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How To (Actually) Get Your Song On The Radio In 2023

How To Get Your Song On The Radio

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Written by Omari MC

The first step in getting radio play is sending your music to radio stations.

Distributing music to commercial radio stations used to involve sending CDs, printing cover letters, bubble envelopes, researching radio stations, finding the right contact information and paying shipping fees.

Now over 95% of the music played on commercial radio is received digitally. 

Each radio station has a Music Director and Program Director; together they decided what songs they’ll be playing on their radio station in a weekly music meeting.

So how do you get your song included in these music meetings?


Firstly, you'll want to be registered with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) like ASCAPBMI, or SESAC that can collect money on your behalf whenever songs are placed on the radio.

Next, you'll want to register your releases through services like Tunecore.

Tunecore collects about 50% of royalties that your PRO doesn't. Your mechanical royalties and direct licensing royalties can make up a good portion of your income if your song starts to pick up traction, so be sure to sign up with Tunecore in the button below and pay the one time $75 fee in the Music Publishing section.

They let you submit as many tracks as you want with the one time fee for licensing opportunities with TV, Film, and more.


Location based targeting is hard to achieve on many streaming platforms and can lead to the ultimate frustration for artists when trying to build a local buzz in their city or surrounding cities. Some artists view radio as a dying source of media but, radio is still one of the best ways to target fans based on their location.

The radio promotion services listed below come from Top Sellers via who specialize in getting your song played on a major radio station in a specific city or area. This tactic is very effective when trying to build a local buzz in your own city or cities that you plan to perform in once COVID-19 is over.

You can click the buttons below for radio placements in each city listed.


Commercial radio stations will not play music by artists that are not serious about their project.

This means if your music doesn't sound professional, then it's back to the drawing board.

If music is not submitted to them properly they will typically assume it is not high quality enough for radio play. Music Directors need to know that you are educated enough about the music industry to send your music properly.

When you’re sending Music Directors your music, remember that they are also being contacted from major labels and promoters who are working for more established international artists.

Give your song the best chance possible by delivering your music the same way the major labels are delivering the music of international artists. This will make your music project look more professional and Music Directors will be more likely to take your music into consideration.


Many commercial radio stations use DMDS (Digital Music Delivery Service) to receive submissions.

This shouldn't be necessary for the college stations, but if you want to send directly to the big boys you'll need this.


I've heard A&R's and directors before say, "I won't consider any artist who has less social media followers than me."

Some would say that's an unfair standard, but they have a point.

If your music is good, then it should already have a good size fan base behind it. Executives like seeing that an artist is all in.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard an artist think they don't have to pay for promotion just because their music is good... What world do they live in?

If you make the best food in the world, Wal-Mart is still going to charge you for shelf space. That's the way things work.

The quicker an artist realizes that, the better.

If you make great music and still don't have a large enough following start investing in some music promotion.

When your song is ready to go, it's time to start promoting it to potential fans! Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. With packages for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves! Click below for more information.  


    13 replies to "How To (Actually) Get Your Song On The Radio In 2023"

    • Ron La Porte

      Used to be the following which helped determine what went into the rotation: Billboard, Cash box, and of course Radio and Records. Plus, Music Directors who at one time had to sit for hours and laboriously listen to product that came in. Sure A and R folks would come into do their pitches but that happened in medium to large markets. Small markets, well you used Billboard or just rolled the dice on playing cuts and if there was positive feedback it stayed in the rotation conversely if there was negative feedback the cut was never played again especially in small markets.

    • Liza Ramos

      Adonis Vowsen is an Amazing songwriter! Omg, so so overlooked! Saw the guy at the KeyWest songwriting convention, he was on the piano and singing his songs. Tore the house down with some very catchy songs! The guy is very talented!

    • Michael Dagostino

      My best friend passed away and I’m trying to get his music on the air Steve morrell on harp I just want you to know that song it was a good musician he died Saturday I found him in his bed dead it would make me feel a hell of a lot better if I could hear his song on the radio please play his song
      His song is on YouTube Steve morrell on harp the name of the song is I just wanted you to know

    • Michael Dagostino

      My best friend passed away and I’m trying to get his music on the air Steve morrell on harp I just want you to know that song it was a good musician he died Saturday I found him in his bed dead it would make me feel a hell of a lot better if I could hear his song on the radio please play his song


      Formed in 2018, The Tone Travelers Band is a project comprised of American multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and songwriters Bill Martin , Monique Canniere The fresh effort of the band is HOT some of the best musician back them on new album Infinite include Tim Kolber, Justin Hall, Zeke Sky ,Adam Person ,Andre Cannere, Vic Canniere ,and Frank Maione.

    • Luh Ap3

      Can you please put my songs out – Luh Ap3

    • Mark Wardrop

      Pay the $75 to tune core an never make your money back better off busking and selling your cds on the street till someone with some money takes notice.
      Here is one of my songs please listin

    • Ronnie Bruno

      Does a good song even matter anymore? Doesn’t sound like it and that is why there is so much crap out there.

    • ShoNuff

      Yangaroo many just be one of the final pieces of the puzzle for SMTMent I see alot of great reviews

    • torey young

      i want to be on the radio just to show my mother
      that i love her

    • Kavin

      Kavin the young bull

    • Kavin Lindahl

      Kavin the young bull

    • Paul Revere

      Streaming services rip artists off daily
      They literally pay a fraction of a cent

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