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How To Make Stunning Professional Music Videos On A Low Budget

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Written by Ramsey Brown

Music videos have become a significant part of music culture today. As an artist on a low budget, you may think it’s out of your reach to create a professional music video. With so many advances in technology, it is now easier than ever to create stunning music videos that will amaze your audience. We are going to discuss the different types of music videos and ways to access directors, hire editors, or even film the music video yourself - all on a budget. When done properly, music videos will help grow your following, increase brand visibility, and improve your overall music appeal. Here’s how to do it:

Types of Music Videos & Deciding Which One To Make

There are many types of music videos out there and technology has widened the number of routes you can go down. With so many options available, sometimes choosing exactly what kind of video you want to create can be the hardest part of it all. Here are a couple of ideas that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing, in terms of deciding what type of music video to make.

Performance Music Video

As the name implies, a performance music video typically involves footage or the artist(s) performing their song. This is the oldest form of music videos and the most common type that you will see today. 

Performance videos are great for adding a personal touch to your content and helps form a connection to the audience. When the video is done correctly, fans should feel that live concert sensation without ever having to leave their homes. It is also beneficial for fans to put an artist’s face with the voice or song they are listening to. This will help form your star identity and further grow your brand

Another great thing about performance videos is the free range artists have when shooting it. As long as the focal point of the video is around the actual performance of the song, it doesn’t require any specific message, location, setting, or concept behind it. 

Whether you prefer to film on stage and show off your rockstar persona, or film in the studio with more relaxed elements, the range of creativity is vast and dependent on your own artistic style.

Animated Music Video

Animated music videos are a resourceful option for artists who either don’t want to appear in their own video, or maybe just don’t have the time to film themselves. The different style approaches are versatile and can involve lyric videos, drawing animations, cartoon clips, green screen effects, or even real footage from TV and movies . 

When done successfully, animated music videos can be very appealing to an audience and add another layer of uniqueness to your song. This is definitely a cheaper alternative for those on a budget, as they are entirely digital and created through program software. 

Without any live action or in-person filming necessary for this production, there is essentially no creative boundary an artist can cross. If you are a musician looking to showcase a big idea on a small spend, animated music videos may be a great route for you to take.

Narrative Music Video

A narrative music video can be thought of as a short film that tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end. These are typically less focused on the musicians or song performance and more geared towards a certain message or theme.

Often this involves actors or musicians playing a role in connection to the song meaning, or the video can be completely interpretive and unrelated to the actual song lyrics. In most cases, songs are like stories in themselves. Narrative music videos are a great way for artists to tell a story to their audience while taking them on a cinematic journey.

This type of music video can be very in-depth and require many different resources such as equipment, locations, and staff. Due to these reasons, it is likely to be the most expensive music video option mentioned.  

Camera Gear For Filming Videos on a Budget

If you decide to go the route of filming your own music video, you will need to pick up some equipment in order to do so. Here are some of the best budget-friendly options we have found so you don’t have to spend a fortune on your videos. In the right hands, this gear can help you pull off some outstanding footage that will impress your viewers

Canon M50

The Canon M50 is arguably the best budget-friendly camera for video on the market. It produces very high-quality shots and has all the functionality that you will need to cover the basics of filming. The Canon M50 can shoot video in up to 1080/60fps and 4K/25fps. Pair the shots that you will produce with the Canon M50, plus the right editor, and you can put together some amazing music videos.

One benefit of investing in a great camera like this is that you can use it for multiple videos and projects. It will prove to be an asset for you in terms of your digital content, so think of it as a long term investment.

Kit Lens

The proper kit lens will help you produce some amazing quality video and give you plenty of versatility for different shots. To get the most bang out of your buck, we recommend buying the Canon M50 with the kit lens included. Altogether the Canon M50 and 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 lens will cost you around $649.99.  

Additional Accessories

If you stop at just the M50 camera and the kit lens, you will have enough equipment to produce amazing quality filmed music videos. If you want to take it a step further, there are additional accessories you can purchase for your new camera setup. 


Having a tripod will allow you to set up your camera without someone else having to film for you. Tripods produce smooth and leveled footage that will make for a professional looking music video. There are plenty of budget-friendly tripod options available, and it shouldn’t cost you more than $50 for one of a nice quality. 

Lens Filters

Lens filters can enhance the shots created by your camera, and they don’t cost a fortune. Some major benefits include reducing glare and reflections, enhancing colors, reducing the amount of light, and more. Each lens filter is designed for a specific purpose and will deliver a different effect to the image. Lens filters are definitely worth looking into for your video camera if you are wanting to add another layer of professionalism and quality to your gear.

Shotgun Microphone

If you want to produce any additional audio in the music video aside from the music, such as an opening or a break in the music, you will also need a shotgun microphone. This will allow you to capture clear sound and audio and eliminate unwanted background noise. 

Freelance Services

Freelance services are the secret recipe for creating stunning professional music videos on a low budget. With platforms like Fiverr, it offers you so many different options in terms of services that can help you create a unique video that suits the needs of your song. 

One of the biggest benefits of using freelance services is the ability to dial in on the exact amount of money you want to spend on your project. Fiverr allows you to narrow down your search results by price so you don’t have to waste time negotiating with sellers.  While we don’t necessarily recommend it, there are services for $5 that will edit a music video for you. 

You should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t just hire a freelancer because their service is cheap. Pay close attention to the sellers ratings and take time to read reviews that previous customers have left about them. 

There are many types of music video services available on Fiverr to fit what kind of music video style you are looking for. You can choose from handwritten music videos, animated music videos, specific styles for visual effects and edits, motion graphics, and more. The possibilities are endless and if you take the time to find a good freelancer, you can really produce some amazing music videos for a fair price. 

Wrapping Up

When using the tools provided above, making professional music videos can be a lot easier and cheaper than you think. If you really want to engage with your audience through an impressive music video, don’t just stop at creating one. Next you should begin discussing a marketing plan to promote the video and maximize your views.

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