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Hypeddit Honest Review: Legit Or Bad Service?

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If you are a musician, you know the importance of building a large and strong fan base around your music — But getting your music heard is one of the biggest struggles artists are faced with. Luckily, Hypeddit understands this problem and has created a platform dedicated to helping artists promote their music to fans across multiple channels, offering tools to help creators and fans to build success together.

Every artist seeks to have their music go viral and acquire more fans and followers. In the past this has been a difficult task, but Hypeddit has now paved the way for struggling musicians to achieve the popularity they desire. 

What is so great and efficient about Hypeddit is their use of download gates. If you don’t already know what a download gate is, you can think of it as an incentive to your fans to like your page, repost or like your music, and in return you allow them to download your music for free. Especially for emerging musicians, fan interaction is everything. Hypeddit takes this a step further by incentivising fans to react to your songs and social platforms in return for free downloadable music and other exclusive content . 

This type of platform creates a strong fanbase and following which then transforms into more popularity, more consumption of your music, and eventually more opportunities for you. As we all know, social media is the number one place for artists to share and promote music online, which is why it's important to consider tools like Hypeddit to increase your engagement even further. 

Below we are going to discuss how exactly Hypeddit works, why it’s beneficial for artists, the pros and cons of the platform, and all of the features you can expect to get out of this service. If you want to grow your fanbase and increase your social media engagement, keep on reading to find out how exactly Hypeddit can help you do all of this.

How Hypeddit Works

Hypeddit (pronounced "hyped-it" for those wondering like me) is an online toolbox for sharing music and promoting music. As we mentioned above, the tools they provide help you with getting your music heard, making your music more viral and acquiring more fans and followers. Hypeddit supports Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, plus more. 

Their main focus is fan promotion and engagement, but their services don’t just stop there. We’re going to dive into some of their main features below so you can get a better idea of how Hypeddit can work for you. 


Hypeddit has multiple features that artists can benefit from which allow you to share downloads and links to fans, promote your music on charts and spotlights, as well as learn how the other top artists promote their music and explode their fanbase — so you can do the same for yourself. 

There are many different tools Hypeddit offers, but we are going to list the main ones we feel are the most important to musicians. Check out some of the ways you can grow your following with these awesome features provided by Hypeddit below:


Like we explained earlier, fan-gating or like-gating is a promotion technique where you offer fans a downloadable link to your music in return for a like, share, repost, email address, etc. This is a great way to engage with your fan community and allows them to be a part of something exclusive and special. 

This feature works on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube, which comes in handy when your followers are only on a few specific platforms. Fan-gating allows you to increase your number of streams, likes, and shares organically which comes in handy for emerging artists who are trying to create a name for themselves. 

Fan Promotion

With Hypeddit’s fan promotion tool, it lets you spotlight your music directly on top of Hypeddit’s charts to thousands of real and highly engaged music fans. In just a few clicks, you can begin a fan-promotion campaign with no wait time required. When you sign up for an account, you can easily choose which song or songs you want to begin promoting, grab the track URL, pick the track genre, and choose your budget and reach for your campaign. 

For campaigns bigger than $50, you will receive free bonus repost included. Whether it’s a track on Beatport, Soundcloud, or anything else, fans will see a ‘Get this Track” button so they can easily find where they can purchase or stream your song. 

As the campaign progresses, you will be given a progress report so you can see how your track is doing and how it is engaging with your fans and on the charts.

Facebook Tabs

You probably already promote your music on Facebook if you are reading this article. As you know, Facebook is a great platform to connect with fans and grow your following. With the Hypeddit Facebook Tabs feature, you can now get even more fan attention on Facebook. 

The trick to this is, offering fans all of your downloads in one single place. That’s where the Facebook tab comes in. Hypeddit allows your music to be synced to your facebook and accessed with one single button. This way, fans no longer have to dig around on Apple Music, Spoitfy, Soundcloud, or anywhere else to find the songs they want to hear from you. 

All you have to do is login to your Hypeddit account, click ‘More’ at the top of the page, then click ‘FacebookTab’. From there you will be directed to follow the steps and describe which kind of music you want to share on your Facebook tab. Whether you make beats, instrumentals, songs, or anything in between, you can share it all with your followers in one single tab on your Facebook page.

To note, Facebook requires you to have more than 2000 likes or followers on your page before you can add a tab to your profile.

Promotion Exchange

Another great and useful feature of Hypeddit is the ability to exchange promotions with other artists. How this works is exactly how it sounds. You trade free promotion of your download gates with other artists. As you support the music of fellow artists, and get support for your music in return. 

This is beneficial for artists who are looking to network and show love to other artists while getting the same back from them. Working as a team is always better than working alone, now this has become easier to do with Hypeddit’s promotion exchange campaigns. 

It’s simple to set up, all you need to do is go to your dashboard and click promote music and click promotion exchange. Whenever you download another person’s track on the exchange page, you will automatically receive a credit that will go towards listing your own music on the exchange page.

Free Tools

Hypeddit offers many different free tools and services within the platform. Some of these include: 

  • Music Video Maker

  • Sounds and Samples

  • Hot or Not Score Board

  • Top 100 Chart Releases

  • Music Promotion Secrets e-Book

  • Music Industry Blog

These tools are available for anyone to use, whether you pay for the Hypeddit subscription or not. Any information you get from these tools can be useful to your music career, especially when it is at no cost to you. 

Pricing for Hypeddit

Hypeddit has two different versions for artists to choose from, Rookie and Pro. The Rookie version is completely free and ideal for beginner artists who are wanting to start building up their fanbase. This comes with multiple features that ‘rookie’ artists can find very useful when they are just starting out.

Though the free version offers many of the platform's basic and essential features, most people choose to go with the Pro version - as it is only $9 a month. They also have a yearly subscription at $72 for 12 months, which is a 20% yearly savings in total. 

The Pro package comes with all of the features offered in the Rookie package, but better and more. Hypeddit Pro allows you access to all of their growth tools which is said to help grow your fanbase around 3x faster. Pro also allows you to grow your fans on unlimited social platforms and music profiles (vs. only 1 profile allowed with a free account). 

At only $9, it’s no wonder that most people prefer to go with the Pro option. Two coffees at Starbucks will cost you more than this! Check out a further breakdown of the packages below:

Pros of Hypeddit

Unlike some other online administrations that charge for counterfeit adherents and spambot plays/likes, Hypeddit doesn't guarantee you any certain number of likes or plays. Truth be told, you might not see any new movement with your following or streams as soon as you sign up. The app requires you to put in some work in order to advance, but if you dedicate some time into the platform, you will definitely see some traction because of it.

Luckily another pro of this website is that the registration is very quick and the interface is extremely easy to use. They also offer a free version that has many useful features and a paid version with even more features to benefit from. 

Hypeddit is all about fan interaction and promoting your music to the public, allowing artists to become more acquainted with their fans and how they feel about your music. Furthermore, this builds a strong artists to fan relationship which overall will strengthen your fanbase. 

The use of algorithms also helps incorporate target marketing so you can be assured that your music is being put in front of people who will actually enjoy it the most. Hypeddits real time analytics make for better fan targeting strategies that ultimately end in superior results for you.

Cons of Hypeddit

Like most things in life, there are going to be good and bad attributes with anything. One downside of the application is that the free version doesn’t offer nearly as many features as the paid version. With the rookie subscription you can only choose one social or music page to grow fans on and you can only run one promotion campaign at a time. Also, custom page branding is not available with a free account. 

Another con to mention is that not everyone likes download-gates. Some of their features do offer you to give up information in order to receive free music which can be a problem with some fans who are peculiar about their private information such as their email address.

Wrapping Up

Hypeddit is a great assistance to emerging musicians looking to start up a following as well as seasoned vets who are waiting to build their fan base even further. With a free version and a very attractive $9 a month Pro version, it is definitely worth trying out to see if it can benefit you in any way. It does take some time and work to put into, but in the long run increasing your popularity will prove to be worth it. Just like most things in life, you get out what you put in. 

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