Free Instrumental Hip Hop & Rap Beats: Why You May Not Want To Download

Free Instrumental Hip Hop & Rap Beats: Why You May Not Want To Download

Written by Jaron Lewis

When you’re just getting yourself started out in the world of rap and hip hop it can seem like you’re spending a lot of money and not getting much back. This means getting free beats absolutely vital for most up and coming musicians in this genre and it’s easy to see why this is so appealing.

Of course free rap beats are a great way to get started but you might not want to download them straight from the internet without doing some more in depth research.

Beat Licensing

Beat licensing is a minefield for new talent just coming through and getting your head around where to get free beats from can be a nightmare, especially when you’re pumped to get producing some tunes of your own. While it is relatively easy to get free beats on the internet and know that they’re definitely coming straight from the producer, if you find something without as much information on the background of it it could just be a rip off of someone else’s beats.

The last thing you need as a musician is to get into an argument about the rights to the beats you’ve used as it can very quickly become a massive discussion about money and can leave you with very little.


There are many producers that are happy for people to use their beats without having to pay for them but normally this comes with certain conditions. Not only do they like to be mentioned as contributing the beats but they also like to make sure you’re making minimal money out of it. It makes sense that while they’re happy for you to produce some music they wouldn’t like you using their work and talent for your own profit.

Before you go down the route of using other people’s work you’ll want to speak to the producer in question otherwise you might end up in fights over who owns the royalties to the music you have made using their beats.

No Exclusives 

When you are using other people’s beats for free chances are you won’t be getting exclusive rights and when you’re trying to make a name in the business, being truly unique can always help with this. If you’re at the stage that you really want to give the music industry a proper go then you might want to spend the money on getting exclusive rights to some beats to help with this.

Of course, if you’re just scared of getting into a lawsuit about free beats you’ve downloaded then you should consider leasing beats where you won’t own exclusive rights but you will be able to use the beats with ease of mind.

Go Through The Producer

Downloading free beats isn’t all bad but you’re better off going through official sources to make sure that the music you’re getting is completely legitimate. The hip hop and rap industry is fairly friendly when it comes to using beats for free but you’ll always want to speak to the producer first. Not only is it the right thing to do but you’ll build up a good reputation as well.



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