How to Make Undeniably Good Music (The Essentials)

How to Make Undeniably Good Music (The Essentials)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Music – The Universal Language

Music has been used as a universal language for centuries. Many a time, you may find that you will still be able to enjoy or even groove to music based on a language and culture that is so foreign to you. This just proves that the appeal of music is universal and it transcends all barriers of caste, creed, color, region, religion and languages that otherwise so stop us humans from being one.

It is only natural that musicians are always on the look out to make great music because of its wide appeal spanning continents. Music has been around from our early days of civilization and will continue to thrive centuries to come.

The Menu Options

Perhaps the appeal of music is one of the most unexplained things around. There is no general rule here and what appeals to one may not appeal to all. Though earlier on we had crude instruments and mostly vocals, in today’s highly digitized world, you have electronic equipment and even software that helps you compose music. Music is basically an appeal to your senses.

You could choose to simply have only vocals or only instruments, or a combination of all that put together to make great music. Choose the genre of the music that you want to compose. You have a wide variety of choices in that as well like classical, folk, pop, hip hop, rock and so on.

Jay Z and Dr. Dre How to Make Undeniably Good Music (The Essentials)

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No Perfect Ingredients?

So to start off, you need a good song that conveys something and touches people’s hearts and minds. This has to be rendered in such a way that the message hits home. This is where music beats and melodies come in. With the amazing number of instruments and a multitude of software, you can try and mix the song up to see what comes out.

If you are the slightly genius kind, you can even frame a tune in your mind and then use the right instruments and electronic mixers and synthesizers to compose music. When good lyrics combine with soul stirring rendition, and if you can manage to dish it out with some accompanying instruments, you are done. When all these ingredients come together to create something magical that appeals to the masses, that is when you have managed to create undeniably good music.

Remember that where music is concerned beauty is in the ear of the beholder and there is no set rules to say what will appeal to a person.

There Really Is No Wrong Music

A heady combination of lyrics, accompanying instruments such as guitars and drums, music beats, vocals all put together make great music. Sometimes the most unexpected music becomes a runaway hit. This is because music appeals for a variety of reasons.

While some may use it to soothe themselves, others may prefer to vigorously dance the blues away, a few others may just want music playing in the background to go about their chores and for some music is just a relaxer to put their feet up and feel good and for few it is a way to express their feelings.

So there, when the reasons are as many and as varied as that, any music can be good music to some. You just need to compose music to suit any one occasion.

Chance the rapper

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