How To Use Facebook Live & Video To Sell Instrumentals

How To Use Facebook Live & Video To Sell Instrumentals

Written by Jaron Lewis

Live video streaming on social media is where it's at in today's marketing strategies. If you're in the business to sell your music, ignoring this marketing strategy could prove to be detrimental to your success. 

Several websites are designed to help independent musicians connect with buyers directly. Some of these sites take a percentage of the sale but they are the perfect marketing tool.

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook launched new features to live streaming recently. Now you can choose your audience with filters. To share your music, log onto Facebook Live, it's easier than you think and the following tips will help.

Image Via Facebook

Tips For Live Streaming

Invite friends, family, fans, groups or events to view your broadcast at least one day in advance of the date and time.

Plan out what you're going to doso your video flows seamlessly.

Connect to the internet to ensure everything is operating correctly to avoid any interruptions beforehand so there's time to make adjustments if necessary.

Lighting plays an important part in a video so get a friend to choosing the light that flatters you best. Angle lighting toward you to avoid shadows across your face.

Tripods provide stability and eliminate shaking in the video but you can use a flat surface to put your camera on and prop it up to keep it from moving. Have your friend check the framing and lighting while you're seated.

Remind your viewers who you are and what you're doing throughout the video by having your friend type in comments after the broadcast begins. They can answer any questions as you perform.

Time your performance to be at least 5-10 minutes long to give people time to find you.

Describe your video and title after you're finished. Click "Options" and then "Edit This Video".

Fans want to know when you go live again, ask your viewers to subscribe so they will get notified. Create excitement in the description of your event.

Now let's take a look at other online services and what services they offer.

Other Services

Spotify is a service for music, podcast and video streaming. They also keep your copyrighted materials from being shared over networks. Basic features are free and with paid subscriptions, improved streaming quality and offline downloads are available. Spotify Premium connects up to five family members. It's available in most of the U.S. and Europe,Australia, New Zealand and some areas of Asia.

Reddit is a website set up for social news, content ratings and discussion.  Submit text posts or direct links and users vote each submission up or down by using arrows which determines its position on the page. More "up" votes on a submission determines if it appears at the top of the page or category. Topics range anywhere from news to sharing images.

Soundcloud distributes online audio content and allows subscribers to record, promote and share their original sounds which can be music or other audio. SoundCloud Go allows users to cut ads and listen offline for $5 per month.



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