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How To (Actually) Get Verified On SoundCloud & Audiomack

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Since the blue checkmark was first pioneered by Twitter back in 2009, it differentiated the big artists from the smaller artists and displayed a certain status symbol for users. This trend was soon picked up by Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tik, & other social media platforms as a way to validate and verify higher profile accounts. 

People began to categorize artists by the checkmark or badge that appeared on their profile and not by their actual work. This changed the image of many artists worldwide, without people knowing the fact that this blue checkmark just defines the artist's social media presence and not how well-known, talented, or unique their music is. 

Shortly after, the blue check game started on two popular music apps, Soundcloud and Audiomack. Artists saw it as another way to gain popularity and began seeking out ways they could acquire the blue checkmark themselves. Well, turns out getting that coveted blue check authentically isn’t that easy.

Why is the Verification Check Important for Artists? 

We know that the verification check is impressive, but the question is, what makes it so important for artists and musicians?

The answer to this is, Soundcloud and Audiomack personally recognize the account as the artist’s authentic page, and not made by a third party (sponsored, fan-page, etc). This allows people to search and find the artist's genuine account easily, rather than listening to music from a fan account (which can be a case if there is no blue check present).

Overall, the blue checkmark provides credibility to artists and assurance to fans or listeners that the account is real. This is important to artists because it increases the chances of users actually following their account and streaming music from their verified page. This then helps the artist rack up more plays and ultimately gain more royalties at the end of the day. 

Different social media platforms also reward verified accounts with certain benefits, statistics, search engine priority, and monetization once their accounts have been authenticated. 

How to Get Verified on Soundcloud?

Now we know why this blue check is taking popularity, but how does an artist go about actually getting verified? Soundcloud has been notorious for changing their policies of applying for account verification in the past. 

For your convenience, we’ve done our research and are here to break down exactly what you need to do in order to get verified. 

Soundcloud doesn't just give anyone the right to have a blue check. The rules for approval are fairly strict and in favor of well-known artists, which according to them are the ones who are highly searched for and streamed.

Before you go through the actual application process, the most important thing to understand is the criteria or requirements of the account:

Requirements and Criteria:

  • Account should be a well-known and/or highly searched for artist, collective, DJ, label, curator or podcaster.

  • Account should be owned by the artist himself/herself and should not be a fan-made profile.

  • Account must adhere to Soundcloud's Terms of Use Policy and not contain any misleading information.

  • Account must have a profile photo, bio, and at least one track uploaded.

Before Applying for Soundcloud Verification

Before applying, you want to make sure your profile is well set up so you have a higher chance of being considered for the blue check mark. Here are some points to take into consideration before applying:

  • Profile picture should be of you and a high quality image (not blurry, not a cell phone selfie).

  • Bio should be well-written and highly descriptive of you and your music. 

  • Link all other profiles to your Soundcloud such as your Instagram, Facebook artist page, other music accounts, business or booking email, & contact information.

  • Collect a good amount of followers and plays before you apply. 

  • Subscribe to Soundcloud Pro. As a bonus, Pro Unlimited users who apply for blue check verification will be first in line versus those who just have a free account. 

This criteria seems pretty straightforward but can often be hard to meet if you are a newer artist. Though not impossible, it is unlikely that Soundcloud will verify musicians just starting out. We recommend artists work on gaining followers and increasing your audience so you have a better chance of being accepted for account verification.

Steps to Apply for Soundcloud Verification

Once you’ve met the criteria  mentioned above and you’ve gained a significant amount of followers and plays, it’s time for the actual verification request process! 

This is by far the easiest part of the entire process. Follow these steps and your on your way to becoming verified:

  1. Log onto from your desktop computer.

  2. Head to settings in upper right corner and click on “Request Verification”

  3. Enter your artists/band/DJ name.

  4. Add additional links, webpages, press articles, or anything that helps prove you have a strong online presence.

  5. Click Submit. 

Pretty simple right? 

Soundcloud can take around 30 days to approve or deny your page for verification. During this 30 day waiting period, just be careful while using the app/website. If you violate any of Soundcloud's rules or conditions within these 30 days, your verification request will automatically be cancelled. 

Also, you cannot make any changes to your account such as changing your profile name, URL, bio, or profile picture during this time. This can interfere with the verification process and result in your application being canceled. 

The steps to apply for verification are extremely easy to follow, but meeting the requirements and eligibility is by far the most difficult part of it all. Many people seem to think Soundcloud rejects their requests for no reason, which is untrue. Now as you know from the information given above, Soundcloud can be very picky about who they accept for verification. 

In the case that your request gets rejected, you can always reapply 30 days after being denied. Again, it’s important to make sure you meet all of the requirements mentioned above to avoid rejection the next time! 

How to Get Verified on Audiomack

Audiomack is a fast growing music streaming service that is designed to support artists and build up their professional career. When verified by Audiomack, creators receive a unique grey check mark to distinguish them as a serious and authentic creator.

The verification process for Audiomack is similar to their competitor, Soundcloud; but there are also some significant distinctions to be made between them. 

Audiomack has a “Creators Program’ that allows verified artists to monetize off the music they post on the platform. First and foremost before an artist can enter the Creators Program, they must be verified. 

Here are the requirements you must meet in order to apply for verification:

  • Completed profile with recent profile picture and header

  • Links to as many socials as possible

  • A social media presence that is a positive reflection your artist career

  • At least five (5) official releases

Also mentioned on the website they note that, “having 500,000 plays and 1,000 followers makes you eligible for consideration, but verification is still not guaranteed. Users caught buying plays or followers will automatically be banned from the process…”

With this being said, meeting these requirements is not a guarantee your profile will be authenticated. Audiomack will further do their own research to determine eligibility. Because of this, we’ve researched some tips and ways to help increase your chances of becoming verified.

Before Applying for Audiomack Verification

On Audiomack’s website, they clearly state that even if you meet all the requirements and criteria to be verified, there is still a chance you will not be accepted. Here are some things to take into consideration before applying for verification that will help your odds of being accepted: 

  • You need to have an original profile picture that isn't blurred or from the internet. It should be high quality and unique to you, showing your artist photo or logo.

  • The bio/ description of your account should be well written (include points that help your profile stand out and attract more viewers).

  • The more social media accounts you have linked, the better. 

  • Add links, articles, or any proof that shows you have a strong online presence.

  • Rack up over 5 tracks, over 1,000 followers, & over 500,000 plays. You’ll want to exceed the minimum amount of traction required to help you stand out further.

  • Only upload original content and copyrighted material that you own.

If you have met all of Audiomack’s criteria and have taken the extra steps mentioned above, your chances of being Audiomack verified are more likely than not. Now you’ll need to follow through with the actual application process.

Before you can even send in a verification application, the platform requires you to have at least 2 uploads and 25 followers. If you have these requirements, the application link can be found on the Audiomack for Creators dashboard. The process is very simple and will give you step by step instructions on how to submit. Once submitted, it can take around five to seven days to receive feedback on your application. 

Benefits of Audiomack Verification

Just like Soundcloud, the verification checkmark distinguishes legit artists accounts from fan-made or fake accounts. This allows artists to increase their followers and streams because it makes them easier to search and find due to the gray check mark beside their profile name.

Audiomack also allows authenticated users to notify fans directly when they release new content. This helps increase streams and visibility because followers will instantly see when their favorite artists drop new songs on the platform. 

Another great feature of Audiomack is verified users can submit their music to be featured on trending charts and playlists. Authenticated users get access to trending submission tools which is the premier location for creator discovery. 

Recommended music is the main way users find new music and artists to follow on streaming platforms. As a verified Audiomack artist, you have access to becoming recommended to being placed on recommended playlists and through the use of their algorithms and data.

Paying for Soundcloud or Audiomack Verification

There are many companies out there offering to verify your account at a very hefty price. They will increase your followers, plays, and searches by creating fake accounts (AKA bot accounts), which directly go against both platform’s rules under terms and conditions.

We highly advise against buying followers, plays, and verification badges for multiple reasons. If your account verification does get approved and you’ve paid for fake followers, you will get caught and your entire account is at risk of being deleted. 

The verification of your account is not worth having your entire account deleted, along with all of your real followers gone too!

Soundcloud and Audiomack both have a team of professionals dedicated to catching these fake-follower accounts. Make no mistake, you will eventually get caught if you use this method to gain followers and streams.

Ultimately, Soundcloud and Audiomack charge $0 in order to become verified. If someone is requesting money from you for verification, it is likely a scam and should be avoided. However, you can purchase Soundcloud Pro to give your verification request more priority. Other than that, there should be no payment taken or received for authentic verification.

Wrapping Up

Now you know why we mentioned the 'blue checkmark' doesn't necessarily define the artist as big or small, because the followers can be fake, bought, or gained in an illegitimate way. Though there are many benefits to having the verified check mark, it is not worth risking your entire account being deleted.

If you are wanting to become Soundcloud and Audiomack verified but do not meet the requirements, don’t stress. With patience and the help of a legitimate promotion company like OmariMC, there are marketing efforts and strategies to put in place so you can gain the visibility and career boost you need to succeed.  

At OmariMC, we know that it’s important to have a strong social media following and we have the right tools to get you there. If you are wanting to increase your followers the organic and correct way, check out our products and services and how we can help you take your online presence and music career to the next level. 

When your song is ready to go, it's time to start promoting it to potential fans! Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. With packages for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves! Click below for more information.  


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