How to Make (Awesome) Hip Hop & Rap Beats: Top 10 Tutorials Online

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Written by Tyree Smith

Hip hop and rap are genres that are so heavily dependent on the hip hop beat structure. The lyrics are important, but without the catchy beat, your music will not achieve the success that you want. If you want to learn how to use a hip hop beat maker in the most effective way possible, these resources are for you. This article will help you find the best tutorials for how to make a hip hop beat in programs like FL Studio 12, FL Studio 20, and other various softwares that you may use.




YouTube is the ultimate resource for pretty much anything that you could possibly want. This is the best approach for users who prefer a more visual approach to their learning. You can search through a variety of different videos to ensure that you find the program that you use to find the best tutorials for your needs.



Specially made for beginners, this website can be such a valuable resource for people who are trying to start out making their own beats. It is a very basic website that will help you get started.



This is really an excellent resource that can help you find tutorials of all types, as well as offering advice on some of the best programs and equipment that you can use.



This may not be a free offering, but you can certainly learn a lot from taking courses on this site. They offer courses that can help you improve your skills as a music producer as well as offering tutorials on making beats.



Here is a versatile site that allows you to search through a variety of different tutorials, especially if you want to make hip hop and rap beats for your next track.



This website has made a name for itself for being a go-to place for beginners to learn about a variety of different topics. You can find step-by-step guides on how to create killer beats for your tracks.



Using Garageband for your beats? At this website you are going to find tips and tutorials on how to optimize your beat making process so that you can become a pro in no time.



Learning how to make hip hop and rap beats in FL Studio can be complicated, but thanks to this website you can start making awesome beats.



One this site, you can find video tutorials that will walk you through the beat making process. For instance, you can find an FL Studio tutorial that helps you to make a beat like 50 Cent.



This is an ideal site for beginners, creating to make a step-by-step tutorial that beginners can easily follow.

Once you get the software of your choice, these tutorials will walk you through how to use them. These tutorials are made for beginners, but even more experienced users can learn something from them.





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