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How To Find Music Industry Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists Looking For Talent

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Written by Jaron Lewis

So you want to make a go of it in the music industry? Firstly you need to think of your music as a business, and something that you will need to invest in, both in money and in time, in order to grow it and make it, ultimately, profitable.

And choosing the way in which you want to fund your music career will determine which path you take. You can pick a publicist, a brilliant producer, and then, perhaps most importantly, an investor.

The Reason You Need An Investor

And let’s be clear, you are not asking for money for nothing, you are asking for a donation to allow you to continue to hone your craft without worrying about money. This gives you the chance to be fully dedicated to your music, without a part-time job to supplement your music.

The investors on the other hand will be able to watch you grow, talent-wise and followers-wise, and then they will get a return on their investment in a few years. What’s not to love?

How To Start

So how do you go about this then? Firstly you need to own the assets that you are going to offer music investors, i.e. your recorded songs, and the rights to your music. This means that any investors looking for a music project will be covered legally.

Then secondly you need to understand that you cannot treat your investment as a loan, you don’t need to pay it back but then again it isn’t a voluntary donation - if you make money from your music, it’s only fair that they should too.

Essentially You Are Hiring A Business Partner

Finding a music investor who is looking for talent means that you are finding someone to work alongside you, with mutual interests and therefore, mutual benefits. You’re essentially hiring a business partner.

 This means that you will have a long-term plan which will work better than if you were working week by week on your own. It also forces you to take your music seriously as a business, rather than as a hobby. A little more pressure to succeed can be good for increased levels of production.

Who Are The Investors

And who are these investors? Well, they can be anyone who has some money that they would like to invest in you. Be it a local business, a big brand to back you or even someone you know who has a bit of money and they’ve been with you from the start.

Wrapping Up 

Finally, in order to successfully land a music investor, you have a think about what your story as an artist is? How would you sell this to potential investors, and what’s your hook that make you different from every other artist out there?once you’ve figured that one out, you’re sorted.

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    14 replies to "How To Find Music Industry Angel Investors & Venture Capitalists Looking For Talent"

    • William James Braun

      Would like to add a little bit more to my request for and angel music investor for funding for recording my album kids stuff at midcoast music Milwaukee studio would welcome production team to be assembled to distribute and market album through perhaps distribution at target and Harley Davidson shops and cosmetics counter s and a about distribution along with air play on college radio pop radio uso army radio elevator music and grocery’s stores and work at setting up phone interviews to radio show s all over especially japan Korea England what I seek is all out hard work and a profitable out come for investment great sales good publishing piano sheets I seek to work as hard as the Beatles did and put out a fine product I’ve had enough training ready to bring some new music to the world billy bob music let’s rock

    • William James Braun

      I write seeking a music investor music angel to fund recording of my album at midcoast music Milwaukee 12 songs all mine all pretty good I am singer songwriter performer guitarist bass player vocalist and producer have two rehearsed and ready to record mix master publish copyright and release as digital 45 and distribute as promotion for album is called kids stuff has art work for jacket cover released as 45 will be able to test fan ability and radio air play of billy bob and the bobs am on u tube songs of billy bob and the bobs my band however has passed but can get sessions musicians if you partner with me will split 50/50 on publishing single song song writer s guild contract will promote album locally as opening act on all 12 songs and we will set up distribution and radio air play will send ruff cuts of toons I want to record I also will set up song placement and work with Chris Hanson CEO midcoast music Milwaukee all recording there mastering daystorm music greendale Gary tannin mix master in 74 years young feel opening act here in Wisconsin and Illinois and Minnesota with well known talent coming here and summer fest should sell record s will put together band of studio musicians and would be managed by Michelle Braun local music manager if you take me on we’re building a rock in roll company am on u tube songs of billy bob and the bobs would do video of making of kids stuff ten dollars a two song and just audio five bucks a side we would enter into in charted waters but I’m up to it how about you as I said I can send you ruff cut e mail of first two if it’s a go you would have to contact midcoast music Milwaukee chris Hanson to set up first session s in ready if you are

    • Wm Braun

      Am working on plan to get known celebrity to host Saturday night live and introduce my songs on musical spots then after show making first two available on Spotify and band camp that nite and will sell many due to name recognition of super star host who also will be my
      Management producer

    • William James Braun

      I’ve read here about investor angel s I am a singer songwriter performer working on my album kids stuff have many years as songwriter performer singer have some great new toons and seek funding for recording at midcoast music Milwaukee to put together a 12 song album seek investor business partnerto put this product out and distribute feel music will sell am guitarist bass player producer vocalist harmonizer will split publishing 50/50 on one album this one is two volume s can send some ruff cuts am open to having shares sold of investor half just need recording funding and mastering and distribution along with working together to bring my music to worldam on u tube songs of billy bob and the bobs all my guys are passed but I own all songs

    • David W Sewon .Jr

      Am into music production and ive been wanting to establish a studio .
      But unfortunately am low on funds ..
      Wish i can get an invester and i promise to meet thier expectation .

    • Rubangakene Stephen

      My name is rubz an upcoming artist from Uganda looking for an investor in music to invest in real talent. Please link up with me on +256770880437. Please give it a chance, with me one week is enough to blow as their adequate investment

    • David Brown

      Please check my music am a artist from Jamaica my name is David Conscious I need your help in any way you can I am looking forward for an investor can I please send me a email after you check my profile my email is [email protected] please and thanks

    • Jai ross

      Please take time to listen to my tracks–ISDyPC5K4Wp2z6A

    • Jai ross

      Im a hip hop artist looking for for angel and partner to help along the way i believe i have what takes my instagram is jai_ross247 feel to contact me there or by email peace and love

    • H-Croxx

      I am an Afro Beat artist who makes good music. Please check out my latest single..

    • Don Newton

      I’m looking for angel investors or investor to fire up our project. I a songwriter and producer and we have ten members of our music team.

      Don Newton

    • Mark Means

      I am a artist from Baltimore Md I jus moved to atlanta 5 months ago I have the talent and drive to make a lot of money in this but what I don’t have is the capitol. I’m building everyday and you can check out my IG which is bullyanwar1 I just need an investor if your interested we

    • Victoria Meaney

      I have a friend who is very talented, he has his own band. His name is Kore Rozzik
      I’m leaving my favorite song by him here
      Let me know if you are interested or leave me a number and i can have him call you. for him to set up all details with you guys
      Thanks in advance

    • Alexander GoatleY

      I need new studio equipment badly. . I am a INFJ and mastergnumber 33 I’m not like most and i am very literate with ability to execute an outstanding form of portraying you an image From within me feeling my energy in every breath. . I just need some help. . I’m 28 I used to be addicted to heroin and meth for 5 years I’ve been clean since 25 and last year i was on a downward spiral suicidal and homicidal believe me. . Last year I after I was diagnosed with skitzophrenia I met a friend who got me into making music and thank you LESLIE you saved my whole ass life. . Now I don’t feel that crippling anxiety nawing on the whole of my psyche. . I want to change everything. . And how people think. . I live in an attic in the country by myself in hermit mode with no time for anything but forward movement. . I produce my own music, my beats, my vocals. My mixing. . I just need new equipment is all. . I would really appreciate it anything. . Anything at all. . Love. Btw I just started Feb Last year. . I’m not amazing but I have potential ik It because every day I multiply my skill set by practice intuition and study. . I need this as I need to breath. . And I work passionately it’s natural, why ik I’m going to go places in the industry eventually through trial and error bumps and falls; things that don’t scare me. 🦥💨. 🥀🦖.
      ☄️ ☄️ 🪐
      ☄️ 🪂

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