How to Make Better Melodies People Will Actually Remember: Step-by-Step

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Written by Tyree Smith

Learning how to make a melody for a beat is the difference between an okay song and an amazing one. Melody and songwriting techniques may be complicated for some, but you really do need to learn how to create a melody for lyrics and beat to the song. Melody writing rules are there to give you guidance on making solid melodies. This guide will give you tips on how to make a melody in FL Studio, as well as general tips to help improve your music.


The first step is to learn all about what a melody actually consists of. One aspect is the contour, which is where a line will descend, ascend, or dip. There isn’t an actual science to this and it is all about personal preference. However, you should know that contours that ascend tend to be more uplifting than those that descend.

The range is the distance that exists between the lowest and highest note of the melody. The intervals refer to the movement of the notes within the melody. Structure is the different seconds of the melody. The final concept is scale, which will make up the melody. These are the most popular concepts, though there are some others.


Next, you may have a tune in mind, but you won’t know if it works until you play it out loud. If you have no idea what you want to do for the melody, just mess around until you find a melody that speaks to you. It can be helpful to have some structure before you just start messing around with different sounds, but you need to do what works for you. You should choose a sound before you really even get into the writing part, as this can help with inspiration and can impact your writing choices.

Once you put together the sounds, you need to get into creating the rhythm. The rhythm isn’t necessarily the notes chained together, but ones that are in succession. Choose your scale, which will allow you to create the chord progressions and harmonies that are important to creating your song. Draw a contour out, giving you a mental image of the sound.

After all of this, you should have a good idea of what you want your song to sound like. You can use this to guide you as you perfect your melody and create the song that you have been envisioning.

The melody is something that you want people to remember. If they remember the melody, they will remember your song. Song recognition is so important to musicians because this is where they will grow a fan base and find success. You need to take the melody of your song very seriously, taking it one step at a time to create the perfect melody for your song. It will take some time and some trial and error to find just the right sound. But when you take your time, it will be more than worth it because your songs will sound amazing.

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