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11 Best Song Pitching Websites That Don't Stink

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Both artists and songwriters often wonder how to pitch their songs to labels, publishers, and playlists. In this article, we go over a handful of companies in all of these fields and share more information about each and every one of them. Here, you can also learn which sites you can use to submit your music, what type of services, and the opportunities they offer. If you are someone who makes music or writes lyrics, you should definitely be using any of these sites to your advantage to help jumpstart your career in the music industry.

ReverbNation is truly one of the best song pitching websites on the market. Founded in 2006, the website focuses primarily on the independent music industry and aims to provide services for musicians, producers, songwriters, and venues. By using Reverbnation, music lovers can easily communicate and collaborate on their projects. Among some of the many helpful features that ReverbNation has to offer are" TuneWidget" and "Band Equity". TuneWidget helps the artists create and pitch their song ideas with fellow creators as well as producers and record labels, while Band Equity measures the popularity based on four metrics - access, influence, reach, and recency.

Another website that is the perfect agency and/or music marketing tool is Omari MC. Immediately after it was founded in 2014, the music promotion company has quickly caught the attention of millions of visitors and users. As of now, its tools and services have been used by more than 15,000 artists. Among some of the giants that Omari MC has established work relationships with are Spinning Records, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, and Slip N Slide Records. Apart from pitching song ideas, Omari MC is best for aspiring or new artists that are trying to enter the music industry and need the necessary optimization tools and services.

DaimoonMedia is a website that helps the artists and songwriters showcase their talent to an international audience. By signing up with Daimoon Media, your music can be heard by nearly 12 million followers. If you want to share your music and grow as an artist in the music industry, you can do that by using the three promotions that the website offers - Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Depending on the plans and the campaign that you choose, you can pay from 50 to 1,200 euros or dollars for your creativity to be discovered. Just like the other best song pitching websites, this one definitely has the tools to turn a new artist into a superstar with millions of fans from around the globe. 

Crucial Music also started off in 2006 and its main mission is to connect talented artists with some of the most successful and vision music supervisors in the show business. By using the services of this website, which has been used and continues to be used by millions of artists, the creators can build a network of meaningful relationships that could boost their popularity and help them achieve greatness in the industry. The interesting thing about Crucial Music is that it works for both artists and supervisors. With the helpful services of this acclaimed song pitching website, you can get your music in blockbuster films and many Emmy award-winning shows.

Music Supervisor was founded by Barry Coffing in 2005, who started the website with his friends that create films and music. For the past 15+ years, the website has been used by many artists and supervisors that have the same goal in mind - to boost the popularity of music. Designed by and for music supervisors, this website is free for all qualified supervisors. It comes with approximately 200,000 high-quality music and sound effects. And in addition to covers and rare live performances by some famous artists, the website also offers songs in every possible genre that can also be heard in ads, television shows, as well as major and indie films.

Known as the world's leading independent A&R company, TAXI, is another one of the best song pitching websites. You can use it to target your music to the ultimate list of record labels, film and television supervisors, and acclaimed music publishers. With this website, you get hundreds of different opportunities every month and they all come in every genre that you could think of - pop, rock, country, modern rock, contemporary, and instrumental to name a few. Using the services of TAXI, thousands of independent artists, composers, and songwriters have made countless sync placements, publishing deals, record deals, and film and television music licensing deals.

If you want to promote your music online, another website that you could consider using is Broadjam. It has helped tens of thousands of bands and musicians to promote their music and go mainstream. By submitting your music to Broadjam, you can build a stronger fan base and use your music project to take part in peer song reviews and be considered for advertisements, films, and television shows. As of now, the song pitching website has an online community of over 100,000 music fans and musicians. It has everything for everyone, regardless if you are an artist, holder of a partner company, or a music lover.

MusicOpps has provided top-tier music licensing opportunities since 2009. If you use the services of the website, your songs could make their way into the film and television world. MusicOpps also gives the artists a chance to have their projects become part of campaigns, mainstream retail radio rotations, music video placements, and even in video games. One of the radios that the website is constantly pitched tracks for inclusion is SiriusXM, which has over 33 million subscribers in the United States and 3 million subscribers in Canada, making it one of the most triumphant radio stations out there.

SongU is one of the earliest song pitching websites. It started in July 2003 before social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter emerged and took over the world. What differentiates SongU from the other websites is that it provides songwriting courses on multiple levels. These courses are developed by multiple award-winning songwriters and you can use them to get song feedback, mentoring, co-writing, and one-on-one sessions. If you are a songwriter, you can work with professionals to improve your skills to the next level. And, of course, if you are a music creator, you can pitch your songs to publishers and for specific projects or special events.

In three simple steps, you can get started with AudioSocket. First, you find the perfect tune, then you choose a license, and lastly, you create your masterpiece that you can then share with the rest of the world. AudioSocket is a music licensing company that was founded in 2007. This company helps new and established artists and composers from around the globe by using their clients to add them in advertising, cinema, television, and new media. Among some of the most popular clients that AudioSocket works with are NBC, CBS, HBO, MTV, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and many more. Just like the other best song pitching websites that can help skyrocket your career, however, it's not absolutely free. The website offers three annual and monthly plans that depend on whether you are an individual or you have a small business.

Music2 Licensing was founded back in 1999. It also works with a wide variety of giant broadcasting companies such as ABC, AMC, CW, CBS, FX, and FOX. Music supervision and research/consultation, film clearances, sync licensing, mechanical licensing, and sample clearance are just a few of the many services that the company has to offer. If you use the services of this company, they can help you grow your audience and include your projects in advertising, television series, films, video games, and various online music placements. In addition to that, Music2 Licensing also has agreements with a large number of domestic and international publishing companies that manage a wide range of copyrights.

Wrapping Up

At the beginning of the 21st century, it was relatively hard to succeed and stand out in the music industry because there weren't many opportunities for artists and songwriters to grow and showcase their talents. Within the past two decades, however, social media platforms began to emerge and that changed the game for the music industry and everyone that wants to flourish in it. The very first platforms that really stood out and helped music creators find some success in the industry were MySpace and YouTube.

And towards the 2010s, in addition to YouTube, which continued to grow, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were also developed and released to the public. Now, in addition to the aforementioned music promotion companies, all of these apps are helping millions of artists kickstart their careers by boosting their popularity and gaining international fans. Presently, in addition to all of these social media giants and the aforementioned song pitching websites, apps such as TikTok and Spotify have also taken over and helped artists, songwriters, and music lovers all find their favorite music projects.

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      I can’t join any publishing company with the password of my created e-mail address. Shouldn’t have to change it.

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      I make music. It is cool or whatever.

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      I am a brilliant song writer 4real I Am looking to get the songs out of my head on to track. My songs are all emotionally true and are in no way bastardised or false. I believe the key to connection with audience is to provide sing ability n an emotional truth to the songs whether pop or soul. I am fluent in all genres n have written em all I have life changing catalogue of songs to go on site n all with the potential to cast us into the stratosphere plz respond asap

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      Im a songwriter jadded and bitter from numorus failed attempts and being ripped off in the slickest of ways i gave up.its been 25 years and my addiction has raised its heartbreaking head agian.I have no control over my addiction and it has forced me to write again and noow i make another atempt to feed this powerful uncontrollable addiction again .it longs for rejection and soul crushingdisapointment that only my broken heart knows so here i go again.i dont want to victimizes myself but i cant stopmy heels are dug in but i still hold on god have mercy on me ii dont know if i can survive another battle.

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