How To Turn Your Song Into An Amazing Music Arrangement

How To Turn Your Song Into An Amazing Music Arrangement

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’ve written a song or have a great songwriting idea, you may be thinking of ways you can turn your song into a money-making arrangement. If you follow our music arrangement tips, you’ll quickly be on your way to having an amazing music arrangement.

1. Pay Attention To Your Intro

Listeners today are impatient. If the first few bars of a song don’t interest them, they will skip the track or stop listening. If you spend time making sure your intro is interesting and catchy, your listeners are more likely to pay attention through the whole song. So, spend more time on perfecting this section and you should attract more listeners.

2. Try Isolating Vocals

In most songs, vocals are the focal point. Try opening or ending a song with isolated vocals to give them added power and add an interesting touch to a song. Adding solo vocals in the middle of a song is also an unusual way to make a unique arrangement.

3. Spend Some Time To Learn Music Theory

You may be a great natural vocalist or musician, but it pays to learn about technical music arrangement theory. It can actually be an interesting topic for music lovers, and it will make it easier for you to analyze what works and what doesn’t in your arrangements. Knowledge is power when it comes to music arrangement and you need to learn music theory.

4. Learn By Listening

Listen to artists whose tracks you enjoy and try to figure out what it is about their songs that you like. Pick apart their arrangements to see what makes them work. The more music you listen to with a critical ear, the easier it will become to pick out arrangement details that you can learn from. You might even want to try listening to popular tracks that you don’t enjoy, so you can work on trying to figure out the secrets behind their arrangements.

5. Try Layering

If you want to make your music sound “bigger” or fatter, you may want to try layering sounds. You can have multiple, different instruments playing the same part layered over each other. You can also take multiple tracks of the same instrument playing the same part and layer these over each other to achieve a bigger sound.

6. Alter The Register

The register of a piece describes how high or low it is played. A piano piece played in a high register would be played higher up on a keyboard. When your whole track is played in the same register it can sound dull. Try altering the register of a song throughout its duration to liven it up and add interest to the arrangement.

7. Try Something Unusual

Use different instruments in your arrangements to avoid repeating the same old sounds in all your tracks. You could even try adding sounds that aren’t from instruments. Anything that makes a noise can be used in an arrangement.

Try using odd noises or unfamiliar instruments to add variation to your arrangements and you might end up with something amazing. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try using all of these tips to make industry quality instrumentals that everyone will buy



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