How To (Actually) Get Your Music In A Spotify Or Apple Music Playlist

How To (Actually) Get Your Music In A Spotify Or Apple Music Playlist

Written by Jaron Lewis

Millions of people are using Spotify and Apple Music to listen to their favorite tunes and many new artists have been featured on Spotify and Apple Music playlists which has skyrocketed their audience and social media engagement. So how do you get on Spotify playlists? How do you get on Apple Music playlists so that your target audience is hearing your music?

To start, you can follow our new 'Add This Music' Spotify channel and submit your links for Spotify playlist consideration!

Promoting Music On Spotify

To get featured on Spotify, you need to have your tracks submitted to a Spotify playlist curator or aggregator for your niche of music. After an aggregator reviews your music, they will add you to their playlist.

Let's face it. Free submissions are nice, but you can't expect to get thousands and thousands of plays from them. To get some real traction on Spotify it's best to go with organic Spotify promotion companies.

The good Spotify promo companies will get your track(s) with a hosts of playlists, DJs, blogs, email lists and blogs. Spotify promotion is slightly different than SoundCloud promotion or Youtube music promotion as a big component is getting into the right playlists, blogs or email lists. It isn’t always easy to get yourself in front of curators the free way, so if you have a budget, we've listed some awesome companies below!

1)      Find the Spotify playlist curator for your genre of music. This may take some research because some are run by Spotify artist liaisons, others are media figures, and some are run by industry blogs. 

Premium Spotify Promo (Hip-Hop, EDM, Trap, Future, R&B, Pop, House)

We've searched the internet for good services that do not breach the Spotify TOS and offer good, organic promotion for your music.

These services charge a nominal fee, but if you truly believe your music is good, it's worth the fee as you should gain back your money from the royalties anyway!

This first one below is the premium service (but still very affordable)! Your song is put into popular, genre specific playlists, email lists, blogs, and social media. 

Esther Vallee's Organic Results After Promo

Esther Vallee's Organic Results After Promo

Working with Omari was an absolute pleasure. This guy knows the industry and all about proper music promotion. He cares about his clients and he will work alongside you to take your art to the next level. I look forward to working with him again. I highly recommend investing in these services as they have played a crucial part in my success as a producer.

Middle Child
Middle Child Middle Child

Spotify EDM, Dubstep, Pop, Rock Promotion

Songs in these playlists include Chill, EDM, Alt Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Boom Bap, and Instrumental. Not good for any excessively explicit material.

The playlists are being actively promoted on a verified Twitter account with 10's of thousands of followers. Please check gig extras for more bang for your buck!


Spotify Hip-Hop & Rap Promotion

Promotion for this is done through PPC, PPV, Sponsor ads, banner ads, backlinks, pop up marketing and more! No fake plays and manual promotion. The better your song is, the better it should do.


Spotify Chill & RNB Promotion

Spotify Alternative & Country Promotion

Other Tips & Options

2)      Send a professional email with links to your work. Don’t get too wordy here because they don’t have time to weed through a bunch of wording to get to your music. A few short sentences with links will do the job.

3)      Get your profile verified. You have to have two hundred fifty followers before you can become verified, but once you have the followers you can submit a request form on Spotify to verify your account. This legitimizes your account and curators are more likely to respond to you.

4)      Share your music on social media to gain more followers. If a curator sees that people love you and are following you then you are more likely to get their attention.

5)      Share playlists you are already on and follow their Spotify and Apple Music lists. Even if you are on small playlists, share those anyway. The blog ‘Add This Music’ accepts Spotify submissions and is looking to add you to their playlists as well. After you share the playlists tag the curator that you are trying to talk to in the playlist and follow their playlists to try to build an online relationship with them and show you are interested in them, too.

Promoting Music on Apple Music

The process is relatively the same as being featured on a playlist on Spotify, but with one addition.

1)      Create your own playlist in a theme that you value and add music that you like (obviously including your own music). Don’t make it only your music or no one is going to follow your playlist.

2)      Collaborate with other new artists when creating playlists. You feature them on your playlist and they return the favor.

3)      Tell your followers online and on social media about your playlist to gain more followers for it. Share it casually on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and invite your followers to give it a listen.

4)      Verify your account on Apple Connect (just like verifying through Spotify).

5)      Create an online presence (social media, website, etc.) because this shows you are a professional and serious about your music.

New artists’ careers can really take off if they are able to get featured on Spotify or Apple Music. Have you tried any tips to get noticed? We want to hear from you!



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