio is a go-to for artists who are looking for a great environment for their music creation. With prices starting at $65 an hour, Tempermill is a great studio option that won’t break the bank.

Rustbelt Studios is another one of the top picks in terms of music recording studios in Detroit. From modern pop to metal, from country to jazz, from whole band tracking to overdubs, they can just about meet the recording needs of any artist, producer, or engineer.  

They've got multitudes of microphones, consoles, and instruments in the studio along with a wide recording space and musical atmosphere. Celebs including Kid Cudi, Bob Seger, and The Black Eyed Peas have made their way to Rustbelt, but they have also housed multiple emerging artists and upcoming musicians as well. With session rates starting at $75 an hour with an engineer included, this is another decently priced Detroit studio option where you can go to make amazing music in a fantastic environment. 

Metro 37 Recording Studios is considered one of the most popular music recording studios in the Detroit region and has had its fair share of the musical limelight as well. Combining modern recording techniques with the best vintage gear, they’re known to produce fantastic results and great sounding music. 

They've recorded a lot of famed artists from Big Sean to Fall Out Boy as well as corporate clients like EA Sports and Bad Boy Records. The amazing atmosphere along with great live music instruments and high-quality control equipment for mixing and mastering is why Metro 37 is a highly sought-after recording space in Detroit. On top of all things mentioned, they will also work within your budget to provide you with a great sounding product that you can share with the world to love.  

Mix Factory One is another full service recording studio specializing in production, mixing, and mastering. They provide clients with high quality audio engineering that is customized to each individuals specific needs. The studio has up to date equipment and technology like Protools HDX to ensure that your music will be radio worthy when it’s finished. 

The motivational and inspiring atmosphere at Mix Factory One is one of a kind, which is why clients such as Eminem, Rick Ross, Sony Pictures and Universal Records choose to work with them. When it comes to a homey feel and a incredibly creative music production environment, Mix Factory One is a top runner for the best music recording studios Detroit has to offer in 2021.

Considered one of the pioneers of the Detroit music scene, United Sound Systems is not only a recording studio but also a museum that offers a deep dive into the music culture of Detroit to enthusiasts. When established in 1933, it became the first independent and full service major recording studio in the nation. United Sound Systems has long been a platform for creatives to record music, cut records, and get airplay without being signed to a major label.

From Rolling Stones to Red Hot Chili Peppers, many great bands have made incredible music with the wonderful equipment and instruments in the United Sound Systems studio. The rates are high but the experience will be unlike any other if you choose to record your music there.

Studio A recording was established in 1978 by the incredibly popular legend of his time, Eric Morgeson. It is now one of the most celebrated and cherished music studios in all of Detroit, contributing to more than 38 Gold and Platinum record awards, 18 Grammy nominations and 2 Grammy winners. 

Studio A has been graced by the presence of celebrities including The Temptations and James Fortune, to name a few. They've morphed into more of a modern recording studio over time and even offer professional online mastering services. Whether you choose to record your next record at their physical studio or want to send in your tracks digitally for mastering, you’re sure to have a great experience and better results with Studio A. 

When it comes to a quality recording space with an environment that screams premium music, the Disc recording studio is what you're looking for in Detroit in 2021. They are a full service recording studio with services that include recording, mixing, mastering, and music production. Their mastering services are done by a 20 year veteran, so you don’t have to settle for that ‘made in a basement sound’.

They've got two different recording rooms filled with amazing microphones, isolation booths, grand pianos, consoles, and much more for the creation of premier music. Greats like Mary J. Blige and Big Sean have given praise to The Disc Studios in Detroit, plus many other artists. The rates range from around $48 to $83 per hour, depending on which room you choose and at what time, or you can send in your music to be mastered starting at $49 per single track without ever stepping foot into the actual studio. 

If you are looking for a spacious and comfortable recording studio in the Detroit area that's equipped with state of the art gear, Sound Shop Studio may be the choice for you. By blending vintage analog with modern high-tech equipment, they are able to create superior quality sound and music that so many musicians desire.  

They've got a proper drum set, high-quality recording microphones, amazing console equipment, recording, mixing, and mastering tools, great producers, and a stunning line-up of musicians that have paid them a visit. Rates start at a very attractive $60 per hour with an engineer included, and they are also flexible with their prices, especially for clients looking to book longer sessions. They’re open 24/7 and an excellent and affordable studio option for artists in the Detroit area.

Self proclaimed to be Detroit’s finest studio, Wise Guy offers a great atmosphere that speaks to the minds and creativity of musicians regardless of their genre. Equipped with the latest music gear and technology including AVID’s elite new flagship M40 – S6 console paired with newly the upgraded Pro Tools Ultimate 2020. Wise Guy is stacked with cutting edge audio equipment that sets them apart from any other studios in the Detroit area.

They also offer professional beats for purchase, pop up events, merchandise, and operates as a full fledge record label. They are a great option for almost any music or recording needs in Detroit. If you want to book a session at Wise Guy Studios, we recommend contacting them ahead of time, because their availability is limited due to high-demand.

One of the most creative and colorful music recording studios in Michigan without a doubt is Digital Labor Studios. The vibe of the facility is outstanding and the decor is chic and modern, which helps add an additional layer of creativity to the space. They are known for their professional staff who stand up to the highest of industry standards and focus on quality over quantity. 

Going above and beyond to give their clients the best recording experience possible, you won’t find a cleaner and more streamlined studio in Detroit other than Digital Labor Studio. Their prices are also budget friendly, starting at $50 per hour and $450 for a 10 hour block.

Wrapping Up

Detroit is home to so many iconic musicians who started their music careers in some of the same studios mentioned above. If you choose one of these high-quality recording studios to work out of, you can be assured that you will have an excellent experience making music at their facilities.

Next time you are in Detroit, think back to this list and stop by to give one of these amazing recording spaces a visit. Feel free to share this article with your Midwest recording artist friends, so they can also experience the abundance of creativity these different studios can bring out of them.

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