Improve Your Rap Delivery In 10 Minutes: 7 Quick Tips

Improve Your Rap Delivery In 10 Minutes: 7 Quick Tips

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you want to know how to improve your rap voice, keep reading. Because we’ve compiled 7 quick tips to improve your rap delivery techniques and provide you with vocal exercises for rappers to grow their techniques.

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1. Key Phrases

You have a track and you know how you want it to flow, you’ve got a basic rhythm but you aren’t sure about delivery. Maybe you find yourself slipping into a monotone voice. Stop right there. Find the key phrases in your rap that are packed with passion, or exciting. Find those verses that jump out at you and tap into the emotion behind it.

Hone into those to improve your delivery.

2. Action Words

You may find that your key phrases involve action words, such as those that describe your behavior. Any words that are building the story, something that gets the audience up on their feet… those are action words.

3. Aggression

Having an aggressive delivery is just a fact when it comes to rap, so you need to understand how to do it properly. Use it to your advantage, think of the greats and how they use it intensely, they supplement the emotion that you’re going for, especially when you’re dealing with an aggressive track.

4. Practice Emotion

There is more than one way to express an emotion. Anger can be whispered, or shouted. Sadness can be mumbled, or even screamed. Don’t feel that you are limited by just one style in delivering your action words, curse words, or key phrases. There are plenty of ways to express the emotion and build the perfect song.

5. Regional Voices

You should be aware of your regional style of vocal tone. Whether you are West coast, East coast or even from the south- you may want to emulate some of the big rappers from your region.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck in that, though, you should practice other vocal tones. However, you should listen to how they incorporate their regional accent into their delivery. Just think about how Kendrick Lamar and Eminem change their voice for particular tracks.

6. Bob Your Head

Yes, seriously. Every song you listen to, bob and tap your hands. Do it on the ½ beat, for 30 seconds and then extend it to the ¼ beat, and the 1/8 beat. You’re feeling the music, and becoming ingrained in it. Make your body part of the music, so that when you sit down to write you find yourself immersed in it.

7. Get Your Breath Right

This is vital, you don’t want to run out of breath mid-verse. There are plenty of exercises that you can do to improve your breathing, but check this out.

Breathe out quickly and steadily till your lungs are empty. Hold it for five seconds, you should feel a little bit of pain… after the five seconds breathe in to fill your lungs, suck in quickly but steadily and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat this for 10 minutes.

Start off slow, though, because you can hurt yourself if you hold too deep or too long. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch your diaphragm thus allowing you to breathe deeper.

Do it every day, you’ll see a real difference in around 4 weeks.



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