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16 Best Song Maker Apps & Software: Unbiased Review

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Written by Omari

As we all know, the internet is full of valuable tools that are literally built to make life easier. In this era, we’ve been overflooded with technology and the capabilities to improve our everyday tasks and lives. Especially for musicians, this has created new avenues for us to succeed and thrive doing what we love and are passionate about. Making music has never been a simple process, but thanks to current advancements with computer programs, it has definitely become less complicated.

Whether you are a producer, singer, songwriter, or anything in between, it’s not only helpful but almost necessary to have a solid app or software to rely on to make the music making process more efficient. As the saying goes, “work harder, not smarter”, and with so many assets available, all musicians should be taking advantage of any and every resource they can to increase their chances of success. 

To that point, it can almost be overwhelming when you find there is truly so much creative software out there at your disposal. Oftentimes, artists will go down rabbit holes downloading apps and programs that they think or have heard are the best on the market. It can take a lot of time and money to figure out which song making program works best for you, but luckily with trustworthy advice, you can cut out a lot of that time and effort.

Through experience, trial, and error, we at Omari MC have compiled a list of our 16 best song maker apps and software available for anyone to use and download. If you are a musician looking for ways to advance your music and ultimately your career in the industry, you will definitely want to check out these programs below.

Garage Band is absolutely free to those who have apple products and has been an essential stepping stone for many musicians in their earlier stages of development. The only disadvantage is that it is available only on iOS devices. Despite that, it does come preloaded on Mac computers and iPhones, remaining a fan favorite for years now. 

Garage Band is perfect for both beginners and experienced music lovers due to it’s easy to use interface. Apple's music-making app comes with a wide variety of touch instruments and multi-touch gestures that you can use to play keyboards, guitars, and create beats with many different effects and sounds. In addition to that, the app gives you access to many Apple Loops, audio recordings, and musical instruments. 

Another fan favorite that has been used by millions of creators to make their own music is BandLab. Just like GarageBand, BandLab has more than 10 million users and is absolutely free. But what makes it one of the most popular online music studios is that it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

With the app, you can connect with fellow artists and DJs so you can start a band or collaborate with established musicians, guitarists, rappers, and other music celebs. The best thing about BandLab is its multitrack editor that you can use to edit, produce, record, and remix any tune to perfection.

Tunable is also available both on the App and Google Play Stores. You can use this app to improve your ear with chord generator and tone, while also learning how to play in key with a sustained pitch history and keep the tempo with a simple and accurate metronome.

Not only does Tuneable work with string and wind instruments, but it’s also compatible with guitar, ukulele, flute, viola, cello, and bass to name a few. Right after you finish recording and saving all of your unlimited files, you can easily share them through email, Dropbox, Soundcloud, or any of the most used social media platforms for others to listen to and enjoy as well.

Similar to Tunable, Beat Snap is another song maker software that's available on both App and Google Play Stores. Music lovers and creators use this app to produce their own beats with the help of 5000+ sounds, 200+ instruments, and 130+ sound packs of content. 

Judging by the reviews of its millions of monthly users, Beat Snap is one of the best beat-making apps when it comes to creating both drums and music. With this program, you can jam on 32 pads, develop your creativity skills, make beats on the go, and make your music as dynamic as possible with 6 lie-controllable effects (including reverb and delay).

n-Track Studio 9 is a music studio that you can use to record and produce music online and from your smartphone. It’s available in two mobile versions for Android and iOS devices, as well as in one desktop version for Windows users. This music studio is perfect for beginners or emerging artists because of it’s easy to use interface.

After you finish recording your music, you can also share an unlimited amount of tunes and MIDI tracks thanks to the Songtree community. Among some of the helpful features that n-Track Studio 9 has to offer are beat doctor, guitar amp, screen drum kit, piano roll, and vocal tune. 

Music Maker JAM is free and comes with its own in-app purchases, compatible for both iOS and Android devices. The music mix app includes a ton of studio-quality loops that you can use to create, manipulate, and then share your creations to others.

Even if you are not a fan of music-making apps, this one can certainly change your mind and make you a believer through its super convenient functionality. After you download Music Make JAM, you can join the music creation community and access over 2000 loops that you can take advantage of and create with.

Music Maker JAM is free and comes with its own in-app purchases, compatible for both iOS and Android devices. The music mix app includes a ton of studio-quality loops that you can use to create, manipulate, and then share your creations to others.

Even if you are not a fan of music-making apps, this one can certainly change your mind and make you a believer through its super convenient functionality. After you download Music Make JAM, you can join the music creation community and access over 2000 loops that you can take advantage of and create with.

MixPads is the perfect combination of a DJ audio mixer and drum pad machine. It's also free and available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. Besides creating music and hip hop beats, the app could be used to mix songs, produce beatbox, make remixes, and record voice, which could then be mixed with audio tracks.

 It also comes with a long list of key features, with the most notable being 30 drum pads, 12 creative sound pads, 9 pro DJ sound effects, and different sample packs. Whether you are an emerging musician looking to practice on the go or a more developed artist wanting to produce your next hit, Mixpads is a great option for anyone.

uFXloops Music Studio is available only for Android devices. The uFXmedia's best creation can be used to create, play, and share music. The reason why uFXloops is one of the best song maker generators is because of its easy-to-use design and a long list of key features.

 In addition to the already added features, the app continues to improve with new updates with more features included. The most recent ones are soundfont support (available for users with the premium), FX release, MIDI support, and voice recording.

Audacity is an iOS app that is available for free through any apple device or PC. This open-source music-making software offers an incredible set of real-time effects and editing features that can help you make your own music. Besides iOS devices, Audacity is also available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

 It has everything you could need from lists, folders, and reminders to hashtags, comments, and even dark mode. This music production software is one of the most used audio editors because you can use it to instantly record live audio through a mixer or microphone.

Unlike any of the aforementioned song making apps and software, Tracktion T7 is only compatible with Mac OS and Windows devices. This digital audio workstation (DAW) is used by millions of creators to produce, record, and share their own music. It offers unlimited free audio and MIDI tracks with a wide variety of editing and recording features such as automation pattern, freeze point technology, LFO modifier, clip layer effect, and freeze point technology.

 All of these and the remaining features can be used to edit, record, and produce beats and music with ease. This app is simple and easy to use for beginners yet advanced and contemporary enough for those who are more developed with their music making knowledge.

Soundtrap Studio is another DAW (digital audio workstation) that can be designed for music creators at any stage of their careers. With Soundtrap, you can record music, podcasts, as well as collaborate remotely with other artists and songwriters on your projects.

 Additionally, the studio comes with real-time monitoring, the options to record vocals, and play built-in sample instruments (drums, organ, synths, and piano among others). Once you finish recording, you can download and share your projects via email and every possible social media platform.

One of the most underrated music-making apps on the market today is SongMemo. This song maker software is equipped with a multitrack audio recorder which comes free along with a huge amount of key features. 

The thing that makes this app stand out is that you can use it to take notes of your song ideas and then use them to record and produce your own masterpiece. Automatic chord detection, key transposing and capo, predictive chord, and file import from Cloud and other apps are just some of the many options that SongMemo brings to the table.

Created in the early 2010s, SongSpace is now used by the world's leading labels, management teams, artists, songwriters, and publishers. With its tools and unique design, this app is considered one of the leading cloud-based apps for creatives and music makers.

Artists can use it to save lyrics, upload song ideas, share songs, keep track of demos and work tapes, while the music companies and management teams can use it to access the company's catalog. Additionally, the latter could also share track publishing information and create, pitch, and search all sorts of playlists.

When it comes to best song maker generators, Groovepad is certainly one of them. Created by Easybrain (which has created numerous games and music-making apps), this beat making app aims to teach the users to create their own songs and play different music tracks. 

Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and exceptional features, you can easily create music and share it with the rest of the world. Among some of the most exciting features that Groovepad offers are an extensive library of soundtracks, live loops, and FX effects like delay, filter, flanger, and reverb.

Another one of Easybrain's masterpieces and most downloaded apps is Drum Pad Machine. Used to create an unlimited amount of music and melodies, this music producing app has been continuously growing in the app stores. Besides recording your own music and sharing it, some of Drum Pad Machine's other important features include creating loops and different instrument sounds, as well as using lots of samples.

Remixlive is also free and available on all iOS and Android (plus Windows and Mac OS) devices. It comes with numerous drum pads, FX effects, loops, and samples that can be mixed to make music. Apart from the widely accessible interface and flawless recording functionality, Remixlive also supports importing songs and loops from other sources and can be used with other apps by simply being linked together from the platform.

Wrapping Up

Nobody said making your own music would be easy, but with the help of these 16 apps mentioned above, it will surely become easier. If you have a success story using any of these programs, or have a different program that you suggest, feel free to share and comment below! We wish you the best of luck on your music making journey and hope that you found this article helpful and inspiring to keep on doing what you love - making music. 

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