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Indie Record Labels Artists Need To Submit In 2023

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Written by Omari

Indie record labels artists need to submit to are a variety of channels in order to gain traction to position themselves effectively for mainstream success. Indie record labels that accept demos are widespread, it's a case of locating the right niche that can service your needs.

Indie record labels looking for artists are no longer a daunting proposition to locate, primarily thanks to the internet, technology and social media. In today's new world, so much of how business is done has been transformed across a variety of industries, the music business is no different. Independent record labels have grown in strength and overall popularity over the past few decades, simply because there will always be demand for great music.

With the new business world set up the way it is, there are always opportunities for independent entities to fill a void that the huge entertainment firms cannot service.  Check out Sub Pop, a terrific record label founded in 1986 by Bruce Pavitt and later joined by Jonathan Poneman, this incredible team has made their mark in the industry coming from Seattle, Washington. Hip hop indie record labels are also making a big splash as well.


Sometimes an indie label is the right move for an artist, and sometimes it isn't.

Oftentimes an artist can be smart with their marketing budget and put that towards some organic music promotion to get off on the right foot.

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For enterprising musicians anywhere in the world, have hope that you can find the right indie labels that can bring your music to the market. However, take time to understand the business side of the music industry.

As we alluded to earlier, the internet and technology in general has truly shifted the music industry's balance of power. With social media networks and more direct contact channels online, it's truly possible for independent artists to make solid connections that previous generations never had. There are no excuses for any independent artists to complain about a lack of resources.  

However, we must also mention that since there are now new independent avenues for artists, competition has also increased due to the lower barriers of entry. Artists have to get creative in how they interact with music executives and A&R's at indie labels.

Music executives Dre McKenzie & Mike Muse


Indie record labels that accept demos are available right now at your finger tips. You will find numerous record labels looking for artists both online and offline. There's a right and wrong way to approach indie record labels looking for artists like Sub Pop, it's important to learn the nuances, all the ins and outs that they seek.

Artists need to make sure that they put their best foot forward with not just a powerful demo, but also exhibit smart marketing and business skills. Indie record labels need artists to be aware of the new realities of the music industry marketplace. Indie record labels artists need to submit to online message boards, music blogs and social networks, forging strong relationships with influential players in their niche.

Artists should leverage all available resources to locate the right indie record labels that accept demos for their music genre. Put in the research time and necessary application to locate the best labels looking for artists, then execute a strategy to make a powerful impression.


Independent (indie) record labels have made quite an impact on the music industry in the past several decades. At first, they were viewed by many artists as a kind of way station on the journey to finally signing up with a major label. 

Now, they are a means to an end themselves with many successful artists forming lasting relationships with these smaller companies. After all, major labels are struggling in many cases to break even with the big name artists they do have making it difficult for new artists to be taken seriously. 

As a musician, songwriter or performer it pays to keep an open mind and explore all avenues when it comes to record labels looking for artists. This is how you get your sound out in front of the public. When it comes to beating the electronic pavement, here are some Indie record labels that accept demos.


Victory Records:

346 N. Justine St., 5th Floor, Chicago, IL 60607


Music:  Alternative and metal. They accept demos via their website.

Current groups include: Bayside, Catch 22 and Ringworm.

Epitaph Records:

2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA, 90026

E-mail: [email protected]


Music: Artists include Social Distortion and Alkaline Trio. Post your demo online at one of many online portals. This is one of the pioneering indie rock record labels that have been around since the 1990s.

Fearless Records:

13772 Goldenwest St. #545, Westminster, CA 92683


Email: [email protected]

Music: Alternative, pop, indie, rock, metal

Note: Send demos to their mailing address only. Do not email about demos or with links to mp3s.

4AD Records

17-19 Alma Road, London, SW18 1AA United Kingdom


Email: [email protected]

Music: Rock, indie, alternative

Underfoot Records


Email: [email protected]

Send demos via Soundcloud. They would prefer artists not send demos via email.

R and S Records


Email: [email protected]

Note: Mail demos to the above email

Rhyme Sayers Entertainment:


Mad Decent:


Diplos record label started in 2006. Genre include Electro House, Funk and EDM.

XL Recordings:

Founded by Richard Russel, Tim Plamer, and Nick Halkes. Genres include Techno, Drum and Bass, Hardcore, and Breakbeat. Acts inclued Atoms for Peace, Dizzee Rascal, Jai Paul, SBTRKT, The xx, and Vampire Weekend.

Paper Garden Records:

Founded by Darius Van Arman. Genres include rock. Artists featured are Bon Iver, Dinosaur Jr, Foxygen, Okkervil River, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Sharon Van Etten.

Fool's Gold:

Founded by Alain "A-Trak" Macklovitch and Nick Catchdubs. Genres include Hip-Hop, dance, and crossovers between the two. Kid Cudi and Danny Brown were both signed to the label.

Glassnote Records:

Founded by Daniel Glass. Genres focused on Indie and Alternative Rock, Folk, and Hip-Hop. Acts include up and comers The Givers, Daughter, Oberhofer, and Two Door Cinema Club.

Stones Throw Records:

Founded by Chris Manak aka DJ Peanut Butter Wolf. Genres vary. Artists with ties to Stones Throw include Aloe Blacc, Dam-Funk, J Rocc, Madlib, Madvillain, Mayer Hawthorne, and Tony Cook.

Fat Possum Records:

Founded by Matthew Johnson and Peter Redvers-Lee. Genres include Blues, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Bands include Wavves, Tennis, Youth Laggon, and Spiritualized.

Rough Trade Records:

Founded by Geoff Travis. Genres include Post Punk, Indie Pop, and Underground Rock. Acts include Alabama Shakes, Arcade Fire, Destroyer, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, My Morning Jacket, Sufjan Stevens, The Hold Steady, The Libertines, and The Strokes.

While you are waiting to hear back from these companies you might wish to gain exposure for your music by submitting it to these radio stations that will play new music for promo. This will help you grow your base and thus have some leverage when approaching record companies of any size. 

Labels – whether they are one of the big ones or the smaller kind – take notice when artist have a proven track record and a following. Also, many radio station programmers are clamoring for new music to play for their listeners. Here are some of them:


New Driven Radio - WBCX

PH: 770-538-4744

Sherry Sabine [email protected]

KURT Radio

attn: Drew Slattery (Music Director), 100.7 KURT, Box T-0095, Tarleton State U. Stephenville TX 76402


PO Box 3422, Burbank, CA 91508

Jerry [email protected]

WBMB Baruch College Radio, 87.9 FM The Biz

55 Lexington Ave. Ste. 3-280, New York, NY 10010

PH: 646-312-4720

Gina Alioto [email protected]

WNCW - Isothermal College

PO Box 804, Spindale, NC 28160

PH: 828-287-8000 x349 FX: 828-287-8012

Martin Anderson [email protected]


While independent labels don’t have the resources that major labels do when it comes to music distribution, they can help artists become local favorites and that can in turn lead to success and profits and most importantly to getting your sound out there. New artists can also try submitting to college stations as well. 

The bottom line is that you should try a number of venues when submitting your songs to this highly competitive industry. Make a great demo, submit it to one of the companies above or one of many others and who knows, you could have a hit on your hands!

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      My grandson and his closest best friend they have been making music for 5 yrs now, I have been trying to help them for 2 of the 5yrs all they need is a opportunity of a lifetime to show a record label company what they can do, and I promise you they will not disappoint you, I’m doing what I can to help them out they have two youtube videos look under Leo RealSoldier, and in my opinion you can not go wrong with these two young men,all they need is to get there foot in the door and a chance Thank You Arthaniel King

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