How To (Actually) Get On Worldstar Hip Hop, XXL Mag, & Pigeons And Planes

How To (Actually) Get On Wordstar Hip Hop, XXL Mag, & Pigeons And Planes

Written by Omari

Getting your music on blogs like Worldstar Hip Hop, XXL Mag, Pigeons And Planes, Indie Hip Hop, Upcoming Hip Hop, The Rap Fest, Hip Hop DX, and Underground Hip Hop Blog can be extremely competitive. These tips on submitting your music can help!


There are a few ways this can be done.

  1. The free way - Firstly, let me just say that if you don't have a buzz already (at least 40,000 legitimate views on a video), they aren't going to post you. These guys get millions of hits a day and tons of submissions. Free isn't always smart, but if you want to submit for free to Worldstar Hip Hop, you can do so at
  2. Pay them directly - This is easily the most expensive option, but it does guarantee a feature. This will cost no less than $750. If you have the money to spend and already have a very (and I do mean very) legitimate and proven business model of R.O.I., I'd say it could be worth it. The problem is, most artists don't have a legitimate music marketing strategy. Here is the link to submit though:
  3. The sweet middle ground (Around $50) - Chances are you don't have $750 and that if you submit for free, they likely won't accept it. However, you can pay someone to represent you to better your chances. It doesn't guarantee a blog post, but it can't hurt to try. Essentially, blogs like dealing with other blogs because they know how music submissions go. If you have a blog pitch your music in a professional format to other blogs, the chances of being featured can increase. The service we've found so far can be researched in the button below.


Much like Worldstar Hip Hop, there is a 3 tiered system you can use to submit. Chances are being featured are still free, paid, and then the middle ground.

  1. Free music submissions - You can always submit for free at [email protected]
  2. Paid advertising - Again, if you know what you're doing in terms of getting a return on your money, then this may be ok, but DO NOT think that streaming revenue is going to make all your money back. If you need more tips on how to make money with your music, then I suggest watching our free webinar here. The paid advertising company XXL Mag uses is
  3. The Sweet Middle Ground - Again, you can use a blog pitching service to represent you. What they do is a present your music in it's best light. Now, that's not a substitute for having good music and professional videos, but if you have your ducks in a row but not $1,000 to advertise, this might be your best bet. Options are in the button below.


Pigeons and planes is a bit harder to find exact pricing for, but there are still some helpful links we can point you to.

  1. Free music submissions - They do it slightly differently than the first two. You can submit your music at [email protected] or they have a reddit set up at 
  2. Paid submissions - We found an advertising company for them, but not sure if that translates directly into features on the site. It is worth a shot at
  3. The Sweet Middle Ground - As usual, you can try the pitching service. Doesn't guarantee a feature, and isn't free, but if you find a legitimate pitching service who can help you look your best, it can be worth it.


For pitching to Hip Hop DX, Indie Hip Hop, The Rap Fest, Upcoming Hip Hop, and Underground Hip Hop Blog also, you can use the pitching service above. Let us know if you get featured through them and how your submission process goes in the comments! If we find more good services, we'll include them in this list.



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