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How I Increased My SoundCloud Audience By Over 337%

How I Naturally Increased My SoundCloud Audience By Over 337%

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Written by Omari

SoundCloud isn't even my primary music platform as I've stated in previous articles; however, I was still able to drive a significant improvement in engagement using some smart tips.

1. Show More Love Than Others

I tried to get artists to understand this before, but I've been doing this long enough to know I probably have to say everything multiple times before everyone really grasps it.


I don't just say stuff to hear myself type (see what I did there?) No one wants to be around someone who's completely narcissistic all the time.

I've probably taken the time to listen to thousands of other people's music within the past month (literally). If I like a song, I hit the like button. It's not that hard. People enjoy when you reach out to them first, and will be more likely to listen to your stuff.

I've liked hundreds of songs on SoundCloud from otherwise unknown indie artists. As long as they make good music, I at least hit the like button.

Let's see who listens! Click that button below to follow me and get engaged in the channel!

2. Use Follow To Download Tools

I use services like and Toneden to have a follow to download service.

This means if someone wants to get an mp3 version of my songs, they'll follow the channel before the download happens.

This helps a little with the follow count, but not as much as step 1 above.

3. Use SEO For Covers & Remixes

This comes with a contingency. Just because you make a remix or cover of a popular song doesn't mean that people are going to flock to your rendition.

Your remix needs to be just as good (if not BETTER) than the original. There are a bunch of people who do remixes and covers. Competition will be there, but as long as you have put in the long hours creating endless tracks in the past, the quality of the music will show in your remix or cover.

People are already searching for popular songs. If you can get some traffic to your remix (using step 4 below), then you'll be able to get extra virtual foot traffic to your music.

My remix ranking 3rd behind only the original artist

4. The Difference Between Aspiring & Full-Time Artists

You don't necessarily need to make remixes or covers either. That's just an easy way to get extra traffic to your page. This next step is key.

I titled this, 'The difference because between aspiring and full-time artists,' because there's something the full-time people understand. If you don't invest in music, you don't have a career. You don't wait on someone else to do YOUR investing for you.

Getting music promotion is a great way to get genuine people to listen to your music.

Spending money on advertising and marketing and having a full-time music career are mutually exclusive. You're not going to get one without the other.

Being a producer myself, I know there's a bunch of fake services out there, which would deter artists from investing in themselves.

However, I've reviewed several services on the blog that are as cheap as $5 and offer real promotion, so there is literally no excuse for any musician who is half-serious about their music not to take advantage of these opportunities today.

5. Why Would An Artist Go Virtually Unheard Their Entire Life Instead Of Just Paying For Promo?

I posed this question to my Twitter audience earlier this week. The excuses given were lackluster at best.

"Cuz I'm too poor to promo n lack of promo keeps me poor."

This excuse is sure to leave an artist at a standstill (and without a music career).

One guy was at least honest and said he wasn't serious enough about his music to invest in it. I'd rather someone be honest than give themselves another excuse as to why they're not succeeding.

That's why I've reviewed the $5 and above services on the blog. If you're reading this (on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.), chances are you have $5 to spend to further your career and get more fans.

If marketing your music isn't worth $5 (less than the cost of value meal at McDonald's), then now is not the time where there is a true aspiration to pursue music full-time for you.

If you're tired of giving yourself excuses, you can click the buttons below to read the reviews!

I still have free music submissions for my blog, but to get the full promo with other blogs included, $5 is a vast underpayment for any serious artist.

Wrapping Up

Don't short change yourself by making excuses. The day I finally decided to pursue my music full-time, I saved $5,000 to start my business.

I know not everyone has that type of cash, so that's why I make cheaper options available, but you've got to invest something to get good results.

When you invest in yourself, others will start to see your effort and invest in you as well.

When your song is ready to go, it's time to start promoting it to potential fans! Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. With packages for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves! Click below for more information.  


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