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Written by Omari MC

Facebook is the second largest website in the world! It's obvious there's going to be many music artists on there trying to do the same thing you are. Here's some ways to stick out from the competition.

1. Familiarity With Other Artists
As your audience grows using some of the tips I gave in the past (Read the Twitter Advice Here), connect with the artists and producers you've been talking too. After you establish a relationship with them, ask them to post about your music and you can post about their music as well. You must be familiar with them though before doing this.

2. Take Your Fans Backstage
Yes, your fans are there for the music most of all, but offer some exclusive content to them as well. Make them feel valued and want to take pride in your music. Offer some exclusive content like footage from concerts or film the process of you making a song before you release the official version.

3. Mix Up the Content
Just posting about your music can be mundane. Post about other interesting things as well with your music being the main focus of the page. There are plenty of things embedded within your lyrics that you could post about as well.

4. Get Fans Involved*
You can do giveaways, contests, ask for feedback, etc. Doing a giveaway is a great way to get fans involved with your music. It doesn't have to be super expensive either. Think of something creative you could give away at a live show you're having and post it to your Facebook account. Have it be so only those who Like your page are eligible for the prize. Then give it away at the live show (Good way to get people to come to live shows too)

5. Be Visual
Attaching a logo to your videos or posts can trigger memory of you for your fans. Use your logo on YouTube videos, Spotify backgrounds, Facebook background, etc. to get them more familiar with you. Be consistent with your logo.

6. Be Current
Make sure all your information in your bio is up to date and ready to go for anyone to see. Your bio should include any credentials you have and needs to be properly written.

7. Plan Posts
You can use Posts Planner to plan the post you want to send throughout the day so you don't have to spend too much time posting on Facebook.

On top of everything as always, BE UNIQUE! Don't be a carbon copy. Add some things that are unique to you on your official Facebook music page to stand out from the competition.

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