How To (Surprisingly) Find & Hire The Perfect Songwriter, Lyricist, Or Composer

How To (Surprisingly) Find & Hire The Perfect Songwriter, Lyricist, Or Composer

Written by Jaron Lewis

Finding the right person to work with musically can be a nightmare. Where do you start? How do you know you can trust someone? The fact that your creativity is being shared with someone else is a scary thought, and it always will be.

But only by putting yourself out there, will you get anything done. So here are a few tips for anyone looking to hire a professional songwriter, for any lyricist looking for collaboration, etc.

Freelance Websites AKA Fiverr

Freelance websites are a treasure trove of content. You can post jobs and even interview for the right candidate for your music. Think of it as an ordinary nine-to five kind of interview, except with much more creativity.

If you are a songwriter looking to share in someone else's music, you can find plenty of jobs on freelance websites where people want someone to give a frame to their music, and musicians looking for lyrics can see examples of someone's work before committing to working with them, it’s a win win for everybody! Below are some of the best freelancers we have found, check them out. 


Free Music Websites

Take a look at some of the free music websites out there like SoundCloud or even Youtube. That may be where you want to end up, but it could also be where you start your search. There are plenty of people who post their own original music and it only takes one message to get a professional relationship going between a composers and singers looking for songwriters.

Free Writing Sites

Often, song lyrics are not a far cry away from poetry. For musicians looking for lyrics, you could try taking a look at free creative writing websites like Wattpad or Protagonize.

A lot of these sites already have tags for songwriting and lyrics, so finding examples of work won't be hard, and then all it takes is to strike up a conversation and you are halfway to a finished song already!

Share Your Own Music

This may be obvious, but there are writers out there looking to collaborate with you too, and they won't be able to find you if your work isn't out there as well. Putting some samples out there might just entice the right person to come to you, and you won't have to do any searching at all.


Finding the right person to collaborate with when it comes to any kind of musical venture is going to be difficult and it's going to lead to some disappointment and errors, but it is absolutely essential.

You may find the perfect person on the first try, or you might find someone who is good, but just doesn't wow you. This is all normal, and just like music, it's about perseverance and repetition. You will find the right collaborator for your music as long as you do your research, you reach out as much as you want them to reach out, and always keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity.



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