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How To Make Your Own Producer Voice Tags For Free (Full Guide)

Producer Voice Tags

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Written by Jaron Lewis

Voice tags are used to protect beats from being stolen without permission. They can be costly if you want something top notch so the best thing for it is to create your own for free. If you’re a producer or someone with some editing experience then it is relatively easy to make your own producer tag. Even if you don’t have this experience then with a little bit of research and some work put in then you can create your own voice tag to be proud of.

Create Your Producer Tags

It’s not hard to find a voice tag maker or generator online these days. There are companies like voice tag gods who specialize in making producer tags for YouTube, BeatStars, AirBit, and more.

These tags are a bit expensive comparatively, so you might want to look for a promo code for voice tag gods before going with the service.

But they’re not the only company. You can also try getting a voice actor from Fiverr to record yours for cheap if you don’t feel like doing it yourself.

Services there start at just $5. We refer people to them all the time and are part of their paid affiliate program. We check out the best services and recommend them to you so you can save time!

Every Producer Needs A Different Tag

Some producers want a really southside or Spanish sounding producer tag on their beats while others want more custom work like an anime producer tag.

You might want to take some time and come with the best ideas for your producer tag, then ask some of your friends which one they like the best!

Before you know it, you’ll have your own genius producer voice tag ready to go!

If you think you’re skilled enough to make your own tag and you already have a good recording microphone, I’d say do it yourself too! You can spend all day searching for people who make producer voice tags for free online, but no knows exactly what you want but you!

Making Your Beat Tags With Your Own Software

If you do decide to make it on your own, you’ll want to know how to work the voice recording in your daw (digital audio workstation).

Recording is a little different whether you’re using Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Garageband, or Logic.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how to record vocals in all these, so check there for in-depth instructions. Gunsoww & Aces to Aces make some pretty popular videos on producer tags.

Free Voice Tags Vs. Custom Producer Tags

If you’re not interested in promoting yourself and only wish to protect your beats then you can find ready to use voice tags on the internet. Though these will do the trick they won't be promoting yourself while the music is playing and you could miss out on some key advertising as a result of this.

If you’re unable at that moment in time to make your own voice tag for your beats then use a free one before you send it anywhere just as a bit of protection, but when you get the chance you should definitely upgrade.

How To Record Your Voice Tag

There are two ways to get the speech that you want to go into your voice tag for beats, free. You can either use a text to speech generator or record your own voice using a microphone. Though recording your own voice by microphone gives a more personalized finish, if you don’t already own a microphone this can just be an added expense that isn’t necessary until you’re bringing in a bit of money. There are numerous text to voice creators out there, however YAKiToMe is considered to be one of the best.

Giving you options of different voices and using the highest quality, this website makes a massive difference when you’re planning to create your own beats for free. So when you’re getting the text to go onto your voice tag, you have options of recording or text to speech and the levels we’re at mean that both of these options are highly viable. When you are recording this make sure to make more than one tag as it prevents listeners from getting bored.

After You Download It

After downloading your speech the next step is finding a good free voice tag creator. There are many that you pay for out there and these can be very high quality and offer you a wide range of options, however when you are just starting out there is no need to shell out extra money on something that won’t add revenue to your beats. MediaMonkey and Mp3tag are both software that you can download onto your pc or laptop so that you can jazz up your voice tags. A simple voice tag generator can make all this difference when it comes to getting your name out there and showing the world what you’re creating.

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