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Easy Song Licensing Review: Legit Or Scam?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

The music industry is a giant sea in which many get lost, and not because they do not have talent, but because they do not know how to use all the resources that exist that can help them succeed. and try to succeed. While it is true that in the past everything was simpler for artists to climb to fame - there was more focus on actual talent and if you were great, a record company would sign you, you would make records, play concerts, and everyone would get to know you. 

Now everything is a bit more complex, artists don't always need to find a record label first to make themselves known in the world, the internet has dramatically changed how musicians break into the industry that once used to be very hermetic and elitist. 

The problem with this change? The vulnerability of the laws. Although making a cover at home and recording yourself with your cell phone is not considered a crime, trying to make money from it is. Copyright is the big hurdle that independent artists will have to overcome in order to start making themselves known through famous streaming platforms like Spotify or Youtube. What is one of the best solutions available for this? Hiring the services of the music licensing company, Easy Song Licensing.

Many famous artists today like Shawn Mendes took their first steps on the road to success through cover songs, and surely they also had to face this issue. Copyright is a serious matter and if you really want your cover versions of the biggest hits to be heard by many people on the internet you will have to seek the help of a team that specializes in this matter. 

In this article, were going to discuss if Easy Song Licensing is the best option available for acquiring music licenses legally and quickly. There is a lot of hype surrounding this company... but is it legit? Or are they just rumors of grandeur that in the moment of truth lose strength?

What is Easy Song Licensing & How Does it Work?

Easy Song Licensing is a company specialized in offering song licensing for independent artists and can be used to create a license on an original song never heard before and to acquire legal licenses on versions of songs that already exist and are protected by copyright.

 On the other hand, this prestigious company also offers a complete consultancy service for emerging artists who wish to get in touch with important personalities within the music industry, such as managers, record labels or organizers of music festivals for local or international independent artists.

Another advantage of this service is that you can do it remotely and without the need to meet with anyone in person at any step, unlike what was once required to obtain a music license. This company has a totally legal online web page from where artists can obtain their licenses without intermediaries or legal complications. The only important thing is the music and verifying th

What Steps Must You Take to Obtain a License?

As we mentioned in the previous point, the company Easy Song Licensing works remotely and all of it’s resourceful services can be found on their website. Once you go to the website, you’ll need to create a user account and specify what type of service, product, or tool you are wanting to request from the company. You can choose a music license for cover songs, licenses for your personally created music, or professional musical advice.

Once you send an online request (which should be very well written and with as many details as possible to avoid a rejection), Easy Song licensing representatives will study it carefully and give you an answer. The waiting time does not usually exceed two weeks, everything will depend on the type of service that you’ve requested and the workflow that the company is managing at that time. So, if at first you see that it takes a little time to get an answer, do not worry. The company will always end up answering, for better or worse.

Once your license application has been approved by ESL's team of professionals, they will send you a digitally advanced seal of authenticity, since the mobile scanners of any smartphone will be able to scan it and recognize it within a large international database of licenses, more specifically the International Database of Licensed Music (IDLM.Org). 

Once we have this virtual seal in our possession we can be much calmer, because all our music from that moment will be legally protected and no one can try to challenge it, steal it, or have it removed, since it not only serves to use music of others but also serves to prevent others from plagiarizing us freely.

Key Features of ESL

  • Guide for Inexperienced Artists

We've all been new to something at one time or another, and the truth is that being a newbie in the music industry is a really tough thing to deal with. As you probably know, the music business is complex and that's why ESL's team of professionals can be of great help to independent and young artists who feel overwhelmed by the amount of changes they are experiencing or the stressful situations they are going through that they don't know how to handle. The voice of experience will always help us and at ESL there is a large team of advisors ready to guide you in your music career, for whatever you may be.

  • Help You Build Your Own Professional Network

One of the hardest things for any emerging artist to deal with is creating a wide network of contacts within the industry. Don't know anyone and feel totally lost in the vastness of the music world? Don't worry, because ESL's team of consultants are also qualified to help you create a wide and efficient network of contacts, through which you can begin to make your way in a world full of competition and hostility.

ESL cares about the well-being of artists who can easily feel intimidated by the industry, helping them get their careers off the ground and choose the right direction at any given moment. Having a friendly voice in times of turmoil is a real blessing, and ESL knows it.

  • They Make it Easy for You

For a musician, especially one who is just starting out, the most important thing is to create quality songs and have them heard by as many people as possible. However, when they run into legal problems such as licensing and copyright issues, everything gets complicated and they are not able to move forward. If you hire the services of ESL's team of experts, all those problems will disappear and you will only have to worry about what you do best, making music. 

Once you give them your song, they will set up the necessary motions to analyze the type of music license you need and will explain in detail why you have that license and not another one. ESL's main objective is to make everything easier for you and that is what they will do with your songs or with any of your legal queries: they work for your peace of mind.

  • Improve Your Image as a Professional in the Industry

It is not the same trying to deal with copyright holders alone than if you are accompanied by a team of prestigious experts such as ESL's consultants. In all jobs, but especially in such a demanding sector as the music industry where image is sometimes everything, having a good advisory team behind you will make the difference between success or permanent failure. With ESL's help, many doors to success will open for you and few people will hesitate to accept any copyright application you make.

  • It's Fully Legal

It goes without saying that the law is there to be obeyed and that we should avoid engaging in dishonest behavior that jeopardizes the legality of all our content, since not only will we be breaking the law (which is bad enough) but it will tarnish our career as musicians and cause many companies in the industry to refuse to work with us. With ESL this will never happen to you, all their procedures are made according to the law and will help you make all your music protected by the law so that no one can challenge it in the future.

Wrapping Up

Easy Song Writing is an amazing tool and resource for musicians to utilize, especially for those who are up and coming and trying to get discovered in the music industry through cover songs. Copyright can be a huge challenge for artists, especially when they don't have the right tools to take on the issue properly. ESL can be your one stop shop and a platform we highly recommend to any aspiring music business professional. 

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    2 replies to "Easy Song Licensing Review: Legit Or Scam?"

    • Richard Grace

      This article reads like a marketing tract. My experience is quite different. They start asking for significant amounts of money right away for “Custom Licensing” of a single cover song or remix. Did you talk about their fees anywhere?
      They also don’t guarantee that rightsholders will even agree to let you cover the song for performance purposes and assign any royalties to them if you have a streaming release of your performance. I am VERY suspicious of Easysong.

    • Grace

      We are creating a 3min video for a non profit Herizon Music Foundation educating the public on their mission to promote women in the music industry.

      One of the volunteers would like to cover bits of 2 songs to be background of the reel.

      Is a license necessary here?

      Link below is an example.

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