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Cloudbounce vs Landr: Review By Engineering Pros

Cloudbounce vs LANDR

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Written by Omari

Whether you're a professional musician looking to make the perfect final mix or just starting out in music production, mastering can be a challenge. Luckily, Cloudbounce and Landr are two cloud-based, automated mastering services that provide an easy-to-use alternative to traditional studio mastering processes. 

Both solutions offer advantages and drawbacks that can help you decide which one is right for your needs. With their high-tech algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, these online mastering tools are revolutionizing the way we approach audio mastering. So if you're serious about getting the perfect sound, taking the time to explore Cloudbounce and Landr could prove to be invaluable.

Cloudbounce provides an online music mastering platform that caters to independent and upcoming artists. With Cloudbounce, these musicians can give their music a professional finish without the extensive time and cost associated with traditional studio mastering. While this alternative does have certain advantages and disadvantages, it should be acknowledged that the service is designed to work in tandem with professional engineers, not as a replacement for them.

Features of Cloudbounce

Cloudbounce gives you the freedom to customize your mastering without needing to worry about technical intricacies. With a range of genres to choose from, like Tech House, EDM, Techno, Deep House, Drum, and Electro, Cloudbounce ensures that even the most detailed-oriented mastering engineer can find their perfect sound.

The platform offers a range of subscription plans to suit your needs.

The Cloudbounce dashboard provides a simple, straightforward way to upload tracks for mastering. Moreover, the platform provides a convenient FAQ section with helpful guidance. Additionally, with the My Tracks feature, you can access the mastered songs you produced on Cloudbounce - unlike most other sites that don't store your tracks easily. This feature enables you to track and evaluate your progress as you develop your skills.

Cloudbounce provides a wealth of freebies, such as templates and exclusive content. Additionally, they provide all necessary tools to perfect your tune without any extra cost - something that many other mastering platforms don't offer. Before starting the mastering process, you must first create the mixdown - the ultimate outcome of a multi-track production. Fortunately, Cloudbounce also provides a complimentary template for your mixdown.

How it works

Cloudbounce is straightforward to use, even though the internal process is rather complex. Simply download your track and select the type of genre you'd like it mastered in. Options include stereo widthing, louder sound, less bass, mid dip or a warmer feel. Then let Cloudbounce take over and wait for the finished product, which you can purchase depending on your subscription plan.

Pricing & Plans

For only $10.90, you can master one song in any format — from high quality 16-bit WAVs to 24-bit Hi-res WAVs and 320 kbps MP3s. Enjoy 15 genre-specific mastering styles, an array of post-mastering options, and a sharable player page. In addition, limited cloud backup and track statistics are included!.

You can choose a monthly plan for just $21.90 a month! You'll get access to CD quality WAV (16 bit), Hi-res WAV (24 bit), and 320 kbps MP3s, as well as the convenience of being able to access your tracks from any device. Choose from +15 genre-specific mastering styles and +10 post-mastering options. Shareable Player Pages, lifetime cloud backups, and track statistics make this deal a great buy!

Enjoy their annual subscription offering of $219.99 per year: gain access to CD Quality WAV (16 bit), Hi-res WAV (24 bit), and 320 kbps MP3 files; +15 genre-specific mastering styles, +10 post-mastering options; a Shareable Player Page, Lifetime Cloud Backup, and Track statistics. All available on any device, anywhere!

Landr is an innovative platform designed exclusively for independent and upcoming musicians. It gives them the opportunity to quickly manage their masters and distribution, allowing them to get their music out there with minimal effort. 

With its simple, user-friendly interface, Landr can help artists easily upload their tracks and begin the mastering process. Furthermore, Landr’s current options enable users to customize their sound with unique sonic styles that can help them stand out from the crowd. As such, Landr provides an invaluable resource for independent and emerging musicians looking to make their mark in the industry.

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Features of Landr

Landr's unique distribution system is the key to success of this platform. You can connect your Soundcloud account and effortlessly upload your mastered tracks at no extra cost. Additionally, its promotional tools, like a special link to your music, make it easier for you to promote your songs. This also allows you to track the progress of traffic that your links receive. With these features, your fans are able to quickly find and access your tracks on their favorite streaming platforms.

Landr also offers a convenient collaboration feature, which enables you to share your work with other producers and artists for feedback. This is an excellent way to gain insight from professionals, as well as making it easier to collaborate with those who are geographically distant. Furthermore, Landr provides a free samples feature, allowing producers to utilize sounds from other creators within their own music. With no clearance required, this benefit works in favor of all parties - making it readily available and accessible.

The Landr Desktop App takes music production to the next level by offering its users the same capabilities as its website. With this app, users can easily collaborate with others working on the same project as well as make use of a wide range of audio plugins, editing tools and mixing features. Not only that, but they can also sync their work with any music production software they may be using, giving them access to the best of both worlds. 

Furthermore, Landr furnishes valuable reporting tools which grant customers solid data to observe their progress; this includes audience stats, streams and downloads so they can assess how each song is going. With the help of these tools, musicians can better understand what areas need improvement and make more informed decisions about their music.

Pricing and Plans

Landr necessitates linking a PayPal account to your Landr profile in order to transfer the payments you've earned from streaming outlets connected to Landr. They also have LANDR Studio which offers mastering options inside of a bundle.

Unlock all the great features of LANDR Studio, including: an unlimited supply of MP3 masters, 36 WAV masters per year, unlimited product distribution, 1200 sample credits annually, online collaboration tools, outstanding plugins and VSTs, VocAlign Project 5, the LANDR FX Suite, high-quality Digital Audio Workstation streaming and $2,000 worth of additional bonuses. Get 34% off now - just pay $8.25/month or $98.99 upfront for a full year!

Pay just $16.50 per month with a one-time charge of $198.00 at checkout to enjoy unlimited access to MP3, WAV & HD WAV masters!

For just $10, you can get a master pass that simplifies your payments into one single transaction and one master.

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What advantages does Cloudbounce have over Landr?

Cloudbounce allows users to save all of their project files even after their subscription runs out – Landr does not offer this feature. Furthermore, Cloudbounce's algorithms are trained with master recordings from world-renowned recording studios – this means you're getting professional-grade audio quality without having to spend hours in a studio setting. 

Finally, Cloudbounce has 24/7 customer support available through email or chat – something Landr doesn't offer. All these advantages combined make Cloudbounce an ideal choice for musicians and music producers looking for professional-level results from home.

What are the pros of Landr over Cloudbounce?

The primary benefit of Landr over Cloudbounce is its streamlined user interface. Landr provides an intuitive and easy to use dashboard that makes mastering audio processing a breeze. In addition, the platform offers a range of features such as presets and metadata customization that can be used to enhance any audio track with minimal effort. Furthermore, users also have access to a wide range of effects and tools designed to improve the sound quality of their projects. 

From compressors to equalizers, Landr allows for a high level of customization in order to achieve the perfect sound. Finally, Landr's pricing structure is significantly cheaper than Cloudbounce, making it the more affordable option for those needing quality audio processing without blowing their budget.

Wrapping Up

Landr is undoubtedly a superior music mastering platform when compared to Cloudbounce, as it offers more features, such as the distribution feature. Landr grants you an all-in-one environment. The added benefits make the price well worth it. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one better suits your needs though.

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    2 replies to "Cloudbounce vs Landr: Review By Engineering Pros"

    • Tim

      Cloud Bounce did not perform or operate how I thought or hoped it would work when mastering my tracks. However, I got an unlimited lifetime membership worth $1k for $99 offered through WA Production. I feel I got what I paid for but the program design definitely needs much improvement if it plans to compete with Landr based on this article I read.

    • Ed

      I don’t think either one is in tha ballpark for music sync licensing, which are very particular about broadcast quality.

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