How To Be More Creative With Your Music (By Tricking Your Mind)

How To Be More Creative With Your Music (By Tricking Your Mind)

Written by Jaron Lewis

You always hear about how songwriters struggle with their writer’s block. This is a problem that pretty much any artist can admit struggling with, especially as a musician. By tricking your mind, you will find a great deal of creativity in areas that you may not have thought of before. Some of these tips are even used by some of the greatest minds in the music industry. One way to do this is by using music to increase your creativity. Let’s take a look at how musicians up their music writing game.

Creative Music Playlist

Have you thought about finding music for a creativity playlist? (Checkout For great playlists for all occasions) If you look around, you may find the best music for creativity. For instance, science has proven that certain music is able to increase your creativity. Scientists discovered that there are certain compositions and songs that can actually spark the creativity within. This can be especially seen when listening to classical music like Mozart. Music from another artist could also inspire work, especially if you particularly admire the artist.

Collaborate With Other Artists

Some musicians are able to get really creative when collaborating with other artists. When two artists find a common ground and work on a project together, it pushes them to test the levels of their creativity and open their minds to new ideas. They can give you some insight that you may have been missing that will possibly inspire your next song.

Clear Your Mind Of Everything Not Involving Music

If you find that you are stuck and cannot get any work done on your new music, try your best to clear your mind of any potential distractions. Sometimes there may be some other worry that is fighting against you right now that is getting in the way of your work.

One example of this is if you find that you have a lot of problems paying bills and something unexpected comes up. Worrying about your money situation will hold you back from getting anything done, so trick your mind by saying that after you get some work done on your music, you will get around to paying your bills.

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Less Pressure

A final mind trick that you can play on yourself is to not put too much pressure on yourself when writing the song. If you put a lot of stress about writing the next big hit, your mind will shut down and you will not get anywhere with your creativity.

It can be very hard for your mind to make any music when you are going for gold right off the bat. Lower your expectations for the music and you may be surprised that you end up with the amazing song that you are hoping for. This is a situation that shows that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to your creativity. If you need songwriting tips for that next big hit click here →

By using these simple mind tricks, you will be able to more easily boost your creativity. Your mind is a powerful thing and it can hold you back or push you forward as much as you allow it. So play some inspiring music that will amp up your creativity and write your next masterpiece. Music can always create new music.



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