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Christian Music Submissions 2023: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music

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Written by Omari

When you are just starting out as a Christian musician, you may struggle trying to figure out how to submit music to Christian radio stations. When you submit worship songs, you need to know which radio stations are the best option for your style. It can be daunting to submit music to Gospel music stations, but you never know when your Gospel music song submission is the one that jumpstarts your career.

Here you will find some of the best radio stations and playlists to which to submit your music.

Add This Music is a fantastic music blog that specializing in clean music. They have countless playlists that feature independent artists. Among their most active playlists are those for Christian and Gospel music. Be sure to submit your music here for some quality engagement with a loyal fanbase.

This radio station will play a wide range of music, as long as there are no explicit lyrics. You could pay to get more airtime, which they show you the proof of placement so that you know that you got what you paid for.

Here is another radio station that takes submissions from independent artists across many genres. Each genre has a scheduled time during day. You will also get organic feedback that you can use to grow as an artist.

Look Up radio is a channel that specializes in Christian and Gospel music of all types. Their goal is to share this music with the world to spread the Word of God. You can easily submit your music by just visiting the website and submitting your music for consideration.

At this radio station, they want only high-quality and professional sounding music. There is no cost associated with getting playtime on this radio station. They will listen to all of the submissions and choose the ones that they feel will best fit in with their fan base. You will only be contacted by this radio station if they choose to add your song into their rotation.

Songs need to be high-quality and professional to be considered for airtime at this radio station. They will also need quality lyrics and be readily available for the fans to purchase if they so choose to. 

Music must be mailed to the address listed on this website in order to be considered for airtime. Much like the other radio stations, they won’t be able to give you feedback on why your music wasn’t accepted.

Wrapping Up

All of these channels want quality music. You have to be sure that you only submit your best work, as professionally produced as possible. This is your shot of reaching a massive audience, so you want to be sure that you take a great deal of care in putting your best efforts out there. This will inspire potential fans to look for more music by you, growing your audience and increasing your profits.

It’s hard as a musician just starting out, making it essential for you to know exactly what to do to submit music. Even in a digital age, radio stations still offer a huge audience that you may not have been able to access before.

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    28 replies to "Christian Music Submissions 2023: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music"

    • Herbert Hayes

      Have songs on u-tub check out God’s spiritual enhancers CD for radio time please

    • Margaret Newmeli

      Dearly Beloved,

      I am Margaret Newmeli from Cameroon. I am a writer and singer. I love the Lord and I have been singing to him since childhood. He gave me The Song, which is a celebration for all creation. That was on the eve of the year 2023.

      Since my teenage years, I have been writing songs to the Lord who is the Saviour of the World. I would like to release these songs which Father has given me in the dream so that I began to say, The Lord is the Song that I sing. I heard some wonderful songs in the dream, and I managed to retrieve a bit of what I heard, and my earnest desire is to share it with the world.

      I have no knowledge in music, but Father has given me songs, which I am persuaded are going to beatify humanity, and so I come to you so that we may see how we are going to get this out. Scriptures in songs, canticles, devotional, non-metrical, off-beat songs yet if we do it together, we are going to communicate something out of this world.

      The songs the Lord has given me is my apologia for the Gospel of Christ. I would like you to help bring this to the world. It is from the gospel that I received these songs. They are what the gospel has produced in me, and I would like to share it with the world.

      Let us work together and change the world into purity and beauty, righteousness and peace, abundance and joy. I may not have the exactitude of these things, I may not formulate them correctly, but what I mean is that the will of the Father be done on earth as it is heaven.

      Thank you for your faithfulness in the Gospel of Christ.

      Yours faithfully,
      Margaret Newmeli

    • Demetrica Middleton

      Hi I’m Demetrica Middleton from a small town called Tuskegee Alabama.l write, produced,and arrange my own music.Please look me up on the internet Demetrica Middleton it’s also on YouTube THANK YOU

    • Paul

      My latest song on all major platforms
      Pre release ‘Follow You’ launches on 7th July

    • Mabena

      Hi I’m UK Christian music artist and I’d like to share my second single to you all. Hope you take time to listen and it encourages someone


      I have quite a selection of Spiritual songs that create awareness of our spiritual journey. Some are more direct than others but they are all uplifting and full of hope.

    • Daniel Thomas

      I will definitely submit some worship songs to your radio station. You can also prefer Worshipchords to submit the chords, lyrics, music, sheet, etc, Thanks for the post

    • Michelle

      I know that “DOC Radio” ( takes submissions for rock-oriented Christian music. I’ve heard many indie bands there that I’ve not heard elsewhere.

    • Pastor B 27

      Here is the link to my new single “Dear Lord.”

    • Ebony Moore
    • Ebony Moore

      Hello, my name is Ebony Moore and I’m a Christian pop-rock artist from North Carolina. I’d like to share my single “3AM” with you all. It’s a track from my new EP, “Ebby The Dreamer” out now! I pray it will uplift everyone who listens. God bless & keep you all!

    • Rick Yezzi

      Like most folks do in the comment section I’m going to share a like to some great new Christian music. Check it out!

    • G Klazzikal

      Just listen and thank God

    • Tony Harrison

      Hi fellow Christian brothers and sisters. My name is Tonio and I just wanted to share a song God put in my heart for you and anyone who has time to listen. Obviously I’m not trying to make money off of it or get famous, just being obedient. Here you go . . .

    • John

      John Layne and the Aeon’s Promise band streams and mp3 downloads..very eclectic and powerful..

      Check out. Easy listening..Spirit Wind
      Blues..Manna Brand Dog food
      Fly away..prog rock
      Don’t you wish upon a star..classic rock

    • Ileen Laura

      Faith In You is my latest single which leans on Hebrews 11:1 💜

    • Charles David

      “I Love You” and “Lord We Worship You”

    • Orrick Quick

      This song is called ” I Am Yours .” A worship song about telling God thank you.

    • Wade Williams



    • Douglas Webster

      I am a Christian songwriter who has a mastered song that I believe is very unique. Although its message is universal and relatable and memorable with a great hook, it is arranged with an instrument that is NEVER used in contemporary Christian music but is absolutely infectious. I’ve played it for several young and middle-aged people and is universally loved! The title is “All I’d Ever Need”, and it is 3 min. 55 sec. It is performed by studio musicians, and, You cannot help but love it! 218-731-7530

    • Jacob r Moore

      Hello the names jacob moore
      I go by young bezzel.
      I am a Christian hip-hop artist
      Trying to plant seeds with music.

    • Dale

      Jolonda is correct. Your first link, add this music, has not been updated on YouTube since 2019. As a music promoter, why would you even list it as a possibility?

    • Gustavo Rafael Coello

      My name is Gustavo. I have an online music library at youtube at my music profile, full of instrumental piano songs, in my “Demos” playlist in there especially I would like you to visit and listen.
      I hope it would be of your interest to listen and make a deal with me related to my songs.
      I am trying to offer my songs for your record company to make new versions recorded in studio by the label for other artists to use them. I am pretending to be only the song provider for artists.
      Thanks for your response. Have a good day.

    • David John Powell

      I want to add a song/called Merry Go Round by Erskin Anavitarte to and

    • Henry Ngenge

      Pastor Henry Ngege was an Engineer who has stint in the media industry before relocating to The United State where he assist to pastor one of the biggest church in the world.

      As part of his strategy for winning souls for christ, he is using his song to describe the awesomeness of God.

      His current single is titled “Jesus Is My Strength”, and this is his first single from his much anticipated up coming album.

      Pastor Henry Ngenge is married and blessed with Children, His first effort is already generating buzz, since its release some few days ago.

      His major goal is to remain a soul winning soilder for Christ Jesus winning souls all over the world touching life with his songs.

    • Jolonda

      I went to the first site and I noticed their YouTube channel hasn’t had any videos posted since 2019. Just FYI.

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