How To Get More YouTube Views Using The Current Trends In Music

How To Get More YouTube Views Using The Current Trends In Music

Written by Jaron Lewis

New and established artists alike are increasingly turning towards platforms such as YouTube to get their music heard.

For new artists, it is a great platform to put yourself out there at low cost. And without a top record label to put up vast amounts of cash for marketing. With a huge 91% of America’s newest generation of social media obsessed teens watching videos on YouTube. A great deal more than the number that use other popular forms of social media such as Snapchat. It is a hugely powerful tool.

But with so much music content out there, how can you get people to view your video over millions of others? We’ve looked at some of the top Google trends, as well as upcoming trends in the music industry for 2017 to come up with some of the top tactics to help your video go viral.

Go Live

2016 was the year of live streaming, with the likes of Facebook live, and joining Periscope and YouNow as just a few of the live streaming apps that gained traction last year. Even YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Live. This trend is set to continue to explode in 2017.

This new form of video has already surpassed that of traditional pre-filmed video formats in the way it interacts with and generates action from viewers. A study into how YouNow has affected the music industry found that over 80% of live broadcast viewers took commercial action after viewing a music related stream.

Going live doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give a live performance. A sit-down Q&A style chat can allow viewers the interaction they crave from artists they listen to. With huge levels of viewer engagement, it is a great way to build a strong fan base who will then turn to YouTube to find more of your music.

Image Via Kensho Network

Sometimes Less Is More

When it comes to video length that is. We have created a society where, probably thanks in part to YouTube, the average attention span is ever shorter. And studies have found that shorter videos get more views. So if you want to get more YouTube views, consider reducing the length of your videos.

Of course, there is still a place for longer videos (which we will get to next), but short album teasers and, 20-second cut downs of a video can generate a huge amount of traffic to your channel. And shorter videos can also be used on other social media platforms such as Twitter, to encourage people to head over to your YouTube channel.

Tell A Story

Music trends over the years have shaped the way we consume music. They have encouraged artists to push the boundaries. But none have made more of a splash in recent years than the emergence of the visual album. Beyonce shook the music industry with the release of the hugely successful ‘lemonade’. And the trend is set to continue in 2017.

Our appetite for the traditional music video satisfied, it is now visual albums that tell a story through songs that are we are hungry for.



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