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11 Best Vocal Range Test Apps & Softwares For Free Online

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Every person’s voice is unique, which is what separates the ordinary singers from the stars. However, you can indeed categorize based on vocal range. Still, we find it can be a difficult process without the right tools to see what a normal vocal range is and how to find yours

There are a lot of software programs out there that claim they can identify your vocal range. We say that not all of them are telling the truth. Therefore, we have compiled the 11 best vocal range test apps and software programs that you can use for free. 

Once you find your range, you can take the next steps to superstardom!

#1 Range Finder

We find that Range Finder keeps things super simple and quick. It only takes three steps to find out your vocal range. First, you need to record the lowest note you can reach. Then, record the highest note you can reach. Find out your results once you enter your email address. 

The entire process in Range Finder is straightforward and, of course, free! You can record your voice online and then hear your results on the app, or you can do it all in the app. The best part: there is virtually no setup. Just record and get your results!

#2 Vanido

Vanido is a free app that you can use to not only find out your vocal range, but to also practice your singing skills. Each day you get three singing exercises to improve your technique. However, before you do all this, you first find out your vocal range. 

We find that the vocal range detector is more specific than plain and simple “bass” or “soprano.” Vanido gives a more detailed label of your vocal range, which is a fantastic perk. 

One of the downsides is that the app is only available for Apple devices. The site says that the brand is working on an app compatible for Android, but Android users have to wait a bit.

#3 My Vocal Range

We love this website because you can find your vocal range and then the software gives you a whole bunch of songs that you can sing within that range. My Vocal Range is a bit different in that you have to find the notes yourself, but it is very straightforward. 

My Vocal Range has all the steps laid out for you to follow clearly. It gives you different notes to see if you can match them. Once you determine your limits, enter your findings into the drop bars to get access to a diverse collection of songs according to your selections.

#4 Erol Singer’s Studio

Erol Singer’s Studio is a lot like Vanido because it is an app that lets you improve your singing skills with different exercises and lessons. Before beginning all this, though, you need to find out your vocal range. 

The process of determining your range is simple, especially for beginners. Just open the “My Range” tab in the app and double tap the green button on top of the piano keyboard. For newbies, you should use the automatic range detection feature to allow the software to do the work. 

Once you know your range, you can then start practicing!

#5 Singing Carrots

Singing Carrots is a well-designed website specifically made to help you identify your vocal range. We had to give the website permission to use our computer’s microphone for automatic detection. If you do not want to do this, there is an attached video that goes through the process—and you get the same results. 

If you use this website, we just recommend that you write down the notes that fit your limits, just in case you forget.

Another positive about Singing Carrots is that you can get access to different lessons and training sessions for free. Basically, this website has everything you want and need!

#6 Vocal Nebula 

The Vocal Nebula website has a ton of information about vocal range and singing. If you are a complete beginner, this is a fantastic resource to not only find your range but to also brush up on some basics. 

Once you go through all the offered information, you find at the bottom that there is a vocal range tester. The site recommends using a keyboard, but there are also videos to conduct the process without one. 

Overall, Vocal Nebula has online singing courses to help people improve their abilities. Though these come with a fee, you can use the webpage to identify your vocal range for free!

#7 Learn to Sing

With Learn to Sing, you can begin your singing journey for free. It is available only on Android devices. With a simple download, you can determine your vocal range and do some practice exercises. There is also a feature that detects your pitch in real time. 

If you want a more upgraded experience, you can purchase a membership. This comes with a more complete training program that many users say enhances their range. Still, you can get the vocal range detection for free.

#8 Playback FM

The Playback FM website is just as fun as it is informative. All you need to do is go to the main website page, then play the video. It lets you follow along to see which pitches you can match. 

The video informs you of your vocal limits by providing you with notes to match. Once you get to a point where your voice cannot match the note, that is how you know the limit. 

After going through the video, enter your information into the drop-down boxes. Once doing this, the program matches you with a famous singer with the same range. Scroll down a bit further and there is a graphic that shows your vocal type, i.e., soprano, alto, tenor, etc.

#9 Sing Sharp

The Sing Sharp app is downloadable on both Apple and Android devices. As a pitch detection software, it trains you to stay on tune. There are a variety of warm up and exercises to teach you. Before you begin, though, the app tells you your vocal range. 

While you can determine your vocal range for free, you can purchase a membership for a more in-depth experience with well-organized lessons. Though you do not have to spend money to get your vocal range, investing a few dollars can turn your range into something magical.

#10 Yousician

Yousician is designed to teach people different instruments—including their voices. When we first stumbled across this app, which is available on Apple and Android devices, we thought it only covered instruments. This is not the case, and it actually identifies your vocal range in a few easy steps. 

The major downside about Yousician is that you must purchase a membership to use it. If you want to find out your vocal range or get a rough idea of the platform, 14-day free trials are available. Still, if you want to progress your singing skills, you have to invest a bit of money.

#11 Vocal Range Vocaberry

The free app is available on Apple devices and Android, but you cannot get access on the internet. Still, it determines your vocal range with ease and accuracy. 

When we tried it, all we had to do was record our lowest notes and our highest notes. After that, the app’s software does all the work in determining the vocal range. 

Once you have your vocal information, you can then get matched with popular singers with the same range. You also get a collection of songs to sing for practice that fit your vocal category.

The Final Word

When looking for a software that detects and determines your vocal range, we found that websites offer more straightforward information. Meanwhile, apps give you access to a lot more, including lessons and training sessions often for a fee. The exception we could make is Singing Carrots, which is a website with tons of resources. 

Ultimately, whether you pick an app or website comes down to what you are looking for. If you want a tool that can detect your range and take you to the next level, then apps should be the way to go. However, if you want something quick and easy, hop on over to one of the websites and get your fast results. 

To be as accurate as possible, it is not a bad thing to try more than one tool. That way, you can cross reference and ensure that you know your proper range. 

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