Christian Music Submissions: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music

Christian Music Submissions: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music

Written by Omari

When you are just starting out as a Christian musician, you may struggle trying to figure out how to submit music to Christian radio stations. When you submit worship songs, you need to know which radio stations are the best option for your style. It can be daunting to submit music to Gospel music stations, but you never know when your Gospel music song submission is the one that jumpstarts your career.

Here you will find some of the best radio stations and playlists to which to submit your music.

Add This Music is a fantastic music blog that specializing in clean music. They have countless playlists that feature independent artists. Among their most active playlists are those for Christian and Gospel music. Be sure to submit your music here for some quality engagement with a loyal fanbase.


This radio station will play a wide range of music, as long as there are no explicit lyrics. You could pay to get more airtime, which they show you the proof of placement so that you know that you got what you paid for.

Here is another radio station that takes submissions from independent artists across many genres. Each genre has a scheduled time during day. You will also get organic feedback that you can use to grow as an artist.

Look Up radio is a channel that specializes in Christian and Gospel music of all types. Their goal is to share this music with the world to spread the Word of God. You can easily submit your music by just visiting the website and submitting your music for consideration.

Christian Music Submissions: Best Radio Stations and Playlists to Submit Your Music

At this radio station, they want only high-quality and professional sounding music. There is no cost associated with getting playtime on this radio station. They will listen to all of the submissions and choose the ones that they feel will best fit in with their fan base. You will only be contacted by this radio station if they choose to add your song into their rotation.

Songs need to be high-quality and professional to be considered for airtime at this radio station. They will also need quality lyrics and be readily available for the fans to purchase if they so choose to. Music must be mailed to the address listed on this website in order to be considered for airtime. Much like the other radio stations, they won’t be able to give you feedback on why your music wasn’t accepted.

To Wrap Up

All of these channels want quality music. You have to be sure that you only submit your best work, as professionally produced as possible. This is your shot of reaching a massive audience, so you want to be sure that you take a great deal of care in putting your best efforts out there. This will inspire potential fans to look for more music by you, growing your audience and increasing your profits.

It’s hard as a musician just starting out, making it essential for you to know exactly what to do to submit music. Even in a digital age, radio stations still offer a huge audience that you may not have been able to access before.

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