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Chartmetric Review: Are They Worth The Price?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

There is nothing more powerful in the world than information. As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power" and in regards to the music industry, there is no doubt that having more data will always give you an edge over your competition. Tracking and measuring music data has become the best option for musicians and representatives to have a realistic and detailed view of the progress of their music, which is essential in an increasingly digitized and competitive industry.

Through data analysis, musicians and entertainment professionals can make smarter and better business decisions by understanding things like audience demographics and how well their music is performing on certain platforms or areas around the world. When talking about data and metrics, many people get turned off thinking it's too scientific or confusing for them to get involved in. However, with new technology and companies emerging on the scene, this information is now easier than ever to retrieve and use.

Chartmetric is one tool in particular that works to collect artist’s music data from platforms all across the web and then simplifies it into different chart summaries so it is easy for the user to read and digest. This advanced music analysis tool allows music industry professionals to monitor their overall growth and make better, more informed decisions on how to conduct their music and career in the future. 

In this article, we’re going to review this company and explain what exactly the main features are and how musicians can use this information to their advantage. If you are looking to take your music career to the next level, keep reading to find out how Chartmetric can help you advance in this industry. 

What is Chartmetric & What is it For?

Chartmetric proudly presents itself as the most sophisticated tool of the moment in measurement and analysis of online music data. Or in other words, it is a statistics machine capable of giving you thousands of pieces of data regarding your online activity as an artist with just a few clicks on their website or iOS app.

The software the program is equipped with is science driven and extremely accurate, allowing artists to know their influence, popularity, and overall growth on the main social networks and music streaming platforms. 

Below we are going to dive into what the Chartmetric tool actually consists of and it will be clear why it is a main utility for artists around the world. The platform helps musicians grow by knowing first hand their activity in the digital world and how to grow their audience and turn listeners into fans. We all know that in today’s world, if we are not present on the internet and relevant on the main social networks, it’s almost impossible to succeed in the music industry.  

Key Chartmetric Features

Chartmetric has numerous advanced features that give artists the ability to monitor, understand, and develop their online presence. We are going to list the most significant ones to musicians and explain how exactly you can benefit from them.

Performance Analysis for Social Media & Streaming Sites

One of the most important things for any artist is his or her popularity, specifically online, and Chartmetric understands that. This is why they have developed a standardized metric system that gives artists an accurate daily balance of their growth on platforms such as Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and more. 

The program has very sophisticated performance metrics that will allow us to see all the interactions that our work has generated such as number of listens, position in the main ranking lists, number of new followers, comments, likes, etc. With their advanced filters, you can even see your popularity rating on a scale from 0-100, see your listeners to followers ratio, and also view other artists metrics too. 

After you know how your followers are engaging with your content and who exactly they are, you can then make more strategic choices when it comes to paid advertising or organic engagement, even on how you should set up your artist profile. This is a huge advantage for an artist to have in such an increasingly digital world today.

Get to Know Your Competition

Chartmetric not only allows you to gain full control over your statistics, but the program will also provide you with real data on those artists most similar to you. You can see their growth in recent weeks on online platforms and are provided with general information about their most loyal followers.

With this feature, we can get to know our most direct competitors better, study new strategies that will make us grow as much as they do, or try to create professional relationships that will be mutually beneficial. A little competition is always healthyand when you have insight on how your competitors are performing behind the scenes, it will definitely give you the upper hand. 

The music world is very competitive and since almost everything is handled through the internet, it becomes even more complicated to succeed. You can’t change this fact but you adapt and use it to your advantage.

Get to Know Your Followers

Currently there are already several ways to know the general profile of our followers through applications on Instagram or Facebook, however Chartmetric goes further and is able to provide its customers the exact demographic information for each of their listeners. Knowing the average age of those who listen to you, the main countries and regions where your music's most popular, the languages they speak, gender, ethnicity, and more. 

Not every social media platform is the same and your audience on TikTok may be completely different to those on Instagram. Chartmetric breaks down your fan demographic on each different platform, allowing artists to establish better marketing strategies by understanding how fans interact on various social media sites.

All of this information may seem irrelevant to you at first, like what difference does it make where a fan lives or their age or language they speak? I’ll give you an example, when you are planning a tour and trying to decide which cities you are most likely to sell more tickets in, knowing where exactly the majority of your fans live will obviously be a city you’ll want to make a tour stop in. Knowing the age range of your listeners can also help you make decisions about what kind of merchandise you should sell and which venues you should look into or avoid. 

All the statistics provided by Chartmetric will let you know your level of popularity, but it will also play a fundamental role in your future career moves and marketing campaigns worldwide.

Breakthrough Metrics

Data and analysis have always been important tools used to look back and reflect on recent breakthroughs in music. The same goes for looking ahead and discovering the next big artists to break or the next trends getting ready to emerge. 

With Chartmetric's breakthrough analysis, users can get a sense of where the music industry is headed and how they should align or market themselves in order to stay ahead of the game. 

This feature also shows artists what the next big ‘trigger cities’ are. Maybe you’re from Florida and think your biggest audience is in your hometown, but with Chartmetric's advanced algorithm and data charts you may find that people in Chicago are actually more receptive to your type of music and more likely to become your next biggest fans. 

Think of this tool as your own personal crystal ball telling you what career and marketing moves to make next. Although it’s not magic, it’s just highly advanced insights powered by data science technology. Who knew science could be so cool?

Track Playlist Journeys

Getting placed on popular and highly listened to playlists is notoriously difficult for artists to do. With that said, Chartmetric makes this much easier to achieve with a feature called Playlist Journeys. This is where artists can basically decode the DNA of a playlist and see how exactly songs got placed there.

You’ll find most songs start off on smaller playlists until it achieves a certain level of recognition and then gets placed on larger popular playlists. With Playlist Journeys you can literally track the journey of a playlist or song, seeing it’s history and evolution across multiple platforms.

This is a helpful tool for artists to have when it comes time to pitch your music to a playlist curator. This can also better your chances of getting on a decent playlist, or give you a better idea of what playlists you should aim for or not waste your time and money on. 

Wrapping Up

Chartmetric is an essential data analysis tool that any musician or music representative should always have in their back pocket. With it’s science driven high quality statistics, you will be able to know every day the growth of your work, the places where you are most listened to, the demographics of all your followers, and much more.

Understanding data and analytics has never been sexier. It has also never been more beneficial for an artist’s success in such a digital music economy. If you are a musician who is serious about growing your popularity and career, I highly recommend you try out Chartmetric and all the ways it can help you achieve your goals.

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