How Much Do (Serious) Rappers Pay For Beats?

How Much Do (Serious) Rappers Pay For Beats?

Written by Jaron Lewis

There is a lot that goes into a rap song, including the buying and selling of beats. This brings to mind a lot of questions that you may have about this entire process. If you create a new track, you may wonder how much to sell a beat for. How much do producers charge for beats? How much does a music beat cost? How much do producers charge per beat? These are valid questions that you should know the answers to before you go out into the music industry.

Don't Get Ripped Off

Knowledge can help prevent you from getting ripped off as you work in this industry. The reality is that people are going to pay big for beats that are fantastic and will not mind paying less for average beats. Some people will charge around $1.99 for beats and others may charge $50. On a much bigger scale, beats can probably sell for anywhere from $300 to in the thousands. You will really do whatever you can to sell them for.

As you get more well known, you have more to offer an artist as well.

For example, I provide free music promotion whenever an artist records a clean song off a purchased beat from me.

Do I have to do this? No, but it's an extra incentive for an artist to buy beats from my store. That way, I can justify my worth and the prices I charge for beats (which I still think are too low given the value provided!)


It's A Business

Selling beats is truly a business so you need to treat it as such. Know the true value of your beats and do not be concerned about people who you feel undersell your instrumentals. You need to think of your beats as your products. You have to sell your products for what you value their worth to be. You put a lot of hard work in creating them, so you need to make sure that you know the value of your beats so that you can get the most amount of money for it.


Also, you should have some sort of royalty structure set up after the sale of the exclusive license. It may just be a 10% writer’s fee for your PRO, but don’t just have a one time fee and that’s it.

Don't Give Away All Your Beats For Free

One way to entice potential clients into working with you is to give them a couple of free beats. You can see how this is done properly through guys like Pink Fader

But you never want to give away all your beats for free, or else people will start expecting it all the time.

The fact is that clients are really going to pay whatever you ask if they love your beats enough. The problem only happens when you decide to just give your beats away for free. This is something that will only hurt you (as well as others in the industry) in the long run. People will begin to expect that you will just give them your beats for free and you will never make money that way.

There are going to be those beat producers in the industry that are going to complain if they feel as though you are undercutting them, but just keep in mind a lot of these producers are struggling to sell their own beats so they want to blame you for their issues.

Be Persistent

Selling beats can be a really lucrative business as long as you have mastered your skills. Imagine if you can sell your beats on the higher end of the sales price, you will do very well for yourself doing something that you love.

You cannot reasonably expect to make a fortune off selling beats when you are first beginning though. It will take a while to hone your skills as well as getting your music out there through marketing. With enough hard work, you can get top dollar for your beats. If you build up a strong reputation in this industry, your hard work will more than pay off.



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